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The silence of Caleb – and it isn’t golden

The Caleb Foundation are an Evangelical Christian organisation in Northern Ireland. They are committed to ” Promoting the Fundamentals of the Historic Evangelical Protestant Faith.”

They have a website, but it has not been updated since April 2015.

They have a Council of Reference which lists the names and denominations of the 16 Ministers/Pastors (plus three others who are not Pastors) who serve (or have served) on it. One would think that with so many Pastors/Ministers representing so many churches/denominations, that Caleb would be a force to be reckoned with.

Alas, no, their silence is deafening.

They should, presently, be speaking out against, and roundly condemning:

Sex education in schools

Doctors and nurses who give contraceptives to underage children and the unmarried

The LGBTQ agenda (and they should call for homosexuality to be recriminalized)

The very real threat of men dressed up as women entering female-only facilities

The lifting of the ban on homosexuals donating blood

Abortion – their cry should be “abolish human abortion”

Feminism and its goal of an androgynous society

Adultery, that scarlet sin – Caleb should demand that it be made a criminal offence

Islam and its destructive influence on any society in which it dominates

They should also call for the restoration of the death penalty for murder.

The Ministers/Pastors associated with Caleb may have dealt with some of the above hot potatoes from the relative safety of their pulpits, but that is not enough. They need to “cry aloud and spare not”, and show society their sins.

They should organise protests and demand that their congregations support such efforts by their presence.

Some Ministers/Pastors (in Caleb and without) seem to think that they have done their duty when they oppose Belfast Pride once a year. We know that Christians cannot protest at every evil event that takes place because there are so many, but that is no excuse for doing little or nothing.

Here is the list of names on Caleb’s Council of Reference. How many of them are well known for publicly protesting against moral and social evils/ills?

Rev. Stanley Barnes (Free Presbyterian)
Rev. Philip Campbell (Congregational)
Rev. Ken Elliot (Free Presbyterian)
Mr. Robert Hamilton (Independent Methodist)
Rev. Ron Johnstone (Free Presbyterian)
Dr. Trevor Maze (Reformed Presbyterian)
Rev. William Malcolmson (Congregational Reformed)
Rev. Eric McComb (Elim Pentecosal)
Rev. Robert McEvoy (Congregational)
Rev. Colin McFarland (Congregational)
Rev. Philip Millen (Free Presbyterian)
Rev. Victor Neill (Congregational)
Rev. William Park (Independent Methodist)
Pastor David Patterson (Baptist)
Rev. David Silversides (Reformed Presbyterian)
Rev. Noel Somerville (Church of the Nazarene)
Mr. Wallace Thompson (Evangelical Protestant Society)
Rev. Alan Smylie (Free Presbyterian)
Mr. Mervyn Storey (Free Presbyterian) He is a politician, an MLA, and last year, his department gave £3,500 to Outburst Queer Arts Festival which showed a play which portrayed the Lord Jesus Christ as transgender. Why is he still in Caleb and why has he not been disciplined by his church?

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Memo to Christian Institute – forgo the “niceties” and “play the man”

Simon Calvert of the Christian Institute was on the Stephen Nolan radio show on the BBC this morning.

The programme was discussing the possibility of Northern Ireland having a referendum on homosexual “marriage.”

Homosexual John O’Doherty, he of the appalling Rainbow Project was also on the show.

Simon Calvert was weak and cowardly in his responses to  the wicked, aggressive challenger O’Doherty.

It seems that Mr.Calvert and the organisation he represents are obsessed with appearing “reasonable” and “nice.”

Not once during the discussion did Mr.Calvert describe homosexuality as a sin and not once did he describe homosexual “marriage” as an oxymoron and a hideous aberration.

Instead Mr.Calvert said that any debate on sodomite “marriage” should be done “respectfully” and carried out “respectfully.”

We think that Mr.Calvert likes that word “respectfully” because he used it often enough and he must think it makes him sound “nice” and “reasonable.”

There is no debate to be had on sodomite “marriage” Mr.Calvert.


It is wicked and must never be legalised. NEVER!

Homosexuality should be recriminalized and that would put a stop to the sodomite demand for “marriage.”

The Christian Institute should demand that homosexuality should be recriminalized but they won’t because that would make them appear “unreasonable” and might alienate some or most of their supporters.

The Christian Institute seems to have forgotten that we Christians are engaged in a spiritual battle, and that necessitates courage and a steadfast refusal to compromise when faced with the enemy’s demands. We are not to seek an accommodation with wickedness by giving ground to them. The enemy should not view us as “reasonable” and “nice.” They will take advantage of any sign of weakness.

The Christian Institute is weak and cowardly in the face of the LGBTQ enemy and they have even joined in an unholy alliance with that well-known vile homosexual Peter Tatchell supposedly to protect free speech!

Before it is too late, Christian Institute, pull back from the point of no return. Withdraw from that unholy alliance.

Cease playing the “nice” compromiser. Learn to “play the man.”

Listen to the discussion with Simon Calvert and John O’Doherty at link below

Discussion starts at 21 minutes and 29 seconds.

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We voted “LEAVE” all by ourselves (no unholy alliance was necessary)

We voted “leave” (EU) in the recent referendum in the UK and we are glad that the “LEAVE” camp won.

However we are under no illusion that the UK Government is any better than the EU dictators when it comes to moral and religious matters.

We will still be governed by pro-LGBT and pro-Islam and pro-abortion and pro-multiculturalism and pro-………ad nauseum dictators, be they the Labour or Conservative variety.

However it will be easier to oppose uncontrolled immigration outside the EU and the UK Government will be free to cast off the burdensome and foolish bureaucratic red tape which so hindered business growth after BREXIT (at least we hope so.)

We observed (with alarm) that some politicians who argued for BREXIT were only too willing and eager to join in unholy alliances with some left-wingers and compromised right-wingers.

Brexit campaigners in Northern Ireland were happy to associate with, and sometimes give a platform to, people like Kate Hoey, Boris Johnson, Daniel Hannan and UKIP (to name some.)

Kate Hoey is a member of the Labour Party (Socialist) and she voted in favour of homosexual “marriage” in 2013.

Boris Johnson has committed adultery and supports homo “marriage.”

Dan Hannan is liberal on drugs and prostitution. He backed civil unions for homosexuals in 2004 and was “quite relaxed” about upgrading them to “marriage.” The UK Parliament legalised homosexual “marriage” in 2013.

UKIP have a LGBTQ in UKIP group with the approval of the NEC of the Party. That group had an “Out and Proud” campaign to leave the European Union.

Do the “Vote Leave” representatives in Northern Ireland know any or all of the above facts?

If not, why not?

If so, justify the unjustifiable i.e your unholy alliance with such people.

It seems that all that mattered to some in the NI Vote Leave campaign is that the above-named people wanted to leave the EU.

The enemy is not just in the EU, the enemy is within.



Happy Birthday to us!

Our blog was four years old on 21st June and we’re celebrating the fact that, despite the attempts of our enemies to have us removed from the internet, we’re still here, much-hated by the many but appreciated (we hope) by the few who share our Biblical principles.

To our (admittedly) few supporters, we say “Thank you” and “keep reading.”

Russell Moore, Al Mohler et al – liberals destroying the SBC

With breathtaking arrogance, liberal Baptist Dr. Russell Moore, President of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention, proclaims his support for that lovey-dovey religion  (Islam) and its adherents in the USA who want to build mosques, couching his betrayal of  Biblical principles of separation and those (few) who still hold to them, with the words “soul freedom for all.”

One such courageous Pastor in the audience, John Wofford, questioned Moore about his support for the mosque-builders but got short shrift from Moore who was surrounded by fellow liberals who applauded their man.

Russell Moore is also liberal on homosexuality (see article below) and he has also spoken at the Vatican!

Al Mohler is another one to watch as he too is on the liberal merry-go-round. He signed the ecumenical Manhatten Declaration some years ago (as did Russell Moore) and has spoken at the Mormon-owned Brigham Young University, thereby bestowing credibility on the LDS cult.

In 2014 and 2015, he (Mohler) apologised to the LGBT lobby and said Christians had sinned against homosexuals.

Al Mohler is the President of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and on June 15th this year, he presented Russell Moore with the 2016 Distinguished Alumnus of the Year award and during the presentation Dr.Mohler said,

“Russ Moore…..has made Southern Seminary proud in so many different ways .It is high time that we make this presentation and celebrate Russ Moore as Alumnus of the Year of the institution very proud to claim him as our own.”

With “friends” like Dr.Mohler and Dr.Moore, who needs enemies?

Another Pastor causing concern is the highly influential Dr John MacArthur.He has no connection to the Southern Baptist Convention as far as we know but nevertheless, he and Al Mohler are friends and Dr.Mohler was one of the speakers at the Shepherds conference 2016 which is held annually at John MacArthurs Grace Community Church. Al Mohler has praised Russell Moore (as we have clearly shown) and he signed the ecumenical Manhatten Declaration, yet Dr John MacArthur is happy to have him address his Shepherds Conference.

Another signer of the Manhatten Declaration, Ligon Duncan was also a speaker at MacArthurs conference.

Are we to believe that Dr. MacArthur is totally ignorant of the above facts?       (read article about Russ Moore’s appointment of “gay-affirming” Karen Swallow Prior as a Research Fellow with the ERLC.)

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Hissing, snarling baby killer

The murdering wretch in the video below is abortion doctor Robert Santella, and he loves killing babies.

He hisses and snarls at the Christian protestor. Note the scissors in his hands. It is possible that he had used them that day to murder unborn children.