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Update on our most recent post

We regret to inform our readers that the video entitled, “The Rainbow belongs to God,” is no longer available to the public.

We apologise for any inconvenience and disappointment.

The Rainbow belongs to God

The homosexual lobby have hijacked the rainbow symbol, but they do not own it. The rainbow belongs to God. Click on the following link to discover the wonderful truth.

(Link no longer available)

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Political Correctness – That Malevolent Force (A Poem)

O thou enemy of all that is good
O thou destroyer of noble manhood

Your rallying cry is “Equality”
Which applies to all except the Bible Bee

The ones you would silence with legal redress
To force compliance with your requests

Your day is coming, you malevolent old fool
Your days of dictating what is taught in school
Will come to an end; O hasten the day!
When the people, awakened, will, in chorus, say
Begone, Begone, your demise makes us gay.

Gay means happy!

Copyright Susan-Anne and Abigail White  2014

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UK’s totalitarian Government bans teaching of Creationism (as scientifically valid) in schools

In a determined effort to indoctrinate schoolchildren with the THEORY of Evolution, the totalitarian coalition Government in the UK has banned the teaching of Creationism (as scientifically valid) in public schools.

The politically correct Marxist agenda that masquerades as Government policy cannot afford to permit ANYONE to question or reject its darling theory i.e Evolution, hence this Stalinesque ban.

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The Judge with “memory loss!”

Homosexual Judge Adrian Fulford, has been “fully exonerated” of misconduct allegations, the Judicial Conduct Investigation Office (JCIO) announced recently.

“M”lud” will now resume hearing criminal appeals.

It seems that the “noble lord” is experiencing memory loss because he has “no memory” of founding the “Conspiracy to Corrupt Public Morals Campaign” group, which operated in support of the vile Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE).

He allegedly supported PIE in the late 70’s while a volunteer at the National Council for Civil Liberties (NCCL). Others tarred with the same brush are, Harriet Harman, Jack Dromey (her husband) and Patricia Hewitt.

It comes as no surprise that the allegations against the Judge were found to have “no substance”!!

The report “exonerating” him has not been published, and probably never will be.  Why?

The Police and other agencies are not showing the same interest and determination to bring political and legal heavyweights to justice as they are in their “no stone left unturned” pursuance of the alleged perpetrators of sexual crimes such as Saville and his ilk (assuming the deceased Saville and others are/were guilty of the sexual abuse of underage girls, because it is possible that some of the alleged victims of Saville and Co were willing participants in the immoral and wicked sexual activity that was widespread at the time.

It is possible that the revelations about Saville and Co came at just the right time for the powers that be because the subsequent police investigations conveniently distracted attention away from the vile, disgusting actual child molesters in the Muslim sex grooming gangs, and, as Islam could not afford to have such negative publicity for long, the investigation into Saville provided a smokescreen.

The result is that the Muslim grooming gangs and the equally vile Paedophile Information Exchange quietly slip below the radar, to be all but forgotten.

We are glad that many of the Muslim grooming gangs are now behind bars, but as for the vile people associated with PIE, they will probably never be “detained at Her Majesty’s Pleasure.”

Doolally AMA state “Gender is imaginary”

The American Medical Association is obviously suffering from a collective state of madness.

These nutty professors recently stated that “gender is imaginary.”

We would be wise to consider the AMA, a body of dim but devious medics, as imaginary, a figment of our imagination, because their nonsensical statement, is a figment of theirs!

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