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Traffic lights in the view of insane equality agenda

A report from the Institute of Economic Affairs was discussed yesterday on a radio programme in Northern Ireland.

It was co-authored by a man called Martin Cassini.

He has a problem with traffic lights, believing they are a waste of money. He doesn’t believe in speed limits either.

He is in thrall to the idea of equal rights on the road and says that if we live by equality, many of our congestion problems would disappear.

He is opposed to the idea of “priority” on the roads by which he seems to mean that no-one should have priority on the roads and that no road should have priority over another e.g he believes that “priority” gives superior rights to the main road at the expense of side roads and pedestrians.

This is dangerous nonsense and further evidence of the insane equality agenda’s hold on the minds of its devotees.

Mr.Cassini is placing much too much faith in the self-control and good will of road users, drivers and pedestrians alike. Does he believe that all drivers can be trusted to slow down when the road conditions demand such action,  and what happens to pedestrians in Mr. Cassini’s scheme of things?

This is madness and would greatly increase the dangers for everyone.

What would happen if a speeding driver and a slow moving pedestrian are moving in each other’s direction and there is no speed limit and no traffic lights and they have been told they both have equal rights to the road and must live by equality?




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David Ford, “fatal” foetal abnormality is not a medical term

Mr.Ford, when you appeared on the BBC NI programme called The View on 3rd December last, did you not listen to Prof. Jim Dornan who made it clear that he was not happy with the term “fatal” foetal abnormality and further stated that “fatal” foetal abnormality is not a medical term.

We ask the question because you continue to speak of “fatal” foetal abnormality and you did so as recently as today on the radio.

Why do you persist in your use of this inaccurate term when, according to Prof. Dornan, the accurate medical term is foetal abnormality?

PS  David Ford is the Northern Ireland Justice Minister




Weary of these ignoramuses

Memo to those ignoramuses who equate capital punishment with murder.

CAPITAL PUNISHMENT IS NOT MURDER. It is the judicial execution of murderers.

It is obviously beyond the intellectual abilities of some commenters on our blog to make the distinction.

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Medical students being trained to kill

A pro-abortion group of medical students called “Medical students for Choice” are having their first conference in Belfast on 13th February this year.

What a wicked crowd they are! Think of it. Future doctors who will kill future unborn children if their mothers choose death rather than life for them.

The list of speakers at this conference includes Dr. Samina Dornan, an Obstetrician/Gynaecologist who has lectured to this group in the past, so we know where she stands, and the infamous Dawn Purvis, lately of Marie Stopes abortuary.

Also on the list of speakers is a young man who believes he is a woman trapped in a man’s body (transsexual) and, to intensify his psycho-sexual identity confusion, dresses in women’s clothes and insists on being called by a female name.

We refuse to go along with this madness, so, as his surname is Murray, he is Mr.Murray. He is a candidate for the Green Party in the forthcoming Assembly election.

During the afternoon session of the conference, attendees will learn about “manual vacuum aspiration.”

This is nothing other than a demonstration of how to kill an unborn child.

Abortion is, in the main, illegal in Northern Ireland, therefore it follows that this “practical” i.e manual vacuum aspiration, is illegal and criminal.

The Police should become involved and stop this forthcoming “lesson in killing an unborn child.”





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What these men did, they did knowingly and deliberately

Some men in Northern Ireland have been targeted by blackmailers who have threatened to show footage of the aforementioned men engaging in obscene sex acts, footage which the men filmed themselves.

The Police are portraying these men as “victims.”

They are not victims. They are despicable and indecent and immoral.

When the soon-to-be blackmailers contacted these men and asked them to engage in wicked acts in front of a camera, they were happy to oblige.

The police said that these men should not be judged. Oh yes they should, and the Bible has already judged them and describes all such as fornicators, and, if some of them are married, they are also adulterers.

Blackmail is a crime and a very serious crime, but there would be no blackmail if the men the blackmailers contacted had been morally clean and honourable. They would have trashed the wicked e-mail when they received it AND reported the e-mail sender to the police.

These immoral men in Northern Ireland played with fire and they now know that those who play with fire will get burned.

God’s Word says so and God will not be mocked.



Dr. James White, please teach your assistant Rich some manners!

I phoned Alpha Omega Ministries in Phoenix, Arizona this evening. This is the Christian apologetic ministry of Dr. James White.

The phone was answered by someone called Rich and I presume this was Rich Pierce, Dr. White’s assistant.

Dr. White was not in his office so I communicated my concerns to Rich.

What were my concerns? Simply this. Dr. White used the letters RIP (as in “rest in peace”) on his Twitter page before the name of an individual who had died.

In my experience, it is very unusual for a Bible believer to use those letters (RIP.) I never would. I cannot understand why James White did.

The line to America was terrible and Rich the assistant’s response and attitude was almost as bad!

After sharing my concern with him, he said nothing so I asked him if he had any comment to make. He said “no.”

I informed him twice that I was phoning from Northern Ireland and I gave my name.

His responded with these words, “You’re phoning from Northern Ireland to strain at a gnat and swallow a camel.”

Anyone familiar with the Bible will know that he was quoting from it He was saying, in effect, that my concern was trivial and undeserving of any explanation or response.

He treated me and my concerns with contempt and, to add insult to injury, he hung up on me without so much as a by-your-leave.

Dr. James White speaks much about the need for Christians to be “consistently Christian.”

All well and good Dr. White. Now communicate this necessity to the ill-mannered Rich Pierce.


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Why do some Reformed churches revere Augustine?

We have never understood why some Christians in Reformed churches revere the Roman Catholic theologian and so-called “saint” Augustine.

He was born in the year 354 AD and died in 430 AD.

Apparently there is a shrine to him in Italy which is nothing other than idolatry.

What do his “fans” in the Reformed camp make of this?

In recent days we were shocked to read of his views on prostitution.

He said, “If you do away with harlots, the world will be convulsed with lust.”

Our response to “St” Augustine’s views on prostitution can be summed with one word, “WICKED.”

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