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Vadim Norzhich, Yosef Avrahami and Lee Rigby – victims of Islamic terror


The horrific murder of Lee Rigby by Muslims in London last week is reminiscent of the savage lynching in Ramallah of two Israeli soldiers in the year 2000 by Palestinian Muslims.

Lee Rigby died at the hands of merciless, savage killers, as did Vadim Norzhich and Yosef Avrahami. The two Israeli Defence Force soldiers died at the hands of a frenzied mob, one of whom stood at a window of the building in which the soldiers were tortured and proudly showed his bloodstained hands, to the delight of the bloodthirsty mob.

One of the killers of Lee Rigby also showed bloodstained hands as he made a speech moments after he and his co-accused ended the young soldier’s life.

Click on the links below to read about the Ramallah atrocity,

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Turkish PM Erdogan quote “There is no moderate or immoderate Islam. Islam is Islam and that’s it”

The next time you hear politicians or those in the media speak of  “moderate” Islam and “radicalised jihadists,” as though the two were unconnected, don’t believe a word of it. Listen instead to the words of Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the present Prime Minister of Turkey, quoted in our title (and he ought to know!)


Then look at the following short video of the building of a mega-mosque in Maryland, USA.

Another mega-mosque is planned for Dublin’s fair city (subject to the go-ahead being given by the relevant authorities who will make their decision in July.)

Now, can anyone think of any reasons why the local populace should oppose the construction of these buildings?

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Update on Messers Boonzaaier, Prinsloo, Trollip and Keevy (South Africa)

The four above-mentioned men were back in Court last week and, yet again, their case was postponed, this time until 23rd August this year.

One of the men was previously granted bail (Mr.Boonzaaier,) and we presume he is still out on bail. Another man, Martin Keevy, may (or will be) admitted to a psychiatric unit for a 30 day evaluation. His case is postponed until 24th June. We are unsure as to what this means, because it may mean that the decision about a psychiatric assessment for him will be made on 24th June, or it may mean that the charges against him will be heard in Court on that date.

We wish to make it clear (again) lest there be any misunderstanding, that our interest in the case of these four men is humanitarian, as we are in no position to declare them innocent or guilty.

However, white people (and some black people) do not fare well in some South African prisons and, on some occasions, in Police custody. We have read of horrific cases of white people being sodomised in prison and suffering other horrible abuses.

We do not believe that prisons and police stations should be places of brutality, but, in the case of South Africa, there is some evidence which points to some of them being just that.

French police set dog on anti-gay marriage protestor

France had its first homosexual marriage today. The Socialist President Hollande cares little, or not at all, for those who are opposed to this socially and morally destructive pretend marriage.

French police were ordered to pursue those who opposed today’s bizarre ceremony, and their vicious tactics are clearly seen on the video below, when a police dog downs a protestor. A portent of things to come in the UK perhaps?

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Dress was the issue, not character!

We received this comment tonight, from “Coleen R”, and we assume she is who she says she is (Coleen Rooney):

“You have no right or invitation whatsoever to imply I behave or dress in an indecent manner. I am offended at this personal attack on my character, reputation and family and advise you remove this defamatory content at once or you will be receiving notice to do so forthwith from my solicitor. If you refuse to comply I will not hesitate to commence legal action against you Mr and Mrs White, via my legal advisor, for defamation of character.”

The comment advises us to remove our post or face legal action for “defamation of character”. Our post was entitled “The uniform of feminism as worn by Coleen Rooney”, so obviously the post was about dress. The word “character” was not mentioned. This is not the first time we have been threatened with legal action because people do not appreciate hearing the truth.

That being the case, we would greatly appreciate some support from Evangelical Christians who believe, as we do, that women should dress modestly.

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Boy (scouts) in white dresses with blue satin sashes (not one of our favourite things)

Remember the song “My Favourite Things” from the Sound of Music? It had these words,  “Girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes.”

Now that the Boy Scouts of America have embraced inclusivity, diversity and tolerance (the LGBT identifiers,) we may soon see a parade of cross-dressers and transsexual transitioners etc among their ranks. After all, how could the BSA refuse admission to such boys and teens (having opened a door that should have remained firmly shut,) without the cry of “discrimination” and “prejudice” ringing in their ears?