Night of the living dead

Last night the Merchant Hotel in Belfast, Northern Ireland demonstrated its pro-homosexual bona fides by permitting a degrading event called “My Big Fat Gay Wedding” to take place on its front steps.

Some photos of the bizarre event can be seen at the links below and we copied and pasted them from Amnesty NI’s facebook and Grainne Teggart’s twitter page. She is a professional mischief-maker and a leading light in Amnesty NI.

Look carefully at the photos and you will see some individuals who look like zombies (including Glenn Patterson, an author who read out the “vows” to the two “court jesters” who were playing the parts of the “groom” and “groom.”

One of their supporters also noticed the strange look in the eyes of some present and this is evidenced by the comment the individual made on Amnesty NI’s Facebook i.e that some present looked like extras on “They Live” (a horror film.)

We believe that the LGBT lobby and their allies are becoming increasingly dangerous and one look at the mob who gathered at the Merchant Hotel last night convinces us that this is so.

A quote from an American Christian called Michael Heath, about the fearful future that awaits us if we Christians do not confront the LGBT lobby makes terrifying reading, but we believe that he is right and even though he was writing about the USA, we believe his conclusion is applicable to the UK. His quote is as follows,

“American Christians will either stop finding excuses for avoiding “politics” or they may be forced to watch their children and grandchildren be literally (instead of ideologically) gang raped by the violent mob that is rising.” (end of quote)

The Bible revealed the heart of Sodom i.e homosexual activity, many years ago when in Genesis chapter 13 verse 13 we read,

“But the men of Sodom were wicked and sinners before the LORD exceedingly.”

Now view the photos.

NB, to see the photo below more clearly, go to Amnesty NI Facebook, and click on photo to enlarge.

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