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Abolish Abortion – Pastor J D Hall’s Abolitionist Manifesto

Abolish Human Abortion societies seek to abolish abortion, just as slavery was abolished. Here is a quote from the website Abolish Human Abortion,   “Abolitionist societies demand the immediate and total abolition of abortion. We believe that allowing abortion in some cases along the way to its total abolition is neither strategically sound nor consistently Christian. You cannot abolish any evil by justifying or allowing it to continue in some cases.” (end of quote)

Below is Pastor J D Hall’s abolitionist manifesto and we (the Whites) agree that abortion should be abolished.

The following is my own abolitionist’s manifesto.

  1. I will not vote for candidates or legislation that will discriminate against one person’s life for sake of another’s. This means that I will not countenance incrementalism. Given the last forty years of history in the pro-life movement, it is an indisputable historic fact that incrementalism does not work. It will not work. I will not vote for candidates or legislation that calls abortion anything but murder and treats it accordingly. I will not vote for candidates or legislation that will settle for anything but the complete, total and immediate abolition of abortion. I will settle for nothing but the criminalization of abortion. Should legislators or executors of law desire my support, they will submit to support for the criminalization of abortion or expect my opposition to their candidacy.
  2. I will not castigate or repudiate any moral tactics to end abortion and inhibit the innocent taking of life short of citizens stealing the magistrate’s sword to punish the wicked. I am done with concerns that particular tactics are not keeping with decorum or are uncouth. I’m done being embarrassed by the passionate protests and pleading of others. I assure you, when we stop ripping the faces off of babies I’ll be the first to urge we go back to more acceptable forms of civility. Until then, a culture that murders infants has no rightful claim to civility.
  3. I will not allow Christians or churches to hide behind faith as a shield for wickedness. The church should be judged first. The church should be called to repent first. For too long, professing Christians have been sheltered from criticism because they are on “our team.” My team is now righteousness, and I show no partiality.
  4. I will not consider anyone objecting to the passionate pleading and energetic methods of abolitionists to be pro-life merely because they give mental assent to the sinfulness of abortion. Yes, I am aware that “pro-life” is simply a moral position, a mere agreement with the wrongfulness of infanticide. For myself, I am refusing to consider anyone who is not acting on abortion (in at least the most meager fashion) as truly and meaningfully holding to the pro-life position. I am sick and tired of professing Christians thinking because they vote Republican or march in a parade that they are pro-life in any meaningful way. Act to end it, or be a part of the problem. Be with Jesus, or be against Him.
  5. I will regularly travel four hours to preach at the closest abortion clinic. I will weekly do something substantive to end this evil. I will use every ounce of my influence to end this barbaric practice. I will not merely hold an opinion. I will hold back those marching toward the slaughter or be damned by my conscience before God. On that great day of judgment, I will say that I did something. And when history vindicates us as prophets to our age, whether before the coming of our King or after, my children and grandchildren will be able to count me among the few who did more than hold an opinion.

Will you join me? Let’s turn the world upside down. (article ends here)

Pastor Hall’s website can be found at link below,

Oh no, “sexpert” Mark Driscoll back in the pulpit

Worldly, sex-obsessed “Pastor” Mark Driscoll has a new church! He has now set up shop in Phoenix, Arizona.

His previous appalling “church” Mars Hill is no more.

It appears he wants to start up Mars Hill 2 only on a smaller scale.

He is a wolf in sheep’s clothing and is not fit to occupy a pulpit.

Look at the photo at link below to see the Driscoll family Christmas photo. The immodesty of Driscoll’s daughters is despicable. His wife is also usually provocatively dressed ( not obviously so in the photo.)

They look like a godless group of worldlings and the evidence points to them being just that.

Merry Christmas and a Free Gift for You

I did not stand alone against cannabis Party CISTA

Last Saturday (19th March) saw the first pro-cannabis demonstration in Omagh, County Tyrone. Prominent at the demo was Barry Brown the leader of the pro-cannabis political Party in Northern Ireland called CISTA which stands for Cannabis is Safer than Alcohol.

The pro-cannabis lobby are calling for the legalisation of medicinal cannabis as a smokescreen for their actual demand i.e the legalisation of recreational cannabis.

There is no medical consensus on the use of cannabis for medicinal purposes and even if there was, cannabis should be kept in hospitals, in a locked cupboard within a locked cupboard and prescribed by a doctor for a specific medical condition. Keep it out of the community.

Cannabis is a class B drug and it is illegal and should never be legalised for recreational use.

My husband and I opposed the cannabis demo last Saturday but the newspapers have given the impression that I was a lone protestor. See photo at bottom of page of linked article to see a photo of our protest.

First pro-cannabis public demo takes place in Omagh

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God hates (yes HATES) these people

God does not love everybody. The Bible states that there are certain things (and certain people) that God hates. Here are a few,

God hates all workers of iniquity – Psalm 5 verse 5

God hates the wicked and him that loveth violence – Psalm 11 verse 5

God hates hands that shed innocent blood – Proverbs 6 verses 16-19

Therefore we can be sure that God hates the bloodthirsty pro-abortion wretches in the video below.

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Transsexual killers may be coming to a bathroom near you

The aggressive “transgender” lobby have been demanding (and have been granted in many places) access to ladies lavatories for some time now, especially in the USA and Canada, with frequently catastrophic results, and even if this were not the case i.e  if these cross-dressers behaved themselves in said bathrooms and simply used the facility to answer the call of nature, it would still be wrong, terribly wrong, for cross-dressing men to be permitted in women-only areas.

Readers have probably heard of these so-called “Bathroom Bills” which are designed to permit men dressed up as women to enter ladies lavatories.
Men pretending to be women are also permitted to enter other areas that were set aside for women only, such as changing rooms in clothing stores and gymnasiums etc. They are also permitted to stay in women’s refuges and can also request to be sent to a female prison when found guilty of crimes (which they frequently commit, see the cases we cite below.)

LGBT activists and their allies at Queen’s University Belfast recently called for “gender-neutral” toilets and Hazelwood Integrated College outside Belfast has a group called “Gay Straight Whatever” and they have a designated WC for transgender pupils and they have dispensed with a gender specific uniform code. To further display their pro-gay credentials, they have a lesbian science teacher and a homosexual Maths teacher. Truly the lunatics are running the asylum!

Here we cite some appalling murders committed by “transsexual” men. Some of these despicable perpetrators attacked women in lavatories while others attacked women in other places but almost ALL these named below claim to be transsexual or transvestite and demand the right to identify or dress as women. These cases are horrific and there are many more we could have mentioned.

Transsexual and Tranvestite perpetrators

Patrick Hagan  6ft 3inch  280 pounds – punched a woman in the mouth because she questioned his presence in the women’s restroom. She lost five teeth.

Christopher Hambrook  – pretended to be transgender to gain access to two women’s shelters. He sexually assaulted two women. He has a history of assaulting women and girls.

Christopher Todd Gard – cross-dresser, assaulted an 8 year old girl in a bathroom in a store in Oklahoma City.

Mark Lazarus – assaulted an 11 year old girl. Attempted to rape a 71 year old woman he followed into a public bathroom.

Gavin Boyd – cross-dresser, calls himself “Joyce” convicted of murdering 20 year old Vikki McGrand. He sexually assaulted another girl, a 19 year old, in 1999 who was left permanently disfigured after the attack.

Hadden Clark – cross-dressing cannibal murderer, drunk women’s blood……

Robert Kosilek – murdered his wife, almost decapitated her, calls himself  “Michelle.”

Luis Morales aka “Synthia”China Blast and accomplice Carlos Franco raped and murdered 13 year old Ebony Williams. The prosecutor at the trial said, “The suffering that this poor child went through is beyond belief and puts this crime in the category of monstrous and barbarous.”

Homosexuals have also committed dreadful murders and abused children, google the case of Jesse Durkhising and Jason Swift, to name but two. Orphaned children and those in State care facilities should never be placed with homosexual “couples” (or heterosexuals living together unmarried.)

It is  a fact that some heterosexuals have also abused and murdered children (and adults) but when society is following God’s natural order and emphasizing gender differences and upholding Biblical man/woman marriage and morality, it is much easier to spot the deviants among us, be they homosexual or heterosexual.

Accused in hit and run had been smoking cannabis since age 6

Clayton Williams 18 or 19 years of age, reports vary, is on trial in Manchester, England accused of murdering Police Constable David Phillips last October see link below.)

The accused was driving a stolen truck and reached speeds of up to 80mph before he hit the 34 year old Police Officer, a married man with two children.

A second man was in the stolen vehicle,  30 year old Philip Stuart.

The Court heard that the accused had been smoking cannabis since the age of 6 and had been buying drugs and smoked a “spliff” before he killed the Officer.

The accused may have been a danger on the roads even if he had never smoked cannabis because speed can kill, but cannabis and speeding on the roads are a lethal combination.

Cannabis is dangerous and the accused should be facing drugs charges in addition to the murder charge and the burglary charge and the theft charge.

Some terrible murders have been committed by individuals under the influence of cannabis. Read about one such horrific case at the link to Guardian newspaper below.

There is a political Party calling for the decriminalisation of cannabis and they are called CISTA (stands for Cannabis is Safer than Alcohol) and the Omagh branch and their friends in the Omagh Medicinal Cannabis Support Group are planning a demonstration for legalisation of medicinal cannabis this Saturday in Omagh. This is a ploy to bring about the legalisation of cannabis for recreational use.

A pot-using American lawyer said (in the 1970’s) “We will use the medical marijuana (cannabis) argument as a red herring to give pot a good name.”

This demonstration should be banned. Cannabis is neither safe nor legal. It is dangerous as are other drugs such as heroin and cocaine. Alcohol is also a drug and it is not safe either.

We will end with a quote about the supposed benefits of medicinal cannabis.
“Smoking cannabis for medication is like eating mouldy bread to get your penicillin, or chewing willow bark for aspirin.” see

Homosexual John O’ Doherty says Christian Magistrate “hasn’t learned the lesson!”

A Christian Magistrate, Richard Page, has been sacked for remarks he made about homosexuals adopting children.

His case was debated on the Nolan radio show on Radio Ulster this morning (see link below.)

The host of the show, Stephen Nolan, interviewed retired Free Presbyterian Minister Rev. David McIlveen and homosexual John O’ Doherty of the Rainbow Project about their respective views on the sacking of the Magistrate.

Rev. McIlveen spoke in support of the Magistrate but was very softly-softly and non-judgemental toward militant homosexual O’Doherty when the situation called for confrontation and exposure of the dangerous “gay” agenda with particular reference to the fact that children are MORE likely to be abused by homosexuals than by heterosexuals.

Of these facts, Rev. McIlveen said NOTHING.

The homosexual O’Doherty made a chilling statement at one point in the conversation when he said that the Magistrate, Mr. Page “hasn’t learned the lesson….”

According to Rainbow John, the Magistrate had been reprimanded by his employers some time ago because of his concerns about placing children with homosexuals, and, because he has not changed his opinion and stands by his stated concerns, he “hasn’t learned the lesson…”

What Mr. O’Doherty means is the following.

The attempt to indoctrinate or re-educate Mr. Page into accepting the destructive homosexual lifestyle as normal and natural has failed (Praise the Lord) and he has not learned the lesson that one cannot oppose the LGBT agenda (or any aspect of it) and remain in high office.

When will people wake up (Christians in particular) to the totalitarian and utterly destructive and extremely dangerous nature of the LGBT lobby. They will not stop until they have silenced all opposition by pro-gay laws and imprisonment and, if all these penalties fail and some still oppose them (and we hope we will always be found among those who do) it is possible that such people may be executed as enemies of the State.

If readers think that such a scenario is a figment of our imagination, google the case of Pastor Chuck McIlhenny in San Francisco. Homosexuals attempted to murder him and his family because he fired a homosexual organist from his church. Mercifully, the family escaped unhurt, but the intention of their attackers was to kill.

Here is the link to the Nolan radio show:

The debate begins at 39 minutes 49 seconds. Mr.O’Doherty’s chilling words can be heard at 42 minutes 53 seconds.