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Mrs. White takes part in election debate

Click on the link below to watch the entire debate. It begins with a 90-second introduction to every candidate, during which they summarize their election campaign. Question number 2 concerned abortion, and question number 5 concerned homosexual “marriage”.

My 2015 Election Manifesto

Below is the full text of my election manifesto. Some newspapers have misrepresented some of my principles, either unintentionally or by design. They have left out some words, and misspelled another. I draw your attention in particular to their misspelling of the word “protect”, with they have spelt as “protest”. The papers concerned (and there could be others) are The Mirror (UK edition), The Huffington Post UK, and The Evening Times, a Glasgow-based newspaper.

I pledge to…
Close Marie Stopes Abortion clinic
Oppose the extension of the 1967 Abortion Act to Northern Ireland
Remove State-sponsored amoral sex education from schools
Restore corporal punishment to schools
Uphold parental rights to discipline children, including the right to smack
Raise the age of consent for sexual intercourse to 18 and enforce the new law
Make it an offence for doctors to give contraceptives to underage children
Oppose the LGBT agenda, whilst showing compassion to those who struggle with gender confusion
Oppose the redefinition of marriage and uphold Biblical man/woman marriage
Ban gay pride parades and recriminalise homosexuality
Stop the State funding of LGBT organisations
Make adultery a punishable offence
Abolish the Equality Commission NI and the Human Rights Commission NI and give the money they receive to the NHS
Oppose feminism
Restore dignity to the role of the stay-at-home mother
Restore the concept of a family wage with the father as the bread-winner
Oppose the legalisation of dangerous drugs
Protect the NHS and increase funding by abolishing unnecessary and money-wasting bureaucrats and quangos
Withdraw from money-wasting and decadent Europe
Oppose the global warming fanatics and their pseudo-science
Imprison those found guilty of animal cruelty, including those involved in dog fights
Install CCTV in all abattoirs
Ban halal slaughter
Oppose the Islamisation of British culture – no more mosques and no more mosque extensions
Restore capital punishment for murder, including terrorist murders

Selfridges store promotes androgynous fashions!

Selfridges department store in London has androgyny on its agenda with the launch of its “Agender” fashion line.

It is promoting the insane idea that gender differences can be ignored and that men can buy women’s clothes and vice versa and, to that end, they have done away with separate men’s and women’s clothing departments.

This development is deeply disturbing and frightening. Look at the link below and scroll down to see photos of effeminate-looking men and masculine-looking women. You will see the kind of society Selfridges envisions for us all.

Men and women are different and Selfridges ignores those differences at their peril.

Resist this madness. Contact Selfridges and complain about their “Agender” agenda and, if you live in London, boycott the store.

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This man is a dangerous fool (and a “dear friend of Voddie Baucham”)

The despicable descent in to liberal attitudes on the part of the trendy “New Evangelical” crowd continues to appal and alarm.

One such example is an American politician, Texas Representative David Simpson (R-Longview) and his liberal views on marijuana. He claims to be an Evangelical Christian.

His House Bill 2165 (March 2015,) would remove all marijuana prohibition laws from the book!

Voddie Baucham, a Christian Pastor, posted a link to David Simpson’s article on his Facebook. The article is entitled, “The Christian case for drug law reform.”  What a contradiction in terms!

Baucham does not give his views on this subject as such, but he says enough to set alarm bells ringing!

On his facebook, he describes Representative David Simpson as ” a dear friend of mine.” He also states that Simpson’s argument is “worthy of examination and discussion.”

Read the article at this link,

It is incumbent on Voddie Baucham to publicly rebuke his friend and disassociate himself from him and his views, or come right out and state that he shares his despicable views.

If he is also liberal on drugs, I hope that people will refrain from putting him on a pedestal (as many do) and recognise the seriousness of his compromise.

I hope Baucham is supportive of the war against drugs, but we shall have to wait and see. The fact that his daughter, Jasmine Baucham Holmes posted a photo of herself on her twitter recently, proudly showing off what appeared to be a nose stud does not inspire me to think that the Baucham’s are holding the line in the battle with worldliness.

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Why you can’t trust the Belfast Telegraph!

I will with this post deal with the article about my election campaign in today’s Belfast Telegraph, because it is not entirely accurate nor fair to me in every respect.

I want readers to know what I said and what I did not say!

I did not want to discuss rock music in the interview because I had already made my views on that subject known in last year’s interview, and stand by them, with the exception of the comment that I would ban rock music, because I have no recollection of ever calling for it to be banned.

However, the journalist brought the subject up again but this time I declined to name any rock groups. I did mention that rock music is damaging to the hearing and that ENT doctors had said so (remembering a documentary I had watched some years ago.) The journalist failed to mention the doctor’s views on the subject, stating only that I believe a lot of rock music is damaging to the hearing.

In addition, I do not recall saying that Feminism is to blame for the recession. Whilst it is true that Feminism has contributed to our economic ills, I never made such a blanket claim i.e that it is responsible for the recession.

He did not include in his article the other views which I had articulated during the telephone interview, namely, that I would,

Close Marie Stopes Abortion clinic
Oppose the extension of the 1967 Abortion Act to NI
Abolish the Equality Commission and the Human Rights Commission and give the money they receive to the NHS.

The Belfast Telegraph used the photo of me from last year (and a poor copy at that) which makes the article amateurish-looking and gives the impression that it is not to be taken seriously.

The above just goes to show that one must be very wary of the media in general.

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