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After “Gay” Pride comes… Adulterer’s Pride!

Click on this link,   to see a short video about an “adulterer” seeking acceptance of, and tolerance for, and finally celebration of, his sin of adultery with an “Adulterer’s Pride” parade!

Can you think of another group of people who have, in reality, demanded, first of all, acceptance of, and then tolerance for, culminating in celebration of, their lifestyle?  Does anything come to mind?

The Apostle Paul’s witness – homosexuality – lecture by Prof. Robert Gagnon

Prof. Robert Gagnon is an Associate Professor of New Testament at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary, USA, and, an Elder in a Presbyterian church.

His main field of interest is Pauline theology and sexual issues in the Bible. He believes that the Bible is clear in its condemnation of homosexual relations.

Click on this link to watch a video of a lecture given by Prof. Gagnon,

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For whom the bell tolls – it tolls for thee Northern Ireland (if homosexual “marriage” is legalised)

The Northern Ireland Assembly at Stormont, will debate same-sex “marriage” this Monday, 29th April. The title of the motion to be debated is,
“Marriage Equality at the Constitutional Convention,” and it was tabled by three Sinn Fein MLA’s, Caitriona Ruane (South Down,) Barry McElduff (West Tyrone,) and Bronwyn McGahan (Fermanagh and South Tyrone.)

This unholy threesome are intent on undermining real, Biblical marriage (and the Union between Northern Ireland and the UK,) with their wretched, malicious motion. This is clearly seen in the reference to the “Constitutional Convention,” which voted on homosexual “marriage” on 14th April this year in Dublin. The result was,  79% in favour,  19% against and the remainder had no opinion!

Sinn Fein’s goal is to bring about a united Ireland and this is reflected in their support for homosexual “marriage” as they obviously think that any Constitutional change in the Republic should have force in Northern Ireland.

The Democratic Unionist Party (DUP,) have tabled a Petition of Concern ahead of Monday’s debate at Stormont, which means that the SF motion will not be carried without cross-community support. This action on the part of the DUP is to be welcomed.

However, on many occasions in the past number of years, since (wrongly) agreeing to share power with Sinn Fein, the DUP have capitulated to their demands and abandoned previously held principles again and again.

Sinn Fein will not get their way at Monday’s debate but, sadly, the demand for homosexual marriage will not cease, unless and until the majority of the citizens of Northern Ireland face down these aggressive homosexual challengers and tell them, in no uncertain terms, ” we will never permit two men or two women to “marry” in our beloved Province!”

Cork Feminista and a verse from their Feminist “bible!”

A radical feminist group in the Republic of Ireland displayed a placard at a pro-abortion rally in March of this year. The anarchic group call themselves “Cork Feminista,” and the placard, which was carried by one of their number, Liz Madden, had these words written on it,

“Thou Shalt Not Mess with Women’s Reproductive Rights.”  Fallopians  4:28

This is blasphemous and extremely offensive, and, a cursory scan of their website reveals that they also wallow in that which is obscene and vulgar.

Here is a link to a photo of the blasphemous placard carried by a deliberate blasphemer,        and scroll down to post entitled, “New Organisers.”

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Feminism, a baker’s dozen and a Black Guerilla

Thirteen female (yes thirteen,) State  prison guards have been indicted in Maryland, USA, on charges of corruption. It seems that the prisoners (all men,) virtually ran the prison. The thirteen female “correctional officers,” helped the Black Guerilla Family gang to such an extent that they were able to sell and smuggle drugs.

When he wasn’t otherwise engaged in virtually running the prison, one of the leaders of the BGF fathered children with four of the guards (five children since 2009.)
Somehow, we don’t think that these activities were detailed in the Correctional Officers’ “Job description!”

The head of Maryland’s Prisons, Gary D. Maynard, is obviously ignoring the elephant in the room when he stated that the loss of control of the prison had nothing to do with the fact that the thirteen officers were women and the prisoners were male!

Who or what is responsible for this appalling state of “affairs,” (affairs being the operative word?) We can certainly apportion some blame to Feminism which has forced the powers that be to employ women in occupations which should be male only (don’t forget, these were male prisoners.) Feminism has also promoted and encouraged sexual anarchy, so births out of wedlock, and babies conceived through adultery will surely be the consequences. Unfortunately, feminism will not be on trial along with these women, but it deserves to be in the dock.

Click here to see and read a news report about this prison fiasco

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Modest clothing – long, loose and layered – and always in vogue!

We believe that modesty in dress and propriety in behaviour is very important and never more so than in today’s “anything goes” world, where immodest, provocative clothing, and over-familiarity between the sexes is the “norm.”

The following short video (What Guys Think About Modesty by C. J. Mahaney) deals with the subject of modesty and, with poignant honesty, describes the effect provocatively dressed women have on men. The preacher is addressing Christians.

However, a return to modesty on the part of women everywhere would raise the moral tone, encourage faithfulness within marriage, and discourage lust in general, so the video has something to say to women everywhere.

Click on

The video begins and ends with contemporary music which we do not like but cannot remove. This is our only criticism of an otherwise excellent message.

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