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1977 assault on singer Anita Bryant by homosexual activist

Singer Anita Bryant took a courageous stand against the dangerous homosexual lobby in 1977 and was assaulted by a violent sodomite for opposing them and their agenda.

They were dangerous then and are even more dangerous today. Only a brainwashed and deluded society would disagree with this statement.

Anita Bryant’s husband and the other men present were cowardly and did nothing. They were mice not men.

A strong man would have defended his wife, with his life, if necessary. All Mr.Bryant did was to tell the offender that he and his suffering wife loved him and didn’t want him punished. Easy for him to say. He wasn’t the one hit with a pie!

He sounded so spiritual but that was a cover for doing nothing.

He should have wrestled the offender to the ground and kept him there until the police arrived to arrest him.

Then he could have prayed for the offender along these lines.

May God’s judgement fall on the head of this wicked sodomite unless he repents of his sodomy and his assault on Anita.

And he could further pray that the offender’s punishment would fit the crime.

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Half-naked hussies sexually objectify themselves

The narcissistic and God-hating spectacle otherwise known as the Golden Globes award show took place in Hollywood a few days ago.

Creepy feminists dominated the proceedings, aided and abetted by kowtowing and frightened male feminists.

Dressed in black dresses, which were mostly revealing and provocative and certainly “sexually objectified,” them, the monstrous regiment of feminist actresses took to the stage to portray all men (except for their male lapdogs) as predators and rapists and all women (except anti-feminist women) as victims of a sexually abusive patriarchy.

Feminists view those women who oppose their hideous agenda as collaborators with the hated “patriarchy” i.e men. The feminist agenda has as its goal, the emasculation and humiliation of men.

Most of these actresses who are now accusing many men of sexual impropriety live lives of sexual anarchy and are pro-abortion and anti-marriage or engage in serial marriage i.e marry and divorce several times.

Many of these women probably offered themselves sexually to powerful men to advance their careers and no doubt many powerful men in the film industry were only too happy to engage in sexual activity with them. The “casting couch” was a euphemism for sexual favours, offered and received.

Hollywood and its entertainment industry is full of immoral men and women and always has been.

If the men who have been recently accused of being sexual predators, men such as Harvey Weinstein, are guilty as charged then they have been getting away with their sins/crimes for years and some of these feminist actresses now levelling accusations may have known about the situation but said nothing and turned a blind eye to it or went along with it to further their careers.

Now female accusers are crawling out of the woodwork and the list of the accused is growing.

They may be guilty or they may not be guilty (of sexual harassment) but, when it comes to engaging in pre-marital or extra-marital sexual activity, they and their accusers, are, almost to a man (or woman) guilty as charged!

The Marks of a Cult

The leader of the LDS church Thomas Monson died on 2nd January this year and whilst we sympathise with his family in their loss, there is no doubt that Mormonism was and is a cult as also the Jehovah’s Witnesses, the Moonies, Seventh Day Adventists etc.

The video below is helpful in understanding and recognising the marks of a cult.

Shopping blues – you throw and I’ll try and catch

Is there anyone out there among our readers who enjoys grocery shopping?

We do not!

It is rare today to find staff who are willing to help the customer to pack their purchases or at least give the customer the time to do their own packing.

I have had to confront staff in more than one supermarket in recent years because they did little or nothing to help with packing the contents of a shopping trolley, and, what is worse, some of them practically throw the items along the conveyor belt to the customer.

There have been times when my daughter and I have struggled to pack our groceries whilst the cashier sits watching us as we watch the lengthening queue, which of course we are responsible for because we are not packing quickly enough!!

Last Saturday we faced the usual unpleasant experience at the checkout of a well known store in Omagh, County Tyrone.

The young female cashier offered no help at all with packing and she practically threw some items toward us.

I was not going to put up with this so I said to her, “You throw and I’ll try to catch.”
It took a second or two for her to understand my meaning and when she finally got it, she responded with a nervous laugh but no change in her behaviour.

People like her do not deserve to be in customer service jobs and they have no fear of being reported to the proprietor because they know that it is almost impossible for the employer to dismiss them.

Most employees who are dismissed these days trot off to the local Employment Tribunal who welcome such with open arms then go after the employer with a vengeance because to these Socialists, the employer has no rights only responsibilities!

This is the reality of living in a socialist society.



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