Our response to comment about our post on the Merchant of Belfast

Commenter Glen wrote:

“I note you say that these people are going to “taunt” Christians. You are miles away from the merchant hotel in Belfast…. Therefore to be taunted you would need to travel to allow that to happen? Are you going planning to travel there?

Also you require the police to arrest them. Think about what you are saying will they be “married” at the end of this event? No! So what laws have been broken?” (end of comment)

mrandmrswhite responded:

“Homosexuals cannot marry and will never be “married” in the sight of God so whether homosexual “marriage” is legalised or not is a moot point.
The homosexual activists will be play-acting on 18th September yet their actions are still lawless (according to both God’s law and man’s law) in Northern Ireland because homosexual “marriage” is banned.
If the “legalise drugs” lobby stood on the steps of the Merchant Hotel and acted out shooting up heroin or smoking marijuana (cannabis) they would be committing an illegal act yet your argument seems to be that because the “acting out” on the part of the LGBT lobby is not reality, no laws are broken. We say that the “acting out” is itself lawless and the police should stop such activities.”

4 thoughts on “Our response to comment about our post on the Merchant of Belfast

  1. You have failed to address all my points….

    And to address yours. If someone play acts the administration of illegal drugs they are not actually breaking any laws. As they are pretending. Not actually administrating.

    Let me have your thoughts on this.

    • I note you did not disagree with me when I said that Amnesty and Rainbow Project and their trade union comrades are engaging in their “Big fat gay wedding” to taunt Christians (and others who disagree with them.)
      By the way, did you know that there are atheists who disagree with homosexual “marriage?”
      The LGBT lobby and their allies are engaging in this publicity stunt on the 18th to signal to those opposed to them that they intend to force their oxymoronic “gay marriage” on NI regardless of the views of the majority, and there still is a (mostly) silent majority in NI who stand for Biblical marriage i.e real marriage.
      The LGBT lobby know that the PSNI will do nothing to stop them because the police are afraid of them. They will break the law on 18th September, in my opinion, but you obviously disagree and you are entitled to hold a differing view to mine.

      • What specific law would be broken by this performing arts piece Susan? Are you coming to view the production Susan? Would add to drama if the occasion I think to have you stood on pavement with your silly signs!

        • Your question was answered in the comment to Glen, so there is no point in repetition. Your comment about the teachings of the Perl’s will be answered when we check out the cases you cite.

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