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Well done Virginia, USA – for declining to decriminalise adultery

Earlier this year, the State of Virginia, USA declined to decriminalise adultery.

It is one of 21 States in the USA in which adultery is punishable under law.

The United Kingdom should recriminalize adultery as matter of urgency.

Statistics as to the prevalence of adultery vary slightly but they all reveal that adultery is widespread.

One newspaper source stated that, as of 2015, almost half (45%) of British men have committed adultery at least once and 21% of women have likewise betrayed their spouses.

Someone said that one can be a liar without being an adulterer but one cannot be an adulterer without being a liar also.

How true!

Adulterers are disgusting, lying whoremongers and they should be punished by the law for their sin/crime. They should be imprisoned. The threat of a prison sentence would certainly deter some of them from committing such a wicked sin.

God has warned adulterers and whoremongers that He will judge them and it would be a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God.

Something else should frighten the would-be adulterer also and that is the fact that adultery can lead to, and has led to, murder.

Consider the following cases,

King David and Bathsheba in the Bible

The murder of Gerry McGinley
The murder of Paul Crymble
The murder of Lesley Howells and Trevor Buchanan
The murder of Paul Gault
The murder of Alison Shaughnessy
The murder of a civil servant in Newry in 1991 (name unknown)

See the connection between adultery and murder

Be warned, and flee from the first stirrings of adulterous desires in your heart as if you were fleeing from a fate worse than death!

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Memo to Aussie Police – this (attack) has EVERYTHING to do with Islam

A British woman was stabbed to death at a backpackers hostel in Queensland Australia yesterday. A British man was also attacked and is in a critical condition in hospital. A local man sustained minor injuries and the killer also stabbed a dog to death during the frenzied attack.

The killer is a French Muslim and he shouted “Allahu Akbar” after the attack and when arrested by police.

Despite hearing those words shrieked by the killer, the politically correct (and cowardly) Queensland Police said that the attack is not about race or religion and are investigating drugs misuse, mental health issues and extremism.

They further stated that the killer has no links to ISIS.

The killers of Lee Rigby had no links to ISIS nor did the Baghdad butcher al-Zarqawi who beheaded American Nick Berg and Briton Ken Bigley and many others.

The Taliban and Al Shabab and Al Qaeda and Boko Haram have no links to ISIS but have slaughtered people in many parts of the world.

All these killers have one thing in common. They are all Muslims and they derive their motivation for their butchery from the Koran.

The killers of Lee Rigby were very open about their motivation in his killing when moments after their hideous crime, one of them publicly stated, “We are forced by the Koran…”

The lying Governments of the world are endangering us all when they refuse to state that ISLAM IS THE PROBLEM.

When Islam is appeased and legally protected from criticism in the West by the PC Left, we can expect to see more and more terrorism, bloodshed, beheadings, “honour killings” and mass gang rapes.

Our message to the cowardly politicians who cover up the truth about the horrors of Islam is this,  “The blood of your slaughtered citizens is on your hands and you are traitors to your own people.”

So stop lying and tell the truth.  ISLAM IS THE PROBLEM.

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Kellie Turtle’s forked tongue

Kellie Turtle is a fanatically pro-abortion and pro-LGBT feminist, and a career mischief-maker.

She is one of the founding members of Belfast Feminist Network and has links to the Sodomite Rainbow Project and the left-wing pro-abortion Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission.

She was a contributor to a discussion on Good Morning Ulster on BBC Radio Ulster this morning. The programme was discussing the findings of some study or other about the “gender pay gap” and, as usual, the discussion was biased towards Feminism (no surprise there, this was the BBC and that says it all.) The two hosts of the programme this morning are obviously male feminists and the two female guests were feminists, Kate Andrews and Kellie Turtle.

Here are some quotes from Kellie Turtle from the radio programme.

“….having children is work, it’s work that is vital to society. Society will not continue to thrive, we all benefit from people having children.” end of quote

If we didn’t know the identity of the one who said the above, we would think that the speaker was pro-family and anti-abortion. Nothing could be further from the truth!

Kellie Turtle is a fanatical pro-abortion lobbyist and if she and her ilk had their way, there would be widespread slaughter of unborn children.

Hear her forked tongue at the link below. Skip to 1 hour 57 minutes 30 seconds into programme for start of discussion,

Australia’s lesbian vampire murders

In 1989 four lesbians planned and carried out a devilish murder of a 47 year old married man who had five children.

These disgusting and savage she-devils were Satanists and the ringleader of the monstrous quartet was known to enjoy a glass of human blood (a “vampire.”)

Tracey Wigginton was the leader of the depraved quartet and the murder plan was hatched so she could feed on her victim’s blood.

They drank champagne at a homosexual bar before setting off on their journey to find a human sacrifice for their master Lucifer.

Edward Baldock was on his day off from work and had spent his day drinking heavily at some drinking establishment. He was drunk when he left and was offered a lift by the hideous lesbians, one of their number enticing him into the car with the offer of sex.

His drunkenness and desire for someone other than his wife made him easy prey for the hellish sodomites.

They drove to the Brisbane River where he was stabbed multiple times and almost decapitated by Tracey Wigginton who then drank some of her victim’s blood.

One of the four women was cleared of murder (why?!!) and the other three were imprisoned. They all deserved the death penalty but that was never an option in sinful, liberal Australia.

Tracey Wigginton was released from prison in 2012 (this beggars belief) and has not even been electronically monitored since her release!

Another horrific case is that of 16 year old British girl Stacey Mitchell who was murdered in Perth Australia by two lesbian “vampires, Jessica Stasinowsky and Valerie Parashumti in December 2006.

They were sentenced to a minimum of 24 years in prison (they also deserve the death penalty) and their friend David Haynes who lived with them received a pathetic sentence of two years for being an accessory.

There is a link between lesbianism, feminism and the occult. The following quotes demonstrate this to be the case,

“…..many women who are already lesbians become feminists. But in addition, a large number of women become lesbians after they become feminists.”   quote from Joan Cassell’s  “A Group called Women” page 72

“the lesbian is often presented as the ultimate feminist…” ibid page 80

Anne Carson in the book “Feminist Spirituality and the Feminist Divine” on page 3 says that because the Goddess is supreme in the feminist tradition, “many feminists consider witchcraft to be a true women’s religion.”

We will conclude with a quote from a feminist who became a witch.

“Witches want to change the internal picture that Jewish and Christian women have of a male god in heaven so that women will no longer accept rule by males on earth.” Goldenberg  “Changing of the Gods” page 91

To any of our readers out there who still think that feminism is harmless we say “wake up and wise up!”


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Smug-looking sisters triumphant after £30,000 payout

Two sisters were awarded £14,000 and £16,000 respectively this week after taking a case of sexual harassment to the feminist Equality Commission of Northern Ireland.

It appears to be a foregone conclusion that any woman who brings an allegation of sexual harassment to the Equality Commission will be believed and will receive a massive payout from the previous employer or whoever.

The two sisters mentioned above, Kirstie McKeever age 21 and Courtney McKeever age 19 alleged that they were sexually harassed by a male employee. They further alleged that despite complaining to the management of their place of employment, KFC on the Boucher Road in Belfast, the sexual misconduct continued.

They resigned. The management sacked the offending employee and invited the sisters to attend formal grievance and investigation meetings as well as the opportunity to reconsider their resignations, but these were all declined.

We cannot ascertain if the alleged offender was sacked before or after the sisters resigned.

The sisters then trotted off to the Equality Commission (they were referred by a solicitors practice) and were found to have been the victims of sexual harassment, and the Equality Commission, which loves to flex its muscles and punish entire companies for the alleged actions of one, demanded that KFC compensate the sisters to the tune of £14,000 and £16,000 respectively.

Let it be clearly understood that we despise sexual misconduct and filthy sexual talk and if the male employee is guilty as charged, he is wicked and he deserved to be sacked.

That should have been the end of the matter.

Those two sisters look so smug in the photo below and not at all distressed. Yet they were apparently the victims of sexual harassment?

They are dressed appallingly. Torn jeans, the uniform of a truly decadent society. Once upon a time, only the poor would have dressed like that but manufacturers today actually make ripped jeans and a desensitised and easily led public actually buys them in that state.

As the old saying goes, “For the apparel oft proclaims the man.”

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