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Cosmetic company gives Islam a “makeover,” then promotes androgyny!

Cosmetics company CoverGirl is busily engaged in portraying Islam with a pretty face (except for the unsightly nose ring), a pretty face which covers up (pardon the pun) the truth about Islam and the danger it poses to the West.

Not content with “beautifying” Islam, CoverGirl is now busily engaged in “beautifying” men i.e promoting androgyny.

The hideous painted face of 17 year old James Charles is now CoverGirls’s  “Cover Boy!” (see video and article below.)

The deluded young man is obviously abnormal, but so is the hideous, sinister cosmetics company CoverGirl.

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Australia – Van rams into office of Australian Christian Lobby Group and explodes

A man driving a van rammed into the office of the Australian Christian Lobby (ACL) organisation in Canberra yesterday at approx. 9.35pm.

The van exploded. It was burnt out and serious damage was done to the ground and upper floor of the building. Mercifully, no-one was in the office at the time.

The Police would not confirm media reports that the van was carrying gas bottles.

The driver was seriously injured but was able to walk to a nearby hospital.

The Police have spoken to him, and, on the basis of that interview, they have (incredibly) already concluded that the attack was not politically or religiously motivated.

So it appears that  it is not being described as a “hate” crime.

Methinks the Politically Correct Police would be very quick to call such an attack a “hate” crime if the target had been a mosque or LGBT hangout!

The Australian Christian Lobby are opposed to homosexual “marriage” and they have received death threats this year and, as a consequence,  had stepped up their security.

There is no proven link (yet) between their opposition to sodomite “marriage” and the death threats they have received, but the attack on their office has eerie similarities to the attempted murder of a Christian Pastor, Chuck McIlhenny and his family in San Francisco in the 1980’s. He had taken a stand against the LGBT lobby and sometime later someone attempted to murder him and his family in a firebomb. Mercifully, the family escaped unhurt.

It takes courage to publicly oppose the LGBT agenda (and other evils) and those who do can expect persecution.

Be that as it may. Silence in the face of evil is not an option!


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Caleb Foundation – speak out or close down!

The Caleb Foundation is an Evangelical Christian lobby group “promoting the Fundamentals of the Historic Evangelical Protestant Faith.”

Caleb has 19 Ministers/Pastors/Others in their Council, representing the Congregational, Independent Methodist, Reformed Presbyterian, Congregational Reformed, Elim Pentecostal, Baptist, Church of the Nazarene and the Evangelical Protestant Society.

One would think that Caleb would have some comment to make about recent events of particular concern to Evangelical Christians.

Not so! Caleb has not updated its website since 29th April, 2015!

Why the silence and inactivity, Caleb Foundation?

There are six members of the Council who are Free Presbyterians and of particular note, one of the six is Mervyn Storey, a senior DUP politician and a church elder.

In light of the DUP’s appalling cowardice and silence in the matter of homosexual “pardons,” one would think that Caleb would have something to say.

It seems not!  A collective case of “tongue-tie” perhaps.

Time for you to disband Caleb. You have outlived your usefulness.

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A glaring omission in Free Presbyterian statement – Church discipline!

The Government and Morals Committee of the Free Presbyterian Church (FPC) issued a statement after the Northern Ireland Assembly passed a motion pardoning homosexuals, living and deceased, who were convicted of gross indecency (sodomy) during the time when homosexuality was a criminal offence.

The statement was weak because the FPC did not name and shame the cowardly politicians in the Democratic Unionist Party who remained silent or in hiding during the debate on the hideous motion. Some of those DUP politicians are professing Christians AND members of the FPC.

Then the FPC issued another statement, a “strengthened” statement which was still weak because, as with the first statement, the FPC failed to name and shame their erring members.

The FPC, in addition to naming them should have set in motion the wheels of Church discipline. In times past, the Free Presbyterian hierarchy were very quick to discipline (and sometimes excommunicate) Ministers, elders and members who had not committed anything like the transgressions the Free Presbyterian DUP politicians are guilty of. They had simply disagreed with a decision or course of action taken by the FPC.

There was no place for dissension in the FPC, consequently, the dissenters were silenced or excommunicated.

Why do the hierarchy of the FPC continue to wring their hands about the actions of their members in the DUP but take no action against them?

It is high time that the FPC showed their cowardly DUP brethren the back seat (of discipline) or the door (of excommunication.)

The other professing Christians in the DUP who are members of other Evangelical churches should likewise be disciplined by their ruling elders.

Handwriting on the wall for the DUP

Did the professing Christians in the  Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) really think that God would overlook their appalling decision to go along with pardoning that which He says is an abomination i.e sodomy?

He will not and He has not!

The present furore surrounding the Northern Ireland Assembly in general and the DUP in particular reveals the corruption at the heart of the godless mandatory coalition that governs Northern Ireland.

It is interesting to note that MLA Jonathan Bell was “conscience-stricken” about the Renewable Heating Initiative (and his role in it) many months after last May’s Assembly election and not before, even though the problems with the RHI pre-date the election.

It is also interesting to note that neither Mr.Bell nor any other DUP MLA or Minister had a “fit of conscience” when they were instructed to toe the Party line and agree with the pardoning of acts of gross indecency i.e sodomy and their consciences were also malfunctioning (or dead) last June when the DUP in the Executive went along with lifting the ban on homosexuals giving blood.

Two other well known DUP politicians, Sammy Wilson and Gavin Robinson also appear to have malfunctioning (or dead) consciences, evidenced by their support for “buffer zones” at abortion clinics, the effect of which will be to make it easier for women to enter abortion clinics, unhindered by pro-life activists, to have their unborn children killed.

It is difficult to ascertain the truth about the present furore surrounding the RHI because when it comes to many politicians (we do not say all) truth is a stranger and it and they have yet to be introduced.

We long for godly rulers from whom proceed righteous judgements, but we have not been blessed with them. May God hasten the day when we will have rulers who will punish the evildoers and praise the God-fearing in the land.

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Christian school was unwise to hold Marie Curie “Pink Day”

On 21st October this year the Clogher Valley Independent Christian School in Northern Ireland held their first Marie Curie “Pink Day.”

Marie Curie is a charity which provides care and support for people living with terminal illness.

A necessary service to be sure, but there is more to Marie Curie than meets the eye.

Last year the Marie Curie organisation marched in London’s “gay” Pride parade!

This fact alone should send shock waves throughout that Christian school. Furthermore, the entire “pink” phenomenon (pink days, pink ribbons etc) is a money-making industry and seeks to downplay the seriousness of breast cancer with its emphasis on floaty, fluffy pink toys and other items.

The “pink” industry may also give the impression that breast cancer is more common than it is and thereby scare women into giving money for “research” which never seems to find a cure!  Feminism’s ugly head also lurks just under the surface of the “pink” breast cancer industry despite the fact that many feminists think that “pink stinks” because of the time honoured tradition of pink for a girl and blue for a boy.

Feminists who dislike the colour pink don’t mind the use of pink coloured merchandise as long as it prioritises women’s cancers at the expense of men’s cancers.

During their “pink” day, the Clogher Valley Christian school encouraged its pupils (boys and girls) to dress in something pink. Facebook photos show the embarrassing spectacle of young Christian boys (in particular) draped in pink scarves.

We hope that that school’s “pink” day will be its last.

Read about Marie Curie charity’s participation in London Pride at link below,

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Woe to those who call evil good

An Amnesty International member from Londonderry, Northern Ireland, Diana King and two likeminded comrades, Colette Devlin and Kitty O’Kane, have been named as three of 100 “Leading Global Thinkers” by a left-wing rag called “Foreign Policy” magazine.

They were so named for “committing a righteous crime.”

What does a left-wing rag consider a “righteous crime” you may ask?

Procuring abortion pills to give to women who do not want lethal medication posted through their letterbox!

To the darkened minds of “Foreign Policy” magazine, such wicked, illegal activities on the part of all concerned (procurer and user) is a “righteous crime!!”

To all such, the Bible pronounces the strongest warning, described by the word “woe.”

“Woe” is an exclamation of judgement upon God’s enemies, so be warned you godless trio and be warned “Foreign Policy” magazine because God takes vengeance on His enemies and He reserves particular wrath for “hands that shed innocent blood.”

Read about King, Devlin and O’Kane below,

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