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Sarah Ewart lookalike at Amnesty NI’s “Gay Wedding”

A young woman who looks very like Sarah Ewart can be seen in the video below at 1 minute 30 seconds into the horror film.

Who is Sarah Ewart? She is well known in Northern Ireland because she travelled to London to have an abortion because doctors told her that her unborn child had a deformity called Anencephaly and was unlikely to survive.

Mrs. Ewart told her story to the Stephen Nolan radio show and he and some of his team made a documentary about her case, travelling with her and her husband and her mother to London where the life of her unborn child was ended.

The Nolan documentary showed a pro-abortion bias throughout the propaganda piece.

Babies with anencephaly can live for days, weeks or even months after delivery but the Ewarts decided to terminate the life of their unborn child. The “advice” of certain doctors may well have influenced their decision.

Now Sarah Ewart is Amnesty NI’s “poster girl” for their campaign to force abortion on Northern Ireland.

Amnesty NI are also aggressively pro-LGBT and they are seeking to force homosexual “marriage” on Northern Ireland.

Grainne Teggart is at the forefront of these two despicable Amnesty campaigns. See the photo of her with Sarah Ewart below.

We have observed that those who are pro-abortion are almost always also pro-LGBT and pro-“gay marriage.”

In view of the above facts, it is not unreasonable to conclude that the woman in the crowd at the “gay” wedding is not a lookalike at all but the actual Sarah Ewart.

Of pink ribbons and emasculated men

The feminist-driven Breast Cancer Awareness Month (October) is looming and, as usual, the cancer “charities” will be busily engaged in promoting all things pink (ribbons, balloons etc) as though breast cancer was something fluffy and pretty. Their coffers will be filled with the hard-earned money of many well-meaning but exploited individuals.

Despite years of this “pink” nonsense and “breast cancer awareness campaigns” and publicly funded “research” into the causes of the disease and the tantalising claim of a “cure” in the near future, no cure has been found and the number of women diagnosed with breast cancer continues to rise.

The breast cancer charities are closely allied with pharmaceutical companies and they all profit from generous public donations generated by the “pink” campaigns.

If a cure was found, all that lovely money would take wings and fly away. The pharmaceutical industry and the cancer charities have a vested interest in endless campaigns and endless research and there is now a veritable “cancer industry” throughout the world.

Feminism has politicised breast cancer and because they have saturated society with propaganda about this disease, they have desensitised men who now speak openly about breast cancer, without any embarrassment or awkwardness.
In former days, breast cancer was a private matter, between a woman and her husband (if married) and her doctor.
Nowadays, foolish and emasculated men discuss breast cancer as if they were talking about the weather and many make fools of themselves by dressing in pink and wearing pink ribbons and decorating their offices with pink balloons and other pink paraphernalia.

Feminists in the cancer charities are happy to use the colour pink to advance their agenda and the “war on breast cancer” is most definitely part of it. Yet, in reality, most feminists hate pink because they hate anything that is symbolic of the differences between men and women (such as pink for a girl and blue for a boy.) In fact, there is a feminist facebook group and their name is “PINK STINKS.”

Click on the links below for evidence of this and also to see the sinister pervasive influence of the “pink” campaign on politicians and even farmers, for example (see below)

Before concluding this post, I have an observation to make about cancer treatment in general and chemotherapy in particular. In the 1980’s, I worked as a nurse (State Enrolled Nurse not State Registered Nurse) in the gynaecology ward of a large Belfast hospital. Some ladies were admitted to the ward having been diagnosed with ovarian cancer. When they were admitted, the ladies all looked healthy. Soon that all changed because they were commenced on chemotherapy (an experimental drug I believe) and this supposed treatment did not cure any of those poor women. One by one, they faded away and became shadows of their former selves and they all died.

I still think of those dear ladies today and I have reason to believe that they were treated as guinea pigs by doctors in cahoots with pharmaceutical companies, and that money and medical experimentation (not cure) was the bottom line. If I’m right, is it possible that doctors are still using some patients as guinea pigs today? What a terrifying thought.

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Night of the living dead

Last night the Merchant Hotel in Belfast, Northern Ireland demonstrated its pro-homosexual bona fides by permitting a degrading event called “My Big Fat Gay Wedding” to take place on its front steps.

Some photos of the bizarre event can be seen at the links below and we copied and pasted them from Amnesty NI’s facebook and Grainne Teggart’s twitter page. She is a professional mischief-maker and a leading light in Amnesty NI.

Look carefully at the photos and you will see some individuals who look like zombies (including Glenn Patterson, an author who read out the “vows” to the two “court jesters” who were playing the parts of the “groom” and “groom.”

One of their supporters also noticed the strange look in the eyes of some present and this is evidenced by the comment the individual made on Amnesty NI’s Facebook i.e that some present looked like extras on “They Live” (a horror film.)

We believe that the LGBT lobby and their allies are becoming increasingly dangerous and one look at the mob who gathered at the Merchant Hotel last night convinces us that this is so.

A quote from an American Christian called Michael Heath, about the fearful future that awaits us if we Christians do not confront the LGBT lobby makes terrifying reading, but we believe that he is right and even though he was writing about the USA, we believe his conclusion is applicable to the UK. His quote is as follows,

“American Christians will either stop finding excuses for avoiding “politics” or they may be forced to watch their children and grandchildren be literally (instead of ideologically) gang raped by the violent mob that is rising.” (end of quote)

The Bible revealed the heart of Sodom i.e homosexual activity, many years ago when in Genesis chapter 13 verse 13 we read,

“But the men of Sodom were wicked and sinners before the LORD exceedingly.”

Now view the photos.

NB, to see the photo below more clearly, go to Amnesty NI Facebook, and click on photo to enlarge.

We need a doctor like Paul Church in Northern Ireland (found “guilty” for telling truth about sodomy)

Instead most doctors in NI remain silent about the dangers of the homosexual lifestyle, and some actually promote it.

We have heard that there is a “gay” doctors association somewhere in NI.

Who is Dr. Paul Church?

He has been a Urologist for nearly 30 years. Earlier this year he was expelled from the medical staff at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston USA because he told the truth about the medical dangers of homosexual practice and he opposed his hospital’s aggressive promotion of the “gay” agenda.

Where are the doctors in Northern Ireland who will publicly warn about the dangers of sodomy?
Most doctors in NI (including the Christian doctors we know of) are silent and acquiescing in the face of a militant ,aggressive LGBT lobby.

We have already posted about brave Dr.Church and more info is found at the links below (including update on his case)

When to confront (and when not to)

Some comments on our last post about a confrontation with a pro-gay man in Omagh leave us in no doubt that some people think I got a “taste of my own medicine” and that I “had it coming” and “got what I deserved etc (and similar childish nonsense, some of which we have deleted,) because I/we have publicly opposed homosexual events for several years now.

However, for us to be confronted by a pro-gay activist outside a café was neither the time nor the place for a heated and somewhat threatening encounter.

The commenter below refers to an occasion recently when I was a lone protestor outside a LGBT recruiting event in Omagh and he thinks that because I engaged in a Christian witness to those entering the venue (which he describes as “harassing them”)  I “reaped what I have sown” in that I was confronted by a pro-gay activist outside that café last Friday.

Read his comment and my response.

Commenter Rob said: “Perhaps having experienced this frightening experience, you might reflect on how vulnerable LGBT people feel when you and your ilk turn up uninvited outside support services and harass them as they enter…. you reap what you sow Susan…..”

Mrs. White replied: “Regarding your comment on my most recent post, I presume you are referring to my lone protest against a LGBT recruiting event in Omagh in June. If anyone was harassed on that occasion, it was me, because six or seven of them attempted to follow me across the street to menace and intimidate me. There is a time and a place to confront that which is evil and a LGBT recruiting event is one of those (times and places) and a gay pride parade is another. These are events when the homosexual lobby flaunt their sin and try to force acceptance of it on society. It is right for Christians to publicly oppose such degrading spectacles.
I would not confront homosexuals if they were in a café having tea etc nor would I wait for them outside to lambast them. However, if two homosexuals were kissing in a café or on the street, I would say something to them because they are flaunting their sin and demanding that I put up with it. I would also speak to a heterosexual couple if they were kissing in a café because it is not proper for them to behave in that way. Some years ago, there was a disgusting heterosexual couple misbehaving in a hospital waiting area and I firmly and sharply told them to stop their wicked behaviour or I would report them to hospital authorities.
In your comment Rob, you quote Scripture about reaping what we sow. That is true, we all reap what we sow, and what do you think the homosexual will reap? By quoting Scripture, you obviously believe some verses are true. What about the verses that condemn homosexuality Rob?”

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Confronted by pro-gay man who hopes I “rot in hell”

On Friday of this past week, my daughter and I were in Omagh, County Tyrone, which is a large town approx. 15 miles from our home. Whilst there, we had tea and scones in a pleasant café. The establishment is near the spot where a terrorist bomb exploded in 1998, a bomb left in a car by Irish Republican terrorists. 31 people died, including unborn twins.

As we emerged from the building in which the café is located (there is another shop and an office located there too) a young man, who was standing near the entrance to the building, came towards us and told me in no uncertain terms that he disagreed with the views I articulated during the recent election. We were startled because it appeared that he was waiting for us to emerge from the building. He bore a striking resemblance to a young man I saw when we entered the café and I now believe that the man in question was in the café, recognised me, watched us, and when we got up to leave, he exited before us and waited his moment.

I asked him who he was and also what right did he have to confront us when we had simply enjoyed a cup of tea in a cafe and had not offended anyone in any way. I think he made some comment to the effect that he was glad I didn’t get many votes in the election. I told him he has a right to his views but that he should keep himself to himself and leave us alone.

However the situation became more alarming when I made it clear to him that I stood over everything I said (during the election) and I emphasized my point by repeating the word “everything.”

My daughter and I had already begun to walk away when he said (loudly) that he wouldn’t expect me to change my mind because of my “mental” condition or words to that effect, by which I suppose he means that, in his opinion, I’m not sane.

He provoked my (righteous) anger and I responded with, “homosexuality is a sin.”

He replied with, “Your views are an abomination” (or words to that effect.)

I responded with, “gay marriage is an abomination.”

His response, “Rot in hell.”

People in the immediate vicinity heard the heated exchange and one man told me that he agreed with me but added that he did not think that I should confront such people. He was surprised to learn that we did not confront him but it was a case of him confronting us.

My daughter and I were shaken by this incident and it made me realise how vulnerable I am and that if that fellow had wished to harm me physically, I would have been completely defenceless.

The day when those of us who oppose the LGBT lobby will be subject to physical attack may not be far away.


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“Migrant” rescued from Mediterranean is suspect in Italian double murder

Mamadou Kamara an 18 year old from West Africa was rescued from the Mediterranean in June and is now the suspect in a horrific double murder in Sicily.

He was staying at Mineo reception centre for migrants, not far from the home of the elderly couple who he allegedly murdered.

Italy has taken in more than 110,000 “migrants” this year alone!

Amnesty International are having a “Refugees Welcome” rally in Belfast soon. Note their use of the word “refugee” rather than “migrant” or “asylum seeker” because they want to lull the public into a false sense of security and the word “refugee” makes one think of someone fleeing from danger rather than someone to flee from!

Will Patrick Corrigan and Grainne Teggart fling open the doors of their homes to some “refugees” at their rally? Let them “lead from the front” (a trendy term favoured by the PC elite) and do so because, after all, that is what they want you to do.

Northern Ireland is a dangerous place as it is, with the IRA and UVF etc obviously still armed to the teeth so we don’t need to increase the danger we law-abiding citizens face by welcoming in “refugees” among whom could be lurking another Mamouda Kamara (or a host of them!)

Read about his arrest and alleged crime at the following link,


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