In a Politically Correct society, the first casualty is truth. The media in its various forms are willing accomplices in the suppression of the truth. This blog represents the great Christian fight-back. Our targets will be Marxism/socialism, which has spawned Feminism, P.C., the green agenda, the ugliness and vulgarity that masquerades as “art”, and the moral collapse of society. We will not ignore politics either, nor the dangerous equality agenda, nor yet multiculturalism.

As Bible-believing Christians, we will also turn our attention to the tragic compromise and downgrade of so many once-sound fundamentalist, Evangelical churches.

It is our intention to cast the salt of the Word of God into the corrupt fountains all around.

Susan-Anne and Francis White.


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  1. Flemish Parlament itself must send a fact-finding mission to South Africa, the ANC Terrorist Government shows no Sympathy, the ANC Terrorists President earlier this year during a big event itself sang “Bring me my Machinegun”, he himself has not officially in the public mentioned that Task Teams will be appointed to the Genocide on the Farmers Compatriots investigate, they are soon to the South African Press to release of Whites who were arrested for attempts to Government overthrow, they are very quick to Right Elements to time, but when it comes to Farm Attacks hear seldom or killers were arrested, the murders at the Farmers find also the most barbaric way instead, I would like a Facts mission of the Flemish Parlament, Netherlands Facts Mission and a Facts Mission of the UN want to see in South Africa, this country as a group 5 According Genocide Watch geklasiviseer, border near a Civil War. And I will not even talk about the ANC Terrorists President, he the Parlament said that the Minorities Less Rights as the Meerrderheid. Minorities in South Africa have no rights, our Constitution provides that Cultural Groups of a certain portion of the population can claim on its own Territory, for the Zulu, Xhosa’s, Ndebele’s, Venda’s and many more were there before 1994 Territory given that they Could disestablish and stay current ANC Terrorists Government would not a nation state at the Farmers Compatriots whom a minority group are given, if you oppose or express it then you are doing Treason and threatened with Prison Affairs, South Africa is anything but a democratic country, the inhabitants of the country prefer the State President, Delegates elected within the ANC Terrorists Ruling Party State and Political Parties in the minority has no South Africa is not nearly a Democratic State, but look America, the Voters must indicate who will be the State President and a countrywide election is held. Why do not you ANC Terrorist State President on National Television in the Flemish Parlament the Next Question not “Do you Boer Compatriots as part of the inhabitants of South Africa? Why is there still Affirmative Action to 18 years – is the Affirmative Action not aimed at minorities not? Have National Television where hundreds listeners are singing “Bring me my Machine Gun”. I agree that our ANC Terrorist State by HRCSA prosecute should be what he wants with the machine gun makes ? If Farmers Compatriots in public must slogans sing “Let us kill all the Blacks” then they will immediately be shut and then it just a Racial Case. If so incur in South Africa and there is not a New Democratic Elected Government, will the Murders in South Africa increases. South Africa away with statistics or a murder committed indicate whether a white man by a black man was killed and Conversely. So what Statistics will he can show to Foreign? South Africa has the highest murder rate in the world, certainly more than in China the Largest population in the world, was clearly show it to you that imprisonment does not have an effect and assassins know that they Not Entered Times will be, let the ANC Terrorist State Statistics of what the Oplossyfer for Murders committed in South Africa and just the quantity murders per year, per day, per second. This is what we want to hear, the Farmers Compatriots do not want to hear it fell, it means nothing.


    NS; Please do not preach to me I do not HATE because I’m not in a good mood this morning!

    Follow-up on yesterday’s post!
    ie second Gerhardus Jacobus Rudolph will be buried within two weeks.

    This comes after Gerry Rudolph (31), four weeks ago, was shot six times in a robbery at Happiness Butchery Superette outside British, died yesterday.

    His father, Gerhard (65), to whom he was called, was buried last Friday. He was shot in the same robbery.

    Gerry was a father of three daughters, five years, three years and seven months old.

    Belinda North (42), Gerry’s sister, said hours after his death, her sister-in-law, Wilma, had yesterday told the two elders “Daddy is not coming home anymore.”

    “We were crying. We have no more words, “said Van Noord.

    “We all had so many expectations for Gerry began to wake up.”

    Since the robbery Gerry due to the severity of his injuries kept under sedation. Many of his organs were injured in the shooting.

    The anesthesia was discontinued about ten days ago and Gerrie started waking up.

    According From North Gerrie of the Muelmed Tuesday transferred to Steve Biko hospital to hospital. He does not have a medical aid.

    Tuesday morning Wilma let the family know it does not go well with Gerry. His heart stopped at 12:00.

  3. Boere Krisis Aksie (B.K.A.)

    ‎(JP) ’n Kunstenaar is op Oujaarsdag erg met ’n leë drankbottel in Clarens in die Oos-Vrystaat aangerand. Sy tuinier is in hegtenis geneem.

    ’n Veiligheidswag wat naby Richard Rennie (80) se huis aan diens was, het sy gille om hulp gehoor.

    Hy het ondersoek ingestel, op die tuinier afgekom en hom vasgebind totdat die polisie opgedaag het.

    ’n Vriend van Rennie, Johan Lehman, het gesê hy is ’n liefdevolle man wat nie ’n vlieg sou skade aandoen nie.

    Rennie het glo vroeër die dag vir die tuinier geld geleen.

    Hy word in die waakeenheid van die Mediclinic Hoogland in Bethlehem behandel.

    Rennie is bekend om sy waterverf-landskapstonele, wat deel is van maatskappye soos Huletts en De Beers se kunsversamelings, berig Artspectrum.co.za.

    Sy werke hang volgens The Art Company ook in huise in Amerika, Brittanje en Kanada.

    Rennie het glo ribbes gebreek en het erge sny- en kneusplekke aan sy gesig. Geen hospitaalwoordvoerder was vir kommentaar beskikbaar nie.

    Sers. Mmako Mophiring, Oos-Vrystaatse polisiewoordvoerder, het gesê die tuinier sal vandag in die hof verskyn op aanklag van aanranding met die doel om ernstig te beseer.

      • Translated automatically at


        Boer Crisis Action (B.K.A.)

        (JP) is an artist on New Year’s Eve badly with an empty liquor bottle in Clarens in the Eastern Free State border. His gardener was arrested.

        A security guard near Richard Rennie (80)’s house was on duty, heard his screams for help.

        He investigated, discovered the gardener and tied him up until police arrived.

        A friend of Rennie, John Lehman, said he was a loving man who would not harm a fly.

        Rennie apparently earlier in the day for the gardener borrowed money.

        He is in the intensive care unit of Medicare Clinic Highlands treated in Bethlehem.

        Rennie is known for his watercolor landscapes, which are part of companies such as Huletts and De Beers art, reported Artspectrum.co.za.

        His works hang The Art Company in homes in the United States, Britain and Canada.

        Rennie apparently broken ribs and severe cuts and bruises on his face. No hospital spokesman was not available for comment.

        Sgt. Mmako Mophiring, Eastern Free State police spokesperson, said the gardener will appear in court today on charges of assault with intent to do grievous bodily harm.

  4. Dear Susan-Anne and Francis White. Thank you so much for highlighting the genocide of white farmers and white South Africans which is being promoted publicly by the anti-white ANC government. It is never reported in the mainstream media in SA as the media is controlled by the ANC, and many South Africans don’t even know about it, but human rights activists are reporting it on the internet. The South African history is being lied about, and white South Africans are progressively being stripped of their rights and no longer regarded as equal citizens, yet still having to pay taxes. The current government is just as racist as the apartheid regime. Please refer to this interesting website: http://www.friends4humanity.org for a summary of what is happening here.

  5. Dear Susan-Anne white, I am a media Student at South West College (Omagh). I have been asked to produce a documentary for my final piece and I am planing, if all goes well, to do it on the topic of LGBT rights in Northern Ireland. Interviewing you for this would be a great asset, as I feel the need to get a truly Christian point of view across. if you don’t feel comfortable doing an interview, or just don’t have the time, could you possibly suggest people that would be comfortable being interviewed?

    Justin McCausland

    • Justin, we will respond to your request for an interview in the next day or so. We may ask a Christian Pastor if he would be willing to be interviewed for your documentary.

  6. Dear Susan

    I am saddened to read your recent reported homophobic comments in the Belfast Telegraph, which on visiting this blog I regrettably see to be accurate. In what way is your wish to re-criminalise homosexuality not incitement to hatred? Additionally, in what way are your anti-Islam comments not racial slurs? Finally, assuming that you are promoting incitement to hate and racism in Northern Ireland, in what way do you think these are suitable qualities in an electoral candidate in the upcoming elections?

    Yours sincerely


    • “In what way is your wish to re-criminalise homosexuality not incitement to hatred?”

      Expressing such a wish is almost certainly*is* an expression of hatred of homosexuality. Expressing that hatred probably encourages others to hate homosexuality too. It isn’t an incitement to hate particular people though. Just an encouragement to hate a certain behaviour.

      “… in what way are your anti-Islam comments not racial slurs?”

      The only “anti-Islam comment” in the Belfast Telegraph article was not a racial slur, because all it said was that Mrs White considered the growth of Islam to be a threat to society. No race was mentioned. Nobody was the butt of a slur.

  7. I would like to ask you what is your actual experience with homosexual people and where (other than the bible) do you base your opinions on?? I am a Christian and I really don’t see where your hatred towards any person can be justified. Even within the bible there is contradictions which can only be dervied by the inhumanity of man, I love God and Jesus (Amen) but to lift a sword, or pen, to strike another man down cannot be seen as Christianity in any form but more of an Islamic ideology which during to crusades our forefathers struck down with the sword just for not having the same beliefs

  8. I’m deeply concerned by a great many things on this website, and I would be here for rather a long time if I were to enumerate them all. However, one particular phrase sticks out in my mind: “the dangerous equality agenda”. Can you please explain how equality is either dangerous or un-Christian? Am I right in insinuating that you do not believe that all people should be treated in a fair and equal way?

    If so, shame on you. Shame on you and on the religion you claim to represent. Your “God” must be so proud.

    • The equality agenda is dangerous because it promotes the unrealistic and ultimately doomed ideology that says that everything and everybody is equal to everything and everybody else, which is patently untrue. All cultures are not equal because some are savage and violent and some are civilised. Men and women are not equal in strength and some people are brighter academically than others. Some people are poor and some people are rich, we are not equal in wealth although Socialism would advocate that we are, yet in Marxist dominated societies, the Marxist rulers always lived well despite their people being in poverty. So much for the Marxist idea of equal distribution of wealth. As Christians, we believe people should be treated with compassion but sometimes that compassion must be tempered with firmness if an individual is lawless, lazy, and deliberately dependent on the State. We are not speaking of those who genuinely need financial and other practical support, they are truly needy.

      • Wait wait wait, hang on. “It promotes the unrealistic and ultimately doomed ideology that says that everything and everybody is equal to everything and everybody else”. Who isn’t equal to who? We’re not talking about academic achievements, or wealth or status, we know that. What most people mean when we talk about equality in its most global sense is that all human beings are inherently unequal in their personhood. I don’t deserve, for example, to be discriminated against because I identify as Irish, not British. My best friend shouldn’t be treated differently by other people because she is a lesbian. My cousin should be entitled to the same opportunities as other children, even though he is a Catholic in a Protestant area. Wealth, aptitude and status aside, do you believe that all humans are equal, and are worthy of respectful, fair treatment?

        Some might argue that the shameful Northern Ireland government’s attempt to legalize discrimination against members of the LGBT community is not particularly civilized. I could argue that the Biblical teachings that shaped British law in the 1950s and 60s and which were responsible for the chemical castration of outstanding minds such as Alan Turing were savage.

        I’m neither a Marxist nor an economic historian, so I can’t provide any reasonable comment on your communism arguments. What is concerning is that you believe that Christians have the right to dispense moral justice based on your interpretation of a given text, with no regard for the fact that others might not believe what you do.

        Just some thoughts.

        • God created man and woman. In Psalm 8 verses 5-8, we read that God made man “a little lower than the angels, and hast crowned him with glory and honour. Thou madest him to have dominion over the works of thy hands; thou hast put all things under his feet: All sheep and oxen, yea, and the beasts of the field; The fowl of the air, and the fish of the sea, and whatsoever passeth through the paths of the seas.”
          That is a lengthy quote to show that mankind is the pinnacle of God’s creation. It also shows that man is not an animal, he has dominion over the animals etc. Of course animals must be treated humanely and thought given to their welfare.
          Human beings, because God is our Creator, are equal in that we were all created by God, we have that in common. However, when our first parents, Adam and Eve disobeyed God in the Garden of Eden, they fell spiritually and became sinners, and all their descendants (including us) were born sinners because Adam and Eve’s sin affected us all. We are born with a sinful nature and, because we are all sinners, we all sin.
          Human beings are therefore equal in two respects, we were all created by God and we are all sinners. We cannot force equality beyond that point. In today’s world equality means “sameness” and this ideology forces “equality” in all sorts of unnatural and foolish situations such as women in the military.
          You ask if we believe that human beings are worthy of respectful, fair treatment, to which we say, “Yes” to fair treatment but “not necessarily” to respectful treatment.
          We cannot respect the adulterer, the murderer, the practicing homosexual, the terrorist. Can/do you?

  9. I’d like to add that whilst I’m not sure I agree with the sentiment, but I do agree that those who can (but do not choose to) seek work, and those who break the law ought to face reproach. That, I will grant you. I think that it should be a matter of the State, not religion, to decide.

  10. Your comments have affected me emotionally and nearly made me go into society and harm homosexuals and Muslim Citizens of the U.K . I intend to press charges for your incitement of hate crimes and hate speech.

  11. Dear Mrs White

    SInce you believe that women should be stay-at-home mothers and that men should be breadwinners, please explain why you, and not your husband, are standing for parliament?

    • Feminism has taken over society and has sought to silence men with the use of equality laws and the epithet of “sexist” hurled at any man who dares to oppose them. Therefore the duty of opposing feminism and protecting society from its evils falls to women who are not feminists. I am one such women and they cannot call me “sexist” when I speak out against them. Perhaps you now understand why I, and not my husband, is the candidate.

      • I think a better way of opposing feminism would be to stop having an opinion, stop speaking when you haven’t been spoken to, and certainly stop standing for MP! How dare you think you have the intelligence to stand for MP, a man’s job, you silly woman! Get back to the kitchen, stop voicing your opinions and go look after your children.
        Or, if you don’t like being spoken to like that, you could acknowledge that feminism has earnt you the right not to be spoken down to or treated in such a way. That is how you would have been seen 100 years ago, as just a silly woman who obviously cant handle a mans job. You can thank feminism for the fact that that is no longer true. Feminism is simply the belief that women shouldn’t be treated as inferior to men, do you honestly want to take us back to the era where we weren’t allowed to even have opinions and had to obey our husbands?

  12. I have read in today’s Irish Independent about your political views, I just want to let you know that I agree with all of your views. Society has moved in the wrong direction. I wish you well.
    P.K. Dublin

  13. Are you actually mentally unwell? Your comments and manifesto are treacherous and offensive as well as totally without factual basis. As a lesbian mother I think the ‘lifestyle’ you raise your child in is way more abusive than the loving, stable home my child lives in. Her two mothers love and care for her perfectly!

  14. People like you want to drag us all back into the dark ages of fear and ignorance. You wilfully misinterpret the bible, picking and choosing the sections to suit your narrow-minded agendas. I bet you feel very sanctified and special, doing “god’s” work here on earth. But who made you the moral guardians, what gives you the right to advocate for everyone else? If you were truly a Christian, you would have more tolerance for your fellow man and woman, instead of this barely suppressed hatred of everything that is not to your way of living. You are scary, scary people and I sincerely hope that you never get into any position of influence or authority.

  15. It might help in your defence against the PC totalitarians to know that PC was invented by Lenin to control his fellow ‘socialists.’ The Mensheviks refused to accept it but were defeated in the civil war.

    In the 1920s Lenin instigated the foundation of the Institute of Social Research as an attachment to Frankfurt University. The Institute, popularly known as the Frankfurt School fled to Columbia University in New York in the late 30s to escape Hitler. They took PC ideology with them calling it Critical Theory.

    The West’s academics became infected with PC & passed it on to their students especially in Sociology & the Humanities.

    Many of your critics will be totally ignorant of PC’s origins. They will have been led to believe they are supporting the ‘oppressed’ not a Marxist mass murderer.

  16. Hello, may I ask why my previous comment (of April 27th) is still awaiting moderation? It was a civilly-expressed question. As a parliamentary candidate are you unwilling to answer question?

  17. I read your interview comments in today’s Tyrone Con (28th). I agree with you ALL the way. You will be getting my vote. Thank you for your boldness. I wish there were more like you. God bless.


    • Kevin Docherty – People like Mr and Mrs White and yourself are now and will always be a total minority, because for the majority of us (including atheists and people who believe there might be a god), facts and realities of the World we live in and the universe around us are opening our eyes more and more. You however hang on to, and use outdated religious dogma and fairytales cos you can no longer live under the “protection” of an “all powerful dominant church” and are unable to deal with the realities of life as it truly is, and its your only way to continue to live in a bubble. Sorry to break it to you this way, but that’s how it is.

    • We note that you do not allow comments on your blog which means that the inaccuracies and misrepresentations of Bible-believing Christians on your blog goes unchallenged. Unlike you, we allow people to comment on our blog, including those who disagree with us. In fact, most of the comments on our blog are from those who oppose us and even hate us. So, when you say that most fundamentalist Christian blogs do not allow any comments from those who oppose them, our blog policy blows your nonsensical claim right out of the water! Here is another fact for you to ponder. You advocate that Christians should vote independently and not allow political parties to tell them who to vote for. Well Sir, you commented on the blog of a fundamentalist Christian who has been an INDEPENDENT candidate in four recent elections. What a surprise!!. “Fundies” as you call us can actually think for ourselves. But you would not like my manifesto because I call for the death penalty for murder, and prison for adulterers and homosexuals (and many other tough policies) so you would definitely not want Susan-Anne White to be the lawmaker and law enforcer in your state. We intend to post about your blog because we are very concerned about much of the material on it.

    • After reading through your blog, and meaning no mean-spiritedness, I have honestly concluded to my own satisfaction that both of you are—Christians gone crazy. The fact of the matter is that, by far, most of the Christian fundamentalist and conservative evangelical blogs I visit censor or delete my posts. The fact that yours does not fails to blow anything out of the water because one is a mighty small number in comparison to all the fundie blogs that do censor and delete posts.

      Feel free to post anything you like about my blog on your blog. Quite frankly, my blog could use the publicity. I have added many, many, many posts since you lasted visited my blog, so you have missed a lot—particularly my expanded and long-winded “About” and “My Profile” sections.

      I have noticed that you two appear to be far more radical than most of the American Christian fundamentalists and conservative evangelicals I encounter here in the United States. I wonder if you would mind telling me the name of the particularly outlandish and crazy fundie sect that you two belong to in the UK. What is the name of your particular church, and how many members does it have?

      I would just like to add one more thing. Many Christian fundamentalists fear that the fundamentalist minority, within the much larger overall Christian faith, stands on the verge of annihilation. By annihilation, I mean a fear that the fundie belief system and its peculiar subculture are about to be erased forever from the surface of the Earth. I would just like to say that I agree with your fellow Christian fundamentalists who fear this. Christian fundamentalism does indeed—without any doubt whatsoever—sit as a tiny minority on the far outer rim of the Christian faith and it does indeed stand on the verge of complete and total annihilation—probably within the next 50-100 years.

      However, I believe there are several good reasons for that. First and foremost, Christian fundamentalism is just plain wrong in many of its basic beliefs, particularly the ridiculous belief in Biblical inerrancy—which as Dr. Keith Ward in the Anglican Church often says—“it is an impossible thing to believe.” He is quite correct about that. Christian fundamentalists are bold-faced liars here in the United States—and people are sick and tired of fundie lies—one of those being that African American slavery had very little to do with the American Civil War. In fact, it was the primary cause of the war—as nearly all historians agree..The fundie opposition to scientific facts as a matter of faith is another reason you are all going down the drain. You can only tell a man that a red sofa cushion is actually blue so many times—but the fact that it is actually red will win out in the end. Finally, you fundies specialize in being militant, mean-spirited, and hateful to people outside your own belief circles. People will not tolerate that much longer. The seeds of hatred that you sow in the name of Jesus shall surely come back to haunt all fundies. You will soon be seen as tinkling cymbals that people simply tune out and ignore. I strongly suspect that even Jesus tunes you out because much of what you believe is anathema to the words and deeds of Jesus in the New Testament.

      So yes, Christian fundamentalism sits on the verge of annihilation. Darby’s rapture invention was a country hick preacher’s individual fantasy that is never going to occur. These are not the end times. You can go out and wait on a hillside for the end to come if you like—but you will still be sitting there for a very long time. Just like every old person who has ever lived on this Earth before you, you two are destined to die without ever getting raptured out of here. If there is a Hell on the other side, you two and your fundie friends will be required to explain to God why your hearts were so bereft of love and why you spent your lives in the depths of sinful spiritual pride and arrogance—and you will further explain why you were some mean-spirted and uncaring toward your fellow human beings. Fundie legalism is, quite frankly, heresy—a heresy defined and fought against by the early church. You fundies never met a law you did not love, and you never met a love that you did not hate. That has been my personal experience with fundies here in the United States for decades.

      It is said that when the Pilgrim Puritans set sail from England for Holland and eventually the New World (Massachusetts 1620), the Anglican Communion breathed a great sigh of relief and said: “Good riddance!!!” When the fundie annihilation finally comes—and it inevitably will with the normal passage of time—the rest of Christendom on planet earth will breath a great sigh of relief, say :”good riddance,” and fall on their knees to thank God for the blessing of it. That is honestly what I think—and so do many millions of other nonfundie Christians around the world.

      Now you two folks have a nice Sunday, and if you think President Donald J. Trump is “The Anointed One of the Lord—-A Very Special Vessel of Holiness Set Aside by God to…Blah, Blah, Blah”—–then I truly feel sorry for you. Trump and his minions are the spawn of Satan, and they are clearly doing his work in this world. Period.

      • Phew! Where do I begin to answer your long-winded tirade? I will deal with most of the points you raise.
        1. You state at the top of your comment that you are replying to “Bell” when in fact you are commenting on the blog of Mr. & Mrs.White. Bell commented on our blog sometime ago.
        2. Wow! You describe us as far more radical than most of the Christian fundamentalists etc you encounter in the US. Have you never heard of Pastor Steven Anderson? We are more radical than him?!!!
        What about Westboro Baptist Church? We are more radical than them?!! You Sir are hilarious.
        3. We do not belong to any “crazy fundie sect” (you really are a gifted communicator! LOL) We are not members of any church so how are you going to “pigeon-hole us now?
        4. You state that “Christian fundamentalists are bold-faced liars here in the United States.” We cannot confirm or deny that in every case but we can say that we are not!
        5. Before you write the obituary for Christian fundamentalism, you would do well to remember the quote “the reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated.” Substitute the word “my” with “Christian fundamentalism.” Selah (assuming you remember what this Biblical word means.)
        6. We are not Donald Trump supporters. We would not have voted for him, nor the equally wicked Hillary Clinton. We think it is disgraceful that so many Christians voted for him. They are hypocrites.

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