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If you think this isn’t happening in UK schools, think again!

Some years ago, a Christian doctor, Ted Williams, wrote a book entitled, “Lessons in Depravity,” which documented the close relationship between State sex education and the sexual revolution.

Dr.Williams addressed a public meeting on this subject in Northern Ireland in 2008, at our invitation.

There is no doubt that children are being harmed and corrupted by State-sponsored sex education in the UK, and the situation in the USA is no better. Click on the following link to read about a “sex-ed” conference which took place in the US in 2010. The article makes for shocking reading.





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CANCELLED – Halal “Fun” Day at Legoland

Legoland have cancelled the Muslim Family Fun Day which was due to take place on Sunday, 9th March.

They took the right course of action, but not because they found the views of the organiser and his organisation reprehensible.

A UKIP Councillor, Windsor residents, and others, requested that Legoland cancel the event because it was organised by a hate preacher, Haitham al Haddad.

It is ironic that a UKIP Councillor intervened in this matter, on behalf of local residents, because, last year, UKIP appointed a Muslim man who has a chain of Halal restaurants, as their Small Business spokesman, and they have been courting the Asian/Muslim vote by visiting some Mosques.

The Family Fun Day was promoted as an “Halal”  Fun Day!

Islam and Halal are inextricably linked.


Sly old Fox (News commentator) Kirsten Powers

Kirsten Powers, a left-wing Democrat and Fox News commentator and supposedly a “devout Evangelical Christian,” wrote an article in USA Today magazine entitled, “Jim Crow laws for gays and lesbians?”

This despicable woman Powers is stating that Christians who supported a Bill which would protect Christian bakers, photographers, florists etc., who oppose homosexual “marriage” are “essentially arguing for homosexual Jim Crow laws.”

One such Bill was being considered in the State of Kansas, USA.

According to Kirsten Powers, the Bill was “blessedly killed”  in the Kansas State Senate.

The Jim Crow law, according to the Encyclopaedia Brittanica, stems from a time in US history and meant any of the laws that enforced racial segregation in the South between the end of the formal Reconstruction period in 1877 and the beginning of a strong civil rights movement in the 1950’s.

Kirsten Powers can’t tell the difference between skin colour (which one is born with) and homosexuality (which is the result of indoctrination and/or choice.)

She is both a wolf (in sheep’s clothing) and a sly fox (devious and cunning.) She is the enemy within.


Click on the following link to read the article.

To listen to her “conversion” story, click on the following link.

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Another threat from “the religion of peace”

This evening, we received a comment on our post about the forthcoming Muslim Halal Fun Day at Legoland.

It was mostly in Arabic, except for the last three words which are in English.

The commenter wanted us to understand his meaning, in no uncertain terms.

We have received similar threats in the past.

Tonight’s menacing commenter, who goes by the name Allijah Hakoam warns us to (in his words,)

“Prepare for Allahu Akbar!!!!!”

1986 – The Stoning of Soraya M in Iran

In 1986, a young wife and mother, Soraya M, was stoned to death in Iran. Her wicked, lying husband conspired to have her accused of adultery so he could marry a 14 year old girl.

He was violent towards his wife during their marriage and he adulterated his marriage with prostitutes.

A journalist happened on the village where the stoning took place the day after the horror, and Soraya’s aunt told him of the fate that befell her niece, despite her desperate attempts to save her life.

The journalist recorded the aunt’s testimony and, later, wrote a book about Soraya.

The book became a film and it can be viewed at the following link,

Be warned, the film is harrowing to watch as it graphically depicts the slow, agonising death by stoning, of an innocent woman.

Update on our complaint about pro-abortion bias of Nolan show

The BBC Editorial Complaints Unit of the BBC carried out an independent investigation into our complaint about the pro-abortion bias of the Stephen Nolan show(s) and, unsurprisingly, our complaint has not been upheld.

Irrespective of this decision (and we didn’t really expect the BBC to find the BBC’s Nolan show guilty as charged,) our complaint still stands.

Therefore, we have requested that the Complaints Advisor of the BBC Trust Unit review the decision of the BBC “independent” investigation into our complaint.

This request is the final stage in our attempt to have the Nolan show censured for their disgraceful pro-abortion bias.

We now await the outcome of this review.

19th February 2000 – Murder most foul in Tandragee

In the early hours of the morning of 19th February, 2000, two teenagers were brutally murdered in Tandragee, County Armagh, Northern Ireland.

Andrew Robb (19) and David McIlwaine (18) were mercilessly and savagely murdered. The gruesome details of their deaths is reminiscent of the torture-murders of the Shankill Butcher gang during their reign of terror, during which they drove around the West Belfast area seeking their (mainly Roman Catholic) victims who were subjected to unspeakable torture before being brutally murdered, (if the torture didn’t result in the death of the victim, that is.)

The Shankill Butchers were members of the UVF (Ulster Volunteer Force) a Loyalist terror group, as were the killers of the two teenagers in Tandragee.

The UVF group under discussion is not to be confused with the UVF who served with distinction in the Battle of the Somme during World War One.

Three men were accused of the murders of Andrew Robb and David McIlwaine. Their names are Steven Brown/Revels, Noel Dillon and Mark Burcombe.

Brown/Revels (he is known by both surnames) is presently in prison. He was convicted of the double murders and sentenced to at least 30 years.
Noel Dillon committed suicide (allegedly) but left no suicide note and there was no inquest after his “suicide.”
Mark Burcombe testified against Brown and received a lesser sentence despite being originally charged with the killings, and “lesser” really means lesser, because Burcombe received a sentence of two and a half years in prison and was released in 2009 after serving his time on remand.

He was accused of butchering two young men and he is free?!

Truly justice has fallen in the streets, as saith the Scriptures.

The Tandragee murders were appalling, and desperately wicked.

We hope that eventually, every individual who played any part in the killings or in covering up for the killers, will give themselves up to the Police because it is possible that more than three murderous men were involved in the horror that unfolded for two defenceless young men in the early hours of 19th February,2000 in Tandragee.