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Ian Paisley Jr sees clearly now – he’s no longer blinded by “The Sun!”

It has come to our attention that Ian Paisley Jr  was paid £1,180 for writing four columns for The Sun newspaper. This is a shocking revelation to us and we hope that other Christians share our sense of outrage.

The Sun is a vile newspaper and is infamous for its page 3 topless “models.” Many feminists are opposed to the portrayal of women in this manner and we agree with them (and it is rare for us to agree with feminists about anything!)

Why Ian Paisley Jr ever agreed to write for the gutter press, we cannot fathom, but, as far as we are concerned, he sinned in so doing.

The money he was paid for his ignoble deed may yet take wings and fly away.

Behind closed doors – White House celebrates Bisexual Visibility Day!

September 23rd was “Bisexual Visibility Day,” and, to mark the occasion, the White House had a “closed-door” celebration.

President Obama and his Administration continue to do all they can to promote and support sexual deviancy and immorality.

Read the following report at,

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Former President Bush (senior) attends lesbian “wedding!”

Former President George H.W.Bush (senior) and his wife Barbara attended a lesbian “wedding” last weekend in Maine, USA.
He was an official witness to the bizarre ceremony.

His son, George W.Bush is apparently opposed to homosexual marriage, although his wife Laura and daughter Barbara support it.
Here is a link to a news report about the sordid event. Observe the clear pro-gay bias of the foolish, gushing presenter. Note also that her lips and words are out of synchronisation, which serves to reinforce the fact that society is “out of synch” with Biblical standards i.e marriage is between a man and a woman and, as God said it, that settles it (or it should.)

Meet the “Chrislamist” Pastor of “Headstrong” oops “Heartsong” church who should be “heartsore!”

In 2009, a Pastor in Memphis, Tennessee, welcomed Muslims, with open arms and open doors into his church building, to celebrate Ramadan, as their own “cultural” centre was under construction.

He had already welcomed Muslims to his area by erecting a sign which read,

“Heartsong Church welcomes Memphis Islamic Center to the neighbourhood”

We think the Church sign is deficient in details and facts, so we will provide some that the church left out, or forgot, or never knew in the first place,

facts such as the Islamic practice of halal slaughter (cruel and barbaric,)
facts such as the horrific practice of female genital mutilation,
facts such as “honour” killings (especially brutal and savage)
facts such as beheadings of those who leave Islam i.e become Christians
facts such as holy war (jihad) against the West (including America,)

This is the reality of the religion that Pastor Steve Stone welcomed to his neighbourhood and church.

This “Pastor” (or wolf in sheep’s clothing,) who, by his actions, has lost 20 members of his congregation, who felt he was blending Christianity and Islam.

Of them, he said, “we’re kind of glad they left, because we didn’t want them going out into the community and saying, ” we have these hateful feelings and we go to Heartsong Church.”

We commend these 20 people. They showed that they still had some discernment and sense, which is more than can be said of Steve Stone, who shows by his actions that he has lost both, (assuming he ever possessed them.)

The “Pastor” has continued in his downward spiral by having further joint endeavours with those friendly Muslims, such as Thanksgiving dinners and, believe it or not, a joint blood drive!
Click on the following link to read an article and listen to a radio interview about the Pastor and his church.

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Wunderlich children reunited with parents

The Wunderlich family were reunited on Thursday, 19th September, three weeks after the children were forcibly taken from their family home, simply because they were being home-schooled.

They were returned on condition that their parents send them to a State school.

To read more, and view a video of a news report on the case, click on the following links      Scroll down to view video in English

Correction of post about LGBTQ in UKIP

It is necessary for us to correct a mistake in our previous post about the LGBTQ group in UKIP.

It was our understanding that the founder of the group, Thomas Booker, was to take part in a fringe event at this year’s UKIP conference in London and that the event would take the form of a debate on homosexual “marriage” and that Mr.Booker would argue in favour of it.

In fact, the event in question was due to take place at last year’s UKIP conference (2012) and not at this year’s conference.

This is the only correction that we need to make to our original post.

We will now provide evidence (in the form of links to websites etc,) to prove that the above-mentioned debate was due to take place, albeit last year AND,

We want our readers to see for themselves the LGBTQ in UKIP Facebook page. Incidentally, they have voted to drop the letter “Q” from their LGBTQ moniker, styling themselves as LGBT in UKIP from now on.

We also want our readers to see the article containing the quote from Thomas Booker in which he states that UKIP, as a Party, are not opposed to homosexual marriage in principle.

We are providing these links reluctantly because homosexual websites are anathema to us, but, because a certain individual has accused us of “blackening” UKIP and not having our facts straight (partly because we mistakenly assumed the fringe debate on “gay marriage” would take place at this year’s conference,) we are compelled to do so.

This individual is well known to us, and we view him with increasing suspicion and alarm. He is a member of UKIP.

Here are the links,       Scroll down article to read about the fringe debate on gay marriage at the 2012 UKIP conference, then, to see the actual facebook page of the LGBTQ in UKIP group, click on the following link.      Then, to read a related article, click on the following link.     Scroll down to read a statement by Thomas Booker on UKIP “accepting” gay marriage Bill