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Marie Stopes, Hitler, and the Third Reich (Birds of a feather…)

Following on from our post about Margaret Sanger and the KKK, we now present equally disturbing facts about her friend Marie Stopes, so, are you listening Dawn Purvis, Director of the Marie Stopes abortion clinic in Belfast.

In 1935, Marie Stopes was present at the International Congress for Population Science in Berlin which was held under the auspices of the Third Reich.

In August 1939, Stopes sent a book of her poems to Hitler!  Read more at the following link,

The Left speak much about “racism” and most of their shrieks of “racist” are hurled at those who dare to tell the truth about the dangers of Islam and multiculturalism etc.

What have they to say now about these two “darlings” of the Left, Sanger and Stopes?

They were racists par excellence!

Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood, addressed the KKK

In 1926, Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood (originally called the American Birth Control League)  addressed the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) in Silver Lake, New Jersey,

Another little-known fact is that she met Marie Stopes in 1915 when she (Sanger) an American, was exiled in London. Both were advocates of Eugenics.  Margaret Sanger makes that clear in the following quote, “Give dysgenic groups (people with “bad genes”) in our population their choice of segregation or (compulsory) sterilization.”

Sanger’s friend Marie Stopes joined the Eugenics Education Society in England in 1912.

Both women were sexual revolutionaries and, in 1921, Margaret Sanger founded the American Birth Control League and Marie Stopes opened her first birth control clinic in England.

Let us return now to Margaret Sanger’s address to the KKK.  One word unites them and her, and that word is “Eugenics.”

Click on the following links to read more,!

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Halal horror at Bowood Lamb Halal Slaughterhouse

Halal slaughter is cruel in and of itself but the barbaric cruelty inflicted on defenceless terrified animals as they are slaughtered using the halal method is obviously not cruel enough for some Muslims as witnessed by their wicked behaviour at Bowood Lamb halal slaughterhouse in Yorkshire England.

An animal welfare organisation called Animal Aid secretly filmed the horrific goings-on at the aforementioned slaughterhouse over three days last December. The footage showed the delight four wicked slaughtermen took in inflicting torture on terrified sheep and lambs. They kicked the animals, stood on the necks of some, hacked and hacked at the throats of fully conscious animals and even drew spectacles around the eyes of a practically decapitated sheep as it slowly bled to death. Some of these wicked wretches wore Muslim Kufi skullcaps.

One worker has been sacked and three more suspended. They should be in prison!

A Government vet is supposedly in attendance at slaughterhouses, so how is it possible that such horror was recorded by the camera?

The Muslim halal authorities have stated that the behaviour of the slaughtermen fell far short of the behaviour expected of halal slaughtermen but we beg to disagree because non-stun halal slaughter is itself cruel and should be banned!

Muslims torture many cattle during their Eid Festival in October. An animal welfare group called Animals Australia claimed to have proof that Australian cattle were stabbed in the eye, knee-capped with assault rifles, strangled and brutally slaughtered during the Muslim Eid al Adha Festival in the Gaza Strip in October 2013.

What have the Halal authorities to say about such carnage?

Further evidence of Muslim animal cruelty can be seen in the following video, which was not filmed at Bowood Lamb abattoir. The footage is horrific in the extreme, so we are issuing a caution, but we believe as many as possible should view it.

Islam is cruel and the cause of much suffering to human beings and animals.

Ban this film!

BBC Northern Ireland radio programme “Talkback” discussed the violent pornographic film “Fifty Shades of Grey” on Thursday this week (12th February.)

I was given the opportunity to make my views known on the air via telephone.

I stated, in no uncertain terms, that the film should be banned.

I also said that I hoped that Christians would protest against it at every cinema in Northern Ireland which is screening it.

However, as most Christians refuse to take the battle to the enemy, it is almost a foregone conclusion that no protest will take place, not even one!

We are not like most Christians today because we have been active in our opposition to said film and are presently engaged in distributing copies of a tract which we wrote ourselves, entitled “No grey areas with this devilish film,” and by contacting the two cinemas in our area requesting that they refuse to screen it.

We have given copies of our tract to several Pastors/Ministers and Churches, asking them to join us in opposing the film.

We have had no response from any of them!

To hear my contribution on the “Talkback” programme, click on the following link (I can be heard at 39 minutes 20 seconds slot).

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Immodest dress likened to walking with a candle among straw or gunpowder

The Puritan Richard Baxter (1615-1691) understood the danger of immodest, provocative attire when he penned the following words of counsel to women,

“And you must not lay a stumbling block in their way, nor blow up the fire of their lust, nor make your ornaments snares but you must walk among sinful persons as you would do with a candle among straw or gunpowder, or else you may see the flame which you would not foresee, when it is too late to quench it.”

The Stephen Nolan radio show gave me the opportunity to make a contribution (by phone) today. to a discussion on this very subject which was triggered by a barrister’s (lawyer) comments about the link between provocative clothing and drunkenness in women and the fact that such behaviour signals to men that such women are morally loose and sexually available.

To hear my contribution to the programme, click on the following link and skip to the 20 minutes 49 seconds segment. I spoke intermittently up to the 36 minute 24 second slot.

Dr. Samina Dornan’s diatribe links pro-lifers to Taliban!

Dr. Samina Dornan is a Consultant Obstetrician/Gynaecologist in Northern Ireland, although she is originally from Afghanistan.
She is the wife of Professor Jim Dornan, a retired consultant Obstetrician/Gynaecologist.
She took part in a documentary entitled  “Abortion – Ireland’s Guilty Secret” (BBC) which aired this week, and her comments were revealing and shocking.
At one point, she turned on the tears, but she was not tearful about the tiny lives destroyed by abortion, not at all.
She completely ignored the unborn child and his/her right to life.

She is obviously pro-abortion (in certain circumstances) and has embraced the feminist mantra of “my body, my choice,” when she stated that, “I want to make sure my patients are safe, whatever she decides.”

According to Dr.Dornan, it is almost as hard for a doctor to work independently in Northern Ireland as it would be in Afghanistan. This, she believes, is due to “political interference.”
She continued in this vein (excuse the pun) when she compared anti-abortion views in N. Ireland to the ideology of the Taliban!
Dr. Samina has difficulty spotting those she views as the NI version of the Taliban because here they wear suits, but, according to her, they are still “religious fundamentalists” with “extreme ideas.”

This woman is a Muslim from Afghanistan. The Taliban are her co-religionists. They are ruthless and  savage. They enforce Muslim Sharia law which includes beheading and other horrors such as shooting a young girl in the head because she wanted girls to be educated. They show no mercy to the defenceless, young or old.

Those who wear white coats in N. Ireland i.e doctors, and perform abortions, or demand abortion “rights,” also show no mercy to the defenceless i.e the unborn child.

So, we ask the question, who is the “Taliban in suits” in Northern Ireland, pro-life activists or pro-abortion doctors?

How dare Dr. Samina Dornan compare our pro-life views to those of the pro-death Taliban.

To hear her make these comments, click on the following link ( she appears at 38 minutes, 03 seconds into programme)

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A sample letter to oppose forthcoming film!

We have sent the following e-mail to two cinemas in our locality urging the proprietors to say “NO” to the forthcoming pornographic film “Fifty Shades of Grey,” by refusing to screen it.

We have also had tracts printed warning people about it which we have entitled, “No grey areas with this devilish film,” and we have already begun to distribute them.

We encourage those who share our concerns about this movie to do as we have done i.e contact cinemas and urge them to refuse to screen it.

Any who wish to take action are free to copy our e-mail below and append their own name at its conclusion. We are lifting copyright restrictions to enable our viewers to do so. However, copyright restrictions apply to all other posts on our blog unless we advise to the contrary.

No grey areas with this film!

Dear Sir/Madam,

We have learned that you intend to screen the forthcoming pornographic film “Fifty Shades of Grey” at your Cinema complex.

We do not go to the cinema ourselves but we know enough about this film from reviews etc. to know that it is dangerous and should be banned.

Are you aware that the main actor in the film, Jamie Dornan, described his seven months of filming with these chilling words, “It was seven months of tying up women.”

This film promotes sado-masochistic bondage and sexual anarchy, and seeks to “normalise” such evil activities.

We do not want cinema-goers to be corrupted by, or desensitised to, dangerous practices, which they will be if you screen this film.

This film may encourage some viewers to practice in real life the evil activities engaged in on screen, which could lead to serious harm, injury or even death.

You wouldn’t want that responsibility on your conscience, now would you?

Please have the courage to say “NO” to this film by refusing to screen it.

Thank you, from Mr. & Mrs. F.J. White, County Tyrone.