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Each one was handmade by Jesus

The title of our post is a line from a song, “A billion starving people,” sung by the late Keith Green.

The words, “Each one was handmade by Jesus,” refer to murdered unborn children.

If any can view the following short video and not react with righteous anger at the slaughter of these innocents, then they are callous, heartless individuals.

Royals embrace di(per)versity on New Zealand tour

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are currently touring New Zealand. Their baby Prince George is with them. Today they will visit a play group called Plunket, which is (according to their website,) ” a provider of support services for the development, health and wellbeing of children under 5.”

Diversity is the hallmark of this organisation’s “creed.”

In keeping with Plunket’s raison d’etre  i.e  the promotion of diversity (perversity is a more accurate term,) two male homosexuals and “their” daughter will be included in the group the Royals will meet, as will a single mother.

Plunket are perpetuating the lie that two men can have a child together and that this unnatural trio are a family.

The inclusion of a single mother (assuming she is not a widow or divorced,) and her child, sends out an anti-marriage message.

So, according to Plunket, family can mean anything you want it to mean and all lifestyles are equally valid.

This is politically correct liberal nonsense, and dangerous nonsense at that.

Will the Royals be disturbed by little Isabella and her “two daddies?”   We think not!

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Hurling insults and pink verbal bricks – the “Gay” victimisers!

Longsuffering Christian Pastor Scott Lively is once again the target of the militant tiresome homosexual lobby.
They are unrelenting in their persecution of this courageous man. Read the following news item from Pastor Lively.

Begins here,

“Tonight I was informed by a writer at the Bay Area Reporter that I have been “awarded” the Pink Brick Award by the San Francisco LGBT Pride organization.”

From their website: “The Pink Brick is a symbol of the first brick hurled at the Stonewall Riots in 1969.  This faux award is an opportunity to highlight an individual or organization that has done significant harm to the LGBT community. It is also an opportunity to educate the community and the Pink Brick recipient about relevant issues.”

Here is his email and my response:


As I said on the phone, you’ve been chosen to receive the Pink Brick award from the San Francisco LGBT Pride organization.

Each year, this award goes to someone who’s hurt the LGBT community.

Here are the questions I have for you for my story:
What’s your reaction to receiving this award?
Will you come to San Francisco to pick it up in person?
What’s your age? What’s your city/state of residence?

If you could email me today, that would be ideal. My final deadline is tomorrow (Tuesday) at 4 Pacific time.

Thanks, Seth
Seth Hemmelgarn
Bay Area Reporter
Office: 415-359-2627
Fax: 415-861-8144

Here is my response:

The pink brick, symbolic of the bricks thrown by militant “gays” at police during the Stonewall riots, perfectly captures the irony of bullies posing as victims.  I’ve actually already received this award in real life.  A pink paving stone scrawled with the threat “SHUT DOWN LIVELY” was thrown through the church windows of Christian Liberty Academy the morning I was to give a speech on “gay” bullying there in 2011.  It was wrapped in a note threatening further violence.  The worst bullies in America today are LGBT activists and I will not stop telling that truth no matter how many bricks you throw at me.  I dare you to publish this comment and accompanying pictures.


CLA-Attack-Brick-Paver-Shut-Down-Lively CLA-Hate-Note-Threat-2011-300x225 CLA-Attack-Broken_Window_11-300x225

For more on this incident see Peter LaBarbera’s write-up on it.  The event in question was a banquet sponsored by his organization, Americans for Truth About Homosexuality.

FYI, here is a bit of text from The Pink Swastika referencing the Stonewall Riot and its pedophile connection:

Although many contemporary homosexual activists, especially lesbians, attempt to distance themselves from their pederastic comrades, the fact remains that pederasts (as was true in Germany) have always been at the forefront of the [LGBT] movement, albeit often “in the closet.” And the “right” of adults to have sex with children has always been a basic goal of the movement. In February of 1972, for example, a national coalition of homosexual groups met in Chicago to draw up a list of priorities for the movement.  Prominent on the list was the demand for “a repeal of all laws governing the age of sexual consent” (Rueda:201ff).

The organizations dedicated specifically to “pedophile rights” or “pederast-rights” in the United States are made up of homosexual men (Rueda:173ff), and in major cities with an active homosexual community “gay” bookstores carry  numerous titles which endorse man/boy sex (Grant, 1993:22). Tom Reeves, a self-admitted pederast who was part of the early “gay rights” movement, is one of a number of writers in an anthology called Varieties of Man/Boy Love. He explains the role of pederasts in homosexualist activism:

“Almost every one of the early openly homosexual writers was a pederast. Pederasty was a constant theme of early gay literature, art, and pornography. The Stonewall riots were precipitated by an incident involving an underage drag queen, yet that detail was not viewed as significant.  Curtis Price, a fourteen-year-old, self-described “radical hustler,” formed the first gay liberation organization in Baltimore. Many of the leaders of early gay liberation and the founders of the major gay groups in the U.S. were boy-lovers” (Reeves in Pascal:47).

Another of the early leaders of the “gay rights” movement was David Thorstad, also a self-identified pederast.  Thorstad was president of the Gay Activist Alliance (Stop Promoting Homosexuality Hawaii Newsletter, November, 1994:6), one of the largest of the groups which formed in New York in the wake of the Stonewall riot. The GAA invented “the strategy of ‘zapping’ politicians,” writes Marotta, “that would later become [its] trademark…[they] had learned that homosexuals could infiltrate political gatherings and make themselves heard through sheer brashness” (Marotta:137).  The GAA also developed the strategy of using these “carefully staged confrontations” to force politicians to enact “anti-discrimination” policies (ibid.:150). The GAA reorganized early in 1974 as the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force (Adam:88).

Thorstad, along with Reeves and others, later went on to form the North American Man/Boy Love Association in Boston in 1978 (NAMBLA Bulletin, September, 1992:2). NAMBLA, which is the largest “pederast rights” organization in the country, cloaks its agenda in rhetoric about concern for the rights of children to have “sexual freedom.” (Pascal:49). In recent years NAMBLA has come under attack by some elements of the “gay rights” alliance, who have tried to exclude the group from some of the higher profile media events. But this has evoked a violent response from its defenders. When NAMBLA was denied a role in the 1986 Los Angeles “Gay Pride Parade,” marcher Harry Hay [“Father” of the American “gay rights” movement] donned a sweatshirt printed with the legend, “NAMBLA Walks With Me.” Timmons writes that Hay, “could not contain his outrage” that NAMBLA was excluded (Timmons:296). More recently, as reported in the NAMBLA Bulletin, Hay was a featured speaker at NAMBLA’s annual membership conference, June 24-25, 1994:

“[He] gave an inspiring talk about reclaiming for the 1990’s the spirit of homoerotic sharing and love from various ancient Greek traditions of pederasty. A remarkably balanced and sensitive account of the conference appeared in the August 23 Advocate from a writer who was invited to attend” (NAMBLA Bulletin, September, 1994:3).

From The Pink Swastika: Homosexuality in the Nazi Party, 4th edition, p. 321-23

Here’s some more about the Stonewall Riot from page 309-310:

The Stonewall Riot and “Gay” Militancy

“Two, four, six, eight — Smash the family, smash the state” (Popular slogan of 1970s “gay” activists –Oosterhuis and Steakley:2)

By 1969, the development of a growing homosexual subculture in America had spawned an open homosexual presence in major cities. So-called “gay bars” sprang up in Los Angeles and New York, hosting a bizarre mix of “street queens,” drug addicts and boy prostitutes (Marotta:71). In New York, homosexuals regularly engaged in public sex acts with anonymous partners “in the backs of trucks parked near the West Village piers” (ibid.:93) and in the public restrooms. Homosexual activity occurred so frequently in the bushes of one public park that the authorities were forced to cut down the trees to stop it (Adam:85). In response to police efforts to discourage this increasingly offensive behavior, homosexuals began to organize to demand the “right” to public deviancy.  Emboldened by their numbers, they began picketing businesses such as Macy’s Department Store, which had cracked down on homosexual behavior in their restrooms (ibid.:85).

On the evening of June 27, 1969 the “gay rights” movement officially adopted terrorism as a means to achieve power when a surly mob of “drag queens, dykes, street people, and bar boys” physically attacked police officers conducting a “raid” on the Stonewall Bar on Christopher Street in New York. Stonewall was “one of the best known of the Mafia controlled bars” (Marotta:75), and was being closed for selling alcohol without a license. It was also a haven for sexual deviants. As police began to take some bar patrons in for questioning, a mob of homosexuals gathered across the street.

Homosexualist Toby Marotta’s The Politics of Homosexuality includes an eyewitness report by a writer for the Village Voice:

“[A]lmost by signal the crowd erupted into cobblestone and bottle heaving…The trashcan I was standing on was nearly yanked out from under me as a kid tried to grab it for use in the windowsmashing melee. From nowhere came an uprooted parking meter—used as a battering ram on the Stonewall door. I heard several cries of “Let’s get some gas,” but the blaze of flame which soon appeared in the window of the Stonewall [where the police officers were trapped] was still a shock” (ibid.:72).

By morning, the Stonewall bar was a burned-out wreck, and homosexual leaders had declared the violence a success.  Interestingly, the anniversary of this event is known today as “Gay Pride Day” and features parades and other events most notable for their public sex and nudity (ibid.:158). It is ironic that the very activists who emerged from this new militant environment developed (in 1970) the strategy of claiming victim status through the use of the pink triangle and commemoration of the homosexuals who were persecuted by the Nazis (Adam:86).

Ends here.

Then Pastor Lively was asked to comment on the following statement of Gary Virginia of San Francisco “Pride” Organisation.

“The public nominees for the Pink Brick Award are three key figures who support heinous crimes against LGBT people: Russia’s Vladimir Putin, Nigeria’s Goodluck Jonathan, and obsessively anti-gay American evangelical minister Scott Lively. But voters knew that it was Scott Lively’s crusade against gays that spurred multiple countries to fast track criminalization resulting in imprisonment, torture and murder. It is appropriate that Lively still faces charges of crimes against humanity in federal court. SF Pride will enjoy exposing this hatemonger and his allies for the evil they perpetuate, and we’ll offer actions to counter their work.” – Gary Virginia

Pastor Lively’s reply,

“My crusade is for truth, which the LGBT community cannot tolerate. In their world reminding the public that iconic LGBT pioneers Harry Hay, David Thorstad, Harvey Milk and many others were pederasts represents a crime against humanity. In their world encouraging people around the world to protect their societies from the health consequences of sodomy is unforgivable “hate speech” even while these same LGBT activists watch hundreds of thousands of “gay” men die agonizing deaths by GRIDS — deaths that were preventable by simply not engaging in the voluntary sexual conduct I tell people to shun. In their world, banning “gay” propaganda to children in Russia (which I wholeheartedly support) is no different than threatening life imprisonment for consensual adult homosexuality in Uganda (which I wholeheartedly oppose). In their world “pride” means flaunting shameful perversion on the public streets in front of children while disapproval of same indicates an anxiety disorder (” homophobia”). When the leaders of that world “award” someone as most representative of their opposition, it is a badge of honor in the real world to receive it. Isaiah 5:20 says of the LGBT world “Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil; Who substitute darkness for light and light for darkness; Who substitute bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter!” I urge you all to repent.”

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Update on our complaint about Stephen Nolan show

As previously stated, our complaint about the pro-abortion bias of the Stephen Nolan show (radio and TV,) was not upheld by the BBC (no surprise there.)

We were informed that we could appeal this decision.

This we have done.

Our appeal to the BBC Trust will now be considered by a committee at their 5th June, 2014 meeting.

Their decision is likely to be ratified at their July meeting.

We will post updates as and when we receive them.

(Dark) Green Pastures and their Blackout House Party!

Green Pastures, a supposedly “Evangelical” Church in Ballymena, Northern Ireland, is organising a Blackout House Party later this month.

The Bible verse that says that men loved darkness rather than light comes to mind.

Green Pastures is a very trendy outfit and providing entertainment, masquerading as teaching and worship, appears to be their modus operandi.

The name of their Youth Ministry is Revolution.

They certainly are engaged in a revolution but it is a revolution against Biblical modesty, order, discipline and self-control.

Here we will let them speak for themselves as they describe their House Parties (past and forthcoming,)

“We set new standards of crazy fun…..This is a frenzy that will definitely bring about uncontrolled excitement.”
“We are busy planning what craziness we are going to get up to.” (end of quotes)

In March 2011, Green Pastures had a Big Fat Masquerade Ball Formal and the promotional video for it features a man, dressed like a woman!

That “Formal!!!” was well named because most of these people ARE masquerading. They are masquerading as Christians!

See the worldliness and the godless behaviour evident at Green Pastures at the following links. One of the links has a fault with the sound which at least protects our hearing!

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Lest we forget – the brutal murder of Margaret Wright

On 6th April this year, it will be the twentieth anniversary of the murder of Margaret Wright in Belfast.

Margaret Wright was a 31 year old single woman.

She met a terrible death at the hands of savage Loyalist paramilitaries in a Loyalist bandhall.

It seems she asked questions which led her killers to suspect she was a Roman Catholic or an undercover policewoman.

Most men instinctively protect women but the men who savagely beat and shot Margaret had instead the killer instinct.

What horror and terror she suffered at their hands.

Republican paramilitaries/terrorists have also committed heinous atrocities and, like their mirror image i.e Loyalist killers, they have sometimes deliberately targeted women.

The killing of Jean McConville is a case in point. She was the mother of 10 children.

The IRA murdered her because they suspected she was an informer.

We read in the Bible the commandment, “Thou shalt not kill.” KJV.  The same verse in the Amplified Bible reads thus, “You shall not commit murder.” Exodus ch.20 v.13

A day of reckoning is coming, and all unrepentant murderers will fall into the hands of the living God, and the Bible says “It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God.” Hebrews ch.10 v.31

Daniel (Scott Lively) in the lion’s den

Courageous Christian Pastor Scott Lively who is running for Governor of Massachusetts took part in a “Gay” Rights Forum along with seven other gubernatorial candidates.

The event was organised by MassEquality and WBGH TV channel and took place at Boston Public Library on 25th March.

Scott Lively showed tremendous courage in an extremely hostile environment.

The seven other candidates for Governor were knaves and fools. They spoke like robots, all doing the bidding of their homosexual masters.

Courage has been defined as “That quality which enables one to encounter danger and difficulties with firmness, calmness and intrepidity.”

Watch Pastor Lively and see courage in action.     (this link is not working, so here is another)


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