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Why do these wretched employees still have a job?

Some staff at the Belfast Benefit Centre have been spitting out of windows, hurling objects onto the street below and smearing human excrement on the walls of the third floor male toilets.

The management at the Centre have not sacked any of these disgusting individuals, probably because of the influence of powerful (and Marxist) trade unions, and the threat of being taken to an Industrial Tribunal or the mischievous Equality Commisssion.

Some time ago someone from the Equality Commission said that employers have no rights, only responsibilities.

Pity employers today because they cannot easily dismiss anyone regardless of their behaviour and/or incompetence.

According to the article below, the management at the Benefit Centre are looking at ways of addressing unsociable behaviour having given up on “appealing to the better nature of the individuals responsible.”

This response would be hilarious were the situation not so serious.

The management have been brainwashed by PC ideology which does not recognise nor accurately describe wicked conduct, choosing instead to downplay it by describing it as “unsociable behaviour.”

And “appealing to the better nature” of these wretches is useless because they don’t have a “better nature.”

They are totally depraved individuals as is everyone else on the planet.

In today’s upside down equality-mad world, the vilest people are exalted and incompetent, lazy, untidy rebels are seen as fit for responsible positions.

It is not hard to imagine the appearance of people who engaged in spitting, throwing things out of windows and smearing excrement on toilet walls.

Tattoos, nose rings, safety pins and studs in eyebrows, lips and even on tongue. Red, pink or purple hair, torn jeans, leggings etc. You get the picture.

If I was an employer, I wouldn’t even employ such to empty the bins.

The only punishment that fits the behaviour of these filthy loony lefties is instant dismissal.

What is the likelihood that they will face such consequences? Probably zero!

Joseph and Emma Smith’s “love story” ignores his other “wives”

Founder of the Mormon church Joseph Smith was a polygamist and had up to 40 wives, yet the deceptive video below makes no mention of polygamy.

Another example of the Mormon practice of “lying for the Lord.”

See the photo (below) of the statues of Joseph and Emma Smith in Salt Lake City for further evidence of the Mormon Church’s deceptive peddling of the myth that Smith had only one wife.

“Hank the knife” “puts the knife in!”

Warning: Heavy dose of sarcasm.

We had two comments today from someone calling himself “Hank the knife.” We want our readers to see the intellectual prowess of this individual.

Such high and lofty sentiments he expressed in “Shakespearean English.”

According to Hank, we are “brain-dead retards” and we belong to a “murderous cult.”

See his exquisite prose for yourself below.

His comment on our post “Is it Biblical to say “RIP?””:

“God doesn’t exist you idiot. Religion is a mental disease and a murderous cult.”

His comment on our post “Evil John Money and the torture of David Reimer”:

““God” doesn’t exist u braindead retard.”

PS  It is not unusual for us to be so insulted. It is par for the course when one dares to oppose evil. We have endured worse and the “worse” includes death threats!

Is it Biblical to say “RIP?”

Should Evangelical Christians ever say (or write) “RIP” i.e “Rest in Peace” after the name of a deceased individual?

Our response is “NO,” because it has Roman Catholic connotations (and I say this as a former Roman Catholic.)

Here is a quote from an article which we link to below,

“Saying “rest in peace,” writing “RIP” and other forms of prayers for the dead are rooted in Catholic tradition, not the Word of God.”


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Martyrs Memorial FP church – guilty by association

Sometime Sabbath-breaker DUP politician and Free Presbyterian Christopher Stalford was playing the part of a Sabbath-keeper on Sunday past in his church Martyrs Memorial Free Presbyterian church, the flagship of the Free Presbyterian denomination. He can be clearly seen among the congregation in the video of the service on the Church’s facebook.

Further evidence of his compromise and hypocrisy is seen in the fact that he welcomed the election of his Party’s lesbian candidate  Alison Bennington in the recent NI Council elections (click on link below and scroll down).

As if this isn’t wicked enough the following quote from him in The Times on the related subject of sodomite “marriage” is ominous and reads as follows,

“…that Sinn Fein was responsible for delaying marriage equality because it had not yet reached an agreement with the DUP to restore the Stormont assembly.” (end of quote – link below)

How much more evil does the DUP have to do before foolish Christians stop voting for them?

The Minister and congregation of the Martyrs Memorial Free Presbyterian Church are tolerating evil in their midst in the form of Christopher Stalford and as a result, they are partakers of his sins.

A little leaven leavens the whole lump.