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Michael King aka Martin Luther King Jr. – unmasking a deceiver

The following link is to an article written by Dr. Peter Hammond of Frontline Fellowship in South Africa, and was published on his website.

It is very topical, as yesterday was the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.’s famous “I Have a Dream” speech.

The liberal establishment in the USA, led by President Obama, marked the occasion with predictable, extravagant “celebrations.”

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Nearly 1500 South African Police Officers have criminal records!

Welcome to ANC land, a fairytale land, somewhere over the (Mandela) Rainbow nation. Sadly, the “fairytale” land doesn’t exist, except in the deluded minds of the fawning media and the liberal establishment.

The reality of life in ANC-ruled South Africa is revealed in reports such as this one in the following link,


Update on case of Messers Boonzaaier, Trollip, Keevy and Prinsloo (South Africa)

The State has withdrawn all charges against Hein Boonzaaier, one of four men arrested last December for allegedly planning to assassinate the senior ANC leadership in Mangaung.

The trial of Mr.Prinsloo and Mr.Trollip will begin in Bloemfontein High Court on 4th November this year.

The fourth man, Mr.Keevy, was referred back to the Free State Psychiatric Centre for a 30 day observation.

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Lest we forget – the brutal murder of Paul Quinn

On 20th October, 2007, a young man named Paul Quinn (aged 21), from Cullyhanna in County Armagh, Northern Ireland, was lured to a farm in County Monaghan in the Republic of Ireland. Once there, he was attacked by a gang of ten or more men and beaten almost to death. He died of his injuries two hours after arrival at hospital.

To date, no one has been charged with his murder. His heartbroken parents recently met with the Northern Ireland Victims Commissioner. Speaking of their search for justice for their son, Mrs. Quinn said, “There will be no end till we get justice.”

Whilst the Quinn’s may have received a sympathetic hearing from the Commissioner, in view of her Office’s broad definition of “victim,” it is difficult to believe that she will work tirelessly to bring the killers of Paul Quinn to justice.

Here is a relevant quote from the very first article we posted on our blog in June 2012, in which we make a general point, not specifically directed at, or about, any individual in particular,

“The NI Victims Commission is a great leveller; in that the perpetrators of terrorist violence are considered “victims,” every bit as deserving of our sympathy as those they murdered, maimed or bereaved. It is inexplicable why true victims would want to be associated in any way with this deliberate sanitising of evil and evildoers. Yet, amazingly, some do, and would even defend the right of  some victim-makers to serve in this (Appeasement) Commission.”

To return to the terrible murder of Paul Quinn, we now pose the question, who killed him?

The Quinn family have said that members of the Provisional IRA South Armagh Brigade were responsible. They are not alone in believing this to be true. In a Sunday Tribune article from October 28th, 2007, the journalist Suzanne Breen quoted a former Sinn Fein Councillor who said, “Paul Quinn had run-ins with Provos, that’s why he’s dead. To claim otherwise is lies.”

Here is a further quote from Suzanne Breen’s article (which was entitled, “Fatal attack on Paul Quinn was “ordered by IRA.”)

“The Quinn murder is unlikely to have serious repercussions. DUP politicians, who made David Trimble’s life h… over even minor IRA incidents, now talk of having to prove the IRA were “corporately” responsible.
“The DUP enjoys power too much to endanger Stormont over one murder.” (end of quote)

For our overseas readers, we need to explain that DUP stands for Democratic Unionist Party, which was led by Dr. Ian Paisley, but today is led by Peter Robinson. A few months before Paul Quinn’s murder, the DUP abandoned previously-held principles and decided to share power with Sinn Fein, several of whom had terrorist backgrounds.

David Trimble was, at one time, the leader of the Ulster Unionist Party. They were rivals of the DUP for the unionist vote.

We will now provide links to several articles about the murder of Paul Quinn (2011) (Oct. 2012)