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Two male feminists rebuked for sitting down while ladies stood

I encountered two male feminists this week as I happened upon a scene I have witnessed before and said nothing about (although I was irritated by it.) I went in to a chemist (pharmacy) shop and handed the pharmacist a prescription to dispense for my husband.

I knew I would have to wait for some minutes. There were two seats provided for the convenience of customers and two young men were sitting on them while two ladies stood when I arrived.

I was immediately irritated and annoyed to see two lazy, unchivalrous non-gentlemen sit while two ladies (and I made a third) stood. This is what feminism has done to society (and to men) in that males no longer think that women are deserving of nor desirous of chivalrous behaviour.

I decided there and then that I would confront these two young men and I said to them, “You sit while ladies stand.”

I continued my “lecture” with ,”Whatever happened to chivalry?”

To his credit, one of the young men rose from his seat and offered it to me but I declined the offer, telling him it was too late and that he shouldn’t need to be told to offer a woman his seat (or words to that effect.) The other young man was of a harsher countenance and totally ignored me. Soon they left, their business in the shop completed.

To you men reading this, bring back chivalry and please don’t sit while ladies stand. Don’t allow feminism to make you forget your manners.


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Meet the so-called “Christian” who supports gender X passports

Her name – Naomi Long
Her occupation – Politician
Her political Party – Alliance
Her abode – Northern Ireland
Her views – evil (two examples given below)
Her faith – calls herself a “Christian” and attends a Presbyterian church.

She supports gender X or gender neutral passports.

She supports homosexual “marriage.” She was shortlisted for an award last week by the Belfast “gay” pride lobby which just goes to show the extent to which she is aiding and abetting the destruction of society by those presently wreaking havoc in it  i.e  “gays,” feminists, eco-warriors and multicultural PC fanatics and their ilk.

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Let’s talk about black on white crime in USA

Most media outlets in the USA (and UK) downplays or ignores the murders perpetrated by blacks against whites.

Murder is a sin and a crime, and murderers deserve the death penalty be they black or white.

However, there is an anti-white bias in most of the media and this colours (excuse the pun) their reporting of certain crimes ( if they report on them at all) and this results in saturation coverage of white on black killings and barely a mention (or no mention at all) of many or most black on white killings.

A particularly gruesome double murder took place in January, 2007 in Knoxville, Tennessee. Christopher Newsom and Channon Christian, a young unmarried but dating white couple, were carjacked, kidnapped, brutally raped, tortured and murdered by blacks.

The following link details numerous black on white murders, and you will probably never hear about most of them in the biased anti-white media. It seems it is verboten to talk about blacks killing whites. We do not shy away from telling it like it is on our blog. The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth could be our motto!

Detroit’s satanists night of “chaos, noise and debauchery”

A satanic organisation called the Satanic Temple unveiled a monstrous baphomet (goat-headed idol) statue in Detroit USA just before midnight last night. Click on the link to see the a photo of the hideous demon and note the children who form part of the sculpture, looking adoringly at the demon bent on their destruction, spiritual destruction if not physical, although it was physical destruction in the Old Testament when the people went a whoring after the idol called Moloch to whom children were sacrificed.

Of course child sacrifice is still with us i.e abortion during which unborn children are sacrificed at the “altar” of sexual promiscuity and anarchy.

Why has this bloodthirsty rabble not been arrested?

They taunt the police with evidence of their crimes and the police look on and do NOTHING?

This despicable anarchic mob of pro-abortion fanatics protesting outside various police stations in Northern Ireland because they are denied legal child sacrifice i.e abortion. They are like members of a cult and they worship at the shrine of sexual anarchy.

Click on the links below to see the baying mob of feminists (male and female) and note their appearance. The women are immodest and vulgar in their attire and the men look like thugs. In the video below, a woman is interviewed and she has a ring in her nose. She could be mistaken for a bull.

Mr.Policeman, it is time you did your duty and arrested all those who have confessed that they have broken the law by enabling or assisting a woman or women to end the life of her/their unborn baby/babies.

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The straitjacketing of all opposition!

Political correctness (cultural Marxism) employs its various “isms” and “phobias” i.e  racism, sexism, ageism, fatism and homophobia, transphobia and Islamaphobia  to silence all opposition to its immoral, destructive agenda to recast society in its own nightmarish image. It is terrifying to behold how successful it has been and we are now living in a topsy-turvy world where evil is called good and vice versa.

Read one Pastor’s assessment of the present situation and the fact that nowadays virtually anything goes.

CISTA or MISTA, they’re all crackpots!

The UK pro-drugs party called CISTA (which stands for Cannabis is safer than alcohol) could have chosen the word “MISTA” (Marijuana is safer than alcohol) for their ne’er do well party, because marijuana is a form of cannabis.

This dangerous party received over 500 votes in West Tyrone in the recent Westminster election. So that means one of two things, i.e that over 500 people in West Tyrone use cannabis/marijuana and/or that over 500 people in West Tyrone want such drugs legalised. It could mean both i.e over 500 people use the drug and want it legalised so they can smoke pot legally.

Cannabis/marijuana is dangerous and many murders and accidents have been committed/caused by those under the influence of the drug (see our recent post entitled “What do these killers have in common?”)

Cannabis use has also been implicated in the development of schizophrenia.

Alcohol is not safe and neither are drugs. Oh be wise and do not listen to the twisted, dangerous rhetoric of those seeking the legalisation of drugs. Never ever give a pro-drug party your vote. Keep them from wielding the levers of power, because all they have to offer is a lifetime of addiction, misery and possibly death.

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