Archive | May 2014

67 thank you’s

We wish to place on record our thanks to the people in West Tyrone who gave Mrs.White their first preference vote on 22nd May.

We wonder how many Evangelical Christians reside in the very large geographical area that is West Tyrone.

We are of the opinion that there are more than 67!!!

Therefore, we conclude that most of them are not concerned about the three greatest threats facing our religious freedom today, namely, the homosexual agenda, the EU and Islam.

We fought this election campaign alone (the two of us and our teenage daughter) with no offers of help from anyone.

Quite the contrary in fact.

A well known political party actually forbade one of their members from helping us in our canvassing.

Shameful conduct indeed.

So, once again, we wish to thank you 67 people who agreed with, and supported, our Biblical principles.

Our defeat can be transformed into victory, if the Lord wills.