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Paralympics opens with a Big Bang (Theory) then theorises modesty out of existence!

A large replica of a controversial sculpture by an equally controversial sculptor was included in the opening ceremony of the Paralympic Games. The sculptor in question is Marc Quinn and the statue in question is entitled Alison Lapper Pregnant. She is disabled and, when she posed for this strange man, she was eight months pregnant, unmarried, and stark naked! The statue was unveiled in 2005 and was on display in Trafalgar Square until late 2007.
Marc Quinn is a most disturbing ,frightening and surely abnormal, individual. In 1991, he unveiled another controversial and extremely disturbing sculpture. On that occasion, his “work” was a refrigerated cast of his own head made with nine pints of his own blood! He called his monstrousity “Self”!  He obviously loves to shock and court controversy.

When people cease to believe that God exists, and then embrace evolution, everything becomes relative and there are no absolutes and no-one to answer to, so society descends further and further into obscenity and madness. The emphasis on the Big Bang theory (but always presented as fact) at the opening ceremony,  set the scene for what was to follow, and only a few would have been shocked at the replica of Alison Lapper Pregnant,  which is indecent and terribly wrong, and it would have been just as wrong if an able-bodied, naked ,pregnant, unmarried woman had been the subject/victim!

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Cruel Paralympics spell danger for the Disabled

The opening ceremony of the Paralympic Games, like the wretched Olympic Games before it, was a celebration of the bizarre and indecent (more about this in our next post). It was also cruel, because it promotes the lie that equality for all is not a dream, but can be a reality. This is not true, and disabled athletes are injuring themselves (during practice and during the Games) in their attempts to prove that they are as “able” as the able-bodied, all the while watched and egged on by the cruel, dangerous equality agenda, and its able-bodied promoters and supporters. A disabled equestrian athlete broke his back during training some time ago, and is competing in these present games. Some other disabled athletes engage in a practice called “boosting”, which apparently raises the blood pressure, but is potentially dangerous. Perhaps it is also a form of cheating.

The Paralympic Games also mock and humiliate disabled athletes, and it is oh, so sad to see pictures of these individuals, who have already suffered so much, paraded before the eyes of the equality agenda fanatics. The fact is that disability does limit one’s activities, and rules out certain sports. The equality agenda can never make a woman as strong as a man, and it can never make a man without arms or legs as strong or as fast as an able-bodied athlete, yet wicked people would make the disabled feel guilty for admitting their disability limits them.

It’s the same with education. The equality agenda tells us that no one should fail, as it “damages” their self-esteem. Yet, it is a fact that some people are brighter than others, and some are stronger than others.

According to the “equal outcomes for all” brigade, I should feel hard done by, because I failed the 11+ (a test taken at the age of 11, which decided if a child continued their education in a secondary school or grammar school), and I failed my driving test three times (car drivers, beware!). Do I feel hard done by? NO. When I passed my driving test at the 4th attempt, it was wonderful to be rewarded with success for hard work.

It is the “equal outcomes for all” doctrine that is the cause of the dumbing down of our education system, and it has given women an equal right to die alongside men on the battlefield, and it drives a disabled athlete to endanger him or herself on the sports field.

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Rimsha – A Plea For Mercy

This Saturday, a judge in Pakistan will decide if a young girl named Rimsha goes free or stays in jail. She is a minor with mental disabilities, and she has been accused of blasphemy. Pakistan’s President Zardari has said he is taking “notice” of the issue, and directed officials to investigate.

May the judge be moved with compassion for the child and release her to the care of her family, and may the family know the safety that comes from God alone. We will pray for just such an outcome.

U.S Senate vote legalises Bestiality in the Military – Another rung on the ladder!

Last year, a vote in the US Senate legalised bestiality! This is the inevitable,though no less shocking, result of the decriminalisation of homosexuality. 
Recently, in Northern Ireland, a courageous politician,Ken Maginnis, described homosexual practice as unnatural and deviant  and, of “gay” marriage ,he said, “it devalues the very word  marriage”,  and asked the question, “does that mean that every deviant practice has to be accommodated?”
Lord Maginnis (for he is a Peer of the Realm) was verbally attacked for his views. His own Party, the Ulster Unionists were terribly embarassed by his views and now, because of the fallout, he has resigned from the Party he was a member of for fifty years.
He spoke the truth when he called the gay lifestyle “deviant” and he was also right to state that their demand for gay marriage is a rung on a ladder, and the next rung could be the cry to legalise bestiality!

This has already happened in the US Military, it followed the end of the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell policy, and homosexuals in the Military are now open and brazen about their sexual practice. So one demand does follow another.  We want to commend Lord Maginnis for being courageous enough to state the truth and then refuse to back down.

Socially liberal in Politics he may be, but liberal on morals, he is not. We wish him well.

Shocking Example of the Hatred Feminists Have for Women Opposed to Them

The above link will direct our viewers to a feminist blog and an article condemning DUP politician Jim Wells for his Pro-life views. I was appalled at the attack on Mr.Wells so I posted a comment in support of him.The feminist blogger responded with predictable hatred and ferocity, this time directed at me, an opponent of Feminism and a woman .I want our viewers to read her appalling response, and I have informed the feminist blogger of my action in this matter. It just goes to show that the main target of Feminism is not men but rather the woman who is not a feminist. Incidentally, we are not DUP supporters but we certainly support Mr.Wells’ pro-life views.

The Avant – Garde Restaurant With X – Rated Washrooms!

Emma Bricknell, originally from England, is the owner of two restaurants in Belfast, both called, “Made in Belfast.”She was recently in the news because she has received ten complaints objecting to the pornographic pictures/images with which she “plasters” the washrooms in her establishments.

On a separate matter, she has also received some less than favouable reviews of the food available in her restaurants.
Miss Bricknell is a woman on a mission and that mission is to remove the “shock factor” usually experienced when one is confronted with pornography.To achieve this despicable goal, she has gone for a full-scale attack (using full-frontal nudity).
To quote the woman herself, she stated that, “We’re not put on this earth to be disgusted by nudity.” So her mission is to help us overcome our embarassment at, and objections to, that which is obscene. This woman is every bit as disgusting as her pornographic pictures of men and women.
When accused of displaying obscene images in her restaurant, her response is predictable.  It is “Art”, and she describes her place as “Avant-Garde,” which means she is pushing the boundaries of what is accepted and acceptable. So, Miss Bricknell has an agenda, she is promoting the free-for-all, anything goes, amoral ideology of the sexual revolution. We hope that many people will boycott her restaurant. We go further and state that we hope that “Made in Belfast” will be closed down or that she will go out of business.

PS.  Some of her bathrooms have actually been X-rated by her, so surely she knows that she is causing offence. We heard of this matter via radio and news reports during which Miss Bricknell was interviewed. We have not visited her cafe, nor would we ,perish the thought!

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New Evangelicals – The Young (and not so young) Radicals!

The word “new” applied to anything usually means just that, but not in every case. In the 1950’s and 1960’s the phrase, “the new morality” was bandied about, and the impression given was that it still referred to “morality”. It also implied that nothing had really changed,  after all,  wasn’t  the word “morality” still retained?
In actual fact, everything had changed because the “new morality” was actually the old immorality, but with a new name.
Another example is the Family Planning Association which was originally called the “National Birth Control Council.” The new name gave it an air of respectability and a veneer of morality. Likewise, linking the words “sex” and “education” together made it much easier for sexual revolutionaries to promote their amoral agenda especially in schools, bastions of “education”.
What have “new” Evangelicals in common with the above. The answer should be “nothing” but sadly ,because of the great Christian compromise, some (perhaps many) Evangelical Christians believe children should receive sex education in schools and some “Christian” organisations have adopted a non-judgmental, non-directive “God loves you no matter what you do” approach to sexual immorality and abortion. Love for Life and Christian Action, Research and Education (CARE) are two such organisations.
This compromise can be explained by what is termed “new Evangelicalism” which is prevalent in most Churches today.The impression is given that nothing of substance has changed, they are simply “contextualising” the Gospel and making it more understandable to modern ears.However, the Gospel is offensive to sinful man and it cannot be made inoffensive and, if trendy new versions of the Bible are used and contemporary “Christian” music is introduced, and worldly fashions are preferred, and the services are more entertaining than confrontational, then they are not simply contextualising the Gospel, they are substituting it with messages that address the so-called “felt needs” of the unsaved  i.e  the need to be loved, the need to be accepted and the need to increase their “self-esteem”. In fact, new evangelicals often substitute the word “unsaved” with the word “unchurched”, the reason being that if people hear they are unsaved, they may be offended,  but then there is also the possibility that some might just respond with,”Sirs, what must I do to be saved? and surely that is our mission as Christians, to win souls.
We have noticed that many new evangelicals require a “dressing down” because they habitually “dress down”. It seems that a failure to hold the line on doctrine and the fundamentals of the faith eventually leads to a lowering of standards of dress.We have seen Pastors/Ministers and Deacons  wear clothing in God’s House that they would never wear to a wedding or funeral!  Further evidence of the world influencing the Church rather than the other way round.

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