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Sermons on “Let him be accursed”

These two sermons below are part of a series on Biblical Fundamentalism. The preacher is Pastor David Innes of Hamilton Square Baptist Church in San Francisco, USA.

In the sermons, Pastor Innes deals with the meaning of the word “accursed” as found in Galatians chapter 1 verses 8 & 9.

We listened to both sermons and they are excellent. We highly recommend both.

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Lest we forget – the IRA murder of policeman Michael Ferguson

Today, 23.1.17, marks the 24th anniversary of the murder of 21 year old Police Constable Michael Ferguson outside the Richmond Shopping Centre in Londonderry, Northern Ireland.

The young policeman was murdered by a Provisional IRA gunman (that murderous organisation’s nickname was/is the Provos or PIRA.)

The gunman and those who planned the attack deserve the death penalty, or at the very least, life imprisonment, but that will never happen in “peace-process” (appeasement process more-like) Northern Ireland, a place in which evil terrorists (republican and loyalist) and their supporters and apologists are appeased and rewarded with  high office and/or money in the form of “community grants” to keep them and their respective communities “sweet” and “on board” the “peace process” train.

Today we want to remember heroes like police Constable Michael Ferguson and acknowledge his and their sacrifice with the words of one of the stanzas from the poem by Robert Laurence Binyon.

They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old:
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning
We will remember them.

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GUBU – an acronym for the present day (PS added)

GUBU is an acronym coined by the late Conor Cruise O Brien who was an Irish academic and politician.

GUBU stands for Grotesque, Unbelievable, Bizarre and Unprecedented and is a paraphrase of a comment made by a former Irish Prime Minister called Charles Haughey.

He was commenting (in 1982) about the case of murderer Malcolm Edward MacArthur who was found by the Irish Police (the Gardaí) at the house of the then Irish Attorney General, who, it seems, didn’t know he was sheltering a murderer.

He resigned the post of Attorney General.

Whilst “GUBU” described scandals that bedevilled the Irish Republic, it just as accurately describes recent and distant scandals (and we use that word deliberately) in the UK (of which Northern Ireland is a part) in particular and the West in general.

Here are some examples of that which is GUBU.


That because of uncontrolled, mass immigration of (mostly) Muslims to the countries of Europe, rape is now endemic in many of them.

It is GUBU that schoolchildren are exposed to pornography under the guise of “sex education.”

It is GUBU that the murder of unborn children has been legalised in many countries.

It is GUBU that sodomite couplings i.e “marriage” have been legalised by many countries.

It is GUBU that the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) in Northern Ireland were so power-hungry that they agreed (in 2007) to share power with unrepentant terrorist killers and their apologists.

It is GUBU that Ian Paisley Junior and his mother, Baroness Eileen Paisley, praised the unrepentant former IRA commander Martin McGuinness on his recent retirement from the NI Assembly.

It is GUBU that the IRA killers of Paul Quinn are still at large.

It is GUBU that the loyalist killers of Lisa Dorrian are still at large.

It is GUBU that the DUP agreed to the lifting of the ban on homosexuals giving blood.

It is GUBU that the DUP agreed to the “pardoning” of men who were convicted of acts of gross indecency i.e sodomy.

It is GUBU that the DUP and others are implicated in what is possibly the worst financial scandal ever in Northern Ireland i.e Renewable Heat Incentive.

All of the above and many more are Grotesque Unbelievable Bizarre Unprecedented.

PS.   It is also GUBU that a pro-drugs political Party called CISTA is registered as a legitimate Party in Northern Ireland.

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The Lord above made the world for us, but the devil made Las Vegas

So sang singer Tony Christie in 1970 on his popular recording of the song “Las Vegas” written by Mitch Murray and Peter Callander.

It is unusual for us to praise a secular song but the lyrics in this song describe Las Vegas, a city notorious for gambling, vice and drugs, with phenomenal clarity. Read the lyrics and see if you agree with the description of Sin City (Las Vegas)

“The Lord above made the world for us, but the devil made Las Vegas
Oh Las Vegas, you’ll be the death of me,
City of sin oh what a mess I’m in
Look what you’ve done to me

Oh Las Vegas I’m losing everything
Why do I stay when every game I play
I just get deeper in

Hey Las Vegas can nothing save us from you?
Night after night watching the wheels go round
Hey Las Vegas the devil gave us to you
One of these days I’m gonna burn you down

One black Sunday I came to visit you
Just for a day to pass some time away
And shoot a game or two

Oh Las Vegas that was a year ago
What can I do, you’ve got me hooked on you
And I can never go” (Lyrics end)

These lyrics call to mind the Bible verses in Proverbs 6 verses 27 and 28

“Can a man take fire in his bosom, and his clothes not be burned?
Can one go upon hot coals, and his feet not be burned?”

In 1 Timothy chapter 6 and verse 10 we read,

“For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.”

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Goldsmiths “University” offers lessons in depravity

Goldsmiths “University” in London England is one of many left wing establishments in the UK that hides its appalling depravity under the guise of “education.”

Goldsmiths is dominated by evil cultural Marxists.

It is pro-LGBT, pro-feminism, anti-Christian but pro-Islam and, pro-robot. Yes you read that correctly. Pro-robot. They had a conference in December 2016 entitled, “Love and sex with robots.”

Some of the courses they offer are “Queer Theory,” and  “Feminist and Queer of Colour Scholarship”?!!

Oh and one can also obtain a MA in Queer History!

A glance at the photos of some of the faculty leads us to conclude that they are all certifiably lunatics.

Only a doomed and decadent society (and the UK is certainly that) would permit such a devilish institution to operate.

But no surprise there because the UK Government has institutionalised the aberrant and the mad in virtually every strata of society.


Milo Yiannopoulos says “gay” gene is a big lie concocted by “gay” lobby (PS added)

A homosexual called Milo Yiannopoulos states in the video below that the homosexual lobby concocted the “born gay” ploy because they knew that Bible believers would never see homosexual activity as anything other than a sinful lifestyle.

This was one of the LGBT lobby’s attempts to silence all opposition to them and their behaviour.

It has always been obvious to those with discernment that the “gay” gene explanation of homosexuality was a ploy to gain public sympathy and acceptance but it is significant and unusual to hear this truth from a homosexual.

PS Milo Yiannopoulos is a vulgar and coarse homosexual, and a commenter on our blog has stated that he is also a holocaust denier and a neo-Nazi. We vehemently oppose Yiannopoulos’s lifestyle and his holocaust-denying and neo-Nazi views. We posted the video because it is so unusual to hear a homosexual tell the truth about any aspect of that destructive lifestyle. In stating what we already knew i.e that “gays” are not “born that way,” Yiannopoulos “let the cat out of the bag” and the LGBT lobby will do all they can to distract attention from what he revealed about them and their agenda.

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