The Merchant of Belfast – overstepping his bounds!

On 18th September, 2015, the Merchant Hotel in Belfast will permit its front steps to be used by homosexual activists and their supporters to flout the law and take part in what they are calling a “Big fat gay wedding.”

We contacted the hotel to inquire if they knew what the homosexual lobby were planning because we found it hard to believe that the owner(s) would permit such a disgraceful spectacle on their property, especially because homosexual “marriage” is banned in Northern Ireland.

I spoke to Mr. Gavin Carroll, General Manager of the hotel and asked him if they knew about the planned event and, if so, did they approve of it.

His response was in the affirmative. He said they support it 100%.

I made it clear to Mr. Carroll that we are vehemently opposed to homosexual “marriage” but his response was to say that, as far as he is concerned, the matter is “closed.” I stated that, as far as I was concerned, the matter was very much “open.”

The “Big fat gay wedding” event is being organised by Amnesty International, the Rainbow Project and NIC-ICTU (Trade Unions.)

A local author will read “vows” to a homosexual couple and a choir will sing and then the “couple” and their “guests” will have the opportunity to say “I do” to homosexual “marriage.”

These wretched people intend to taunt Christians and anyone else opposed to their agenda by engaging in this lawless act, this travesty of real marriage. The police should be notified and then they should enforce the law against these people because make no mistake, the LGBT activists are intent on crushing all opposition to their agenda, and the lawful authorities need to “rein them in.”

The Merchant Hotel is part of the Beannchor Group owned by Bill Wolsey. His group own many other pubs and restaurants. In July this year, they opened a restaurant in Enniskillen called the Little Wing Pizzeria. The Managing Director of this establishment is Luke Wolsey, Bill Wolsey’s son.

We hope that Christians and others who are opposed to homosexual “marriage” will communicate their displeasure and disgust with the Merchant Hotel and the Little Wing Pizzeria in Enniskillen (and all the other Beannchor establishments) by boycotting them.

2 thoughts on “The Merchant of Belfast – overstepping his bounds!

  1. I note you say that these people are going to “taunt” Christians. You are miles away from the merchant hotel in Belfast…. Therefore to be taunted you would need to travel to allow that to happen? Are you going planning to travel there?

    Also you require the police to arrest them. Think about what you are saying will they be “married” at the end of this event? No! So what laws have been broken?

    • Homosexuals cannot marry and will never be “married” in the sight of God so whether homosexual “marriage” is legalised or not is a moot point.
      The homosexual activists will be play-acting on 18th September yet their actions are still lawless (according to both God’s law and man’s law) in Northern Ireland because homosexual “marriage” is banned.
      If the “legalise drugs” lobby stood on the steps of the Merchant Hotel and acted out shooting up heroin or smoking marijuana (cannabis) they would be committing an illegal act yet your argument seems to be that because the “acting out” on the part of the LGBT lobby is not reality, no laws are broken. We say that the “acting out” is itself lawless and the police should stop such activities.

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