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Liberal “Christian” likens white skin to a disease!

Martin Young is a South African doctor, an ENT surgeon to be precise, and he obviously hates the colour of his white skin.

In an article, he actually said that “whiteness is like herpes”!!

He describes himself as a Christian! However, he did or does attend his local Vineyard church and they are a liberal trendy lot so that goes someway to explaining the hateful nonsense that spews out of the ENT surgeon’s mouth.

He has nothing to say about the hideous murder and rape statistics in South Africa (the perpetrators are mostly black) nor has he anything to say about the fact that black rule has all but destroyed South Africa (in every way that a country can be destroyed.)

His appalling article is nothing other than an exercise in self -loathing for being white and an apology to non-whites that such a “disease” i.e white skin exists.

Read his despicable article below.

PS  Thank you to Oz Conservative website for posting a link to Dr.Martin Young’s article

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Did she really say that?!! (she can’t be serious)

I heard a ridiculous nonsensical comment on BBC Radio Ulster’s “Sunday Sequence” programme this morning during a discussion on “Work-life balance,” a subject and a phrase much loved and much used by the PC establishment.

A woman by the name of B.J.Epstein was one of the contributors. At one point in the discussion, she said, “I have a wife and daughter…..!”

Not one of the brainwashed and cowardly others on the programme confronted this lesbian about her destructive lifestyle. They all reacted as if Epstein had said nothing out of the ordinary. They (including the presenter of the programme) are all collaborators with the enemies of all that is good, wholesome and normal by giving the impression that the abnormal is normal and that evil is good.

Shame on you cowards!

B.J.Epstein, you do not have a “wife” because two women cannot marry. You have a live-in girlfriend, a lesbian like yourself, and only one of you has a daughter because it is a biological impossibility for one women to impregnate the other.

We pity the young child who lives in your home. She is more likely to be recruited into the homosexual lifestyle, and she is more likely to be abused by homosexuals than by the general populace.

40 times more likely, in fact.


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Patrick Corrigan’s death wish for N.Ireland’s unborn babies

The left-wing rag called the Guardian newspaper published an article recently by one of their left-wing comrades, Patrick Corrigan of Amnesty NI.

That wretched organisation are agitating virtually non-stop to force abortion on demand (and sodomite “marriage,” and uncontrolled immigration) on Northern Ireland.

Corrigan’s article in the Guardian praised the First Minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon for offering abortions to Northern Ireland women on National Health Service (NHS) Scotland.

However he would prefer NI women to have the convenience of killing their unborn babies on their doorstep rather than having to travel to Scotland, England or Wales.

Miss/Mrs Sturgeon obviously believes that women have the “right” to terminate the lives of their unwanted unborn children and she is looking into the possibility of offering NI women the same “right” free of charge.

Abortions ARE carried out in Northern Ireland (sadly) and Patrick Corrigan knows this to be the case. The Marie Stopes  abortuary in Belfast terminates the lives of unborn babies up to nine weeks of pregnancy and they get around the strict NI abortion laws by stating that they believed the pregnant woman’s life was in danger, or that the pregnancy would harm her, when she is less than nine week’s pregnant??

It is wicked that Marie Stopes commits these heinous acts and gets away with it but Corrigan and his ilk want to go even further. They want abortion on demand at any gestational time and for any reason!

He mentioned the deeply compromised Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) in his newspaper article and stated that Nicola Sturgeon’s intervention “has enraged the deeply conservative DUP.”

Yet the Belfast Telegraph quoted a DUP source about the Scottish First Minister’s abortion offer and he or she responded with, “The law on abortion in Northern Ireland is a matter for the NI Assembly to decide.”

That does not sound like an “enraged” response, now does it?

For Corrigan to state that the DUP were “enraged” is nonsense and to describe them as “deeply conservative” is also nonsense, and a review of their recent record will prove this to be so.

In recent times, the “deeply conservative” DUP have agreed to the lifting of the ban on homosexuals giving blood.

The “deeply conservative” DUP supported the pardoning of the late homosexual Alan Turing who was convicted of gross indecency.”

Two “deeply conservative” DUP MP’s (Sammy Wilson and Gavin Robinson) support “buffer zones” at abortion clinics. These zones are designed to make it easy for women to enter abortion clinics  unhindered by pro-life protestors who would urge them not to kill their unborn baby.

Need we say any more?


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Abortion is a heinous crime, Adrianne Peltz

South African feminist Adrianne Peltz was mischief-making as usual on the Nolan radio show this morning.

She was on the same show last week. Both times she was discussing one of her favourite subjects i.e  agitating for the murder of unborn children  by calling it “health care.”

On the show this morning she mentioned that the UN Convention on Human Rights as it applies to children states that they must be protected from heinous crimes. Yet she doesn’t see abortion as a heinous crime!

Out of her own mouth she condemned herself. She wants unborn children to be the victims of heinous crimes i.e abortion and she wants such killings to be declared legal.

Adrianne Peltz, you are a wicked woman and unborn children are in extreme danger from people like you.

We will continue to oppose and expose you and your monstrous ilk and we will continue to call for human abortion to be abolished AND for the imprisonment of both the medical staff who act as paid assassins and the pregnant women who hire these hit-men and hit-women.

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Glad Hillary was defeated but sad Trump was elected

We would not have voted for wicked, cruel, filthy-lucre loving and devious Hillary Clinton if we lived in the USA.

We would not have voted for thrice-married adulterer Trump if we lived in the USA.

We would not have voted for anyone except for a fundamentalist, hardline, uncompromising Bible believing Christian and we are not aware of any such candidate being on the ballot.

We were dismayed to learn that many Evangelical Christians intended to (and did) vote for Donald Trump.

We knew that no true Christian could ever vote for the appalling Hillary Clinton and we felt that it should be ditto when it came to the equally appalling Donald Trump.

Let us review his record. He is a thrice-married adulterer, a playboy who owns strip clubs and casinos.

He attended a fundraiser in the past for a front for the murderous IRA who (along with loyalist terror groups) have caused devastation in Northern Ireland.

He gave money to homosexual group GLSEN.

He held a rainbow banner with the words “LGBT for Trump” at one of his rallies.

He thinks sodomite “marriage” is a “settled” issue.

His current wife and his daughters flaunt their bodies in immodest clothing. There is not a lady among them.

He and the Clintons are friends. They were at his wedding to his third wife, so the animosity between Trump and Clinton during their pre-election debates was manufactured. In other words, they were “playing to the gallery”.

There is no justification for any Christian who voted for either of these candidates, in our opinion.

The delight with which many foolish Christians greeted Trump’s victory was astonishing.

The hysterical reaction of the Left to Trump’s victory has dumbfounded us because he is so like them, a sexual revolutionary. Indeed it is difficult to say who is more pro-LGBT, Hillary or Donald.

Oh America, surely God’s judgement cannot be far away.

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A hymn to encourage fearful Christians

As the days grow darker and persecution is sure, Bible believing Christians can take encouragement from the greatness of our God. Listen to the magnificent rendition of “A Mighty Fortress” by Steve Green.