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Women’s Aid – no 20:20 vision on murderous females

The strident feminist organisation Women’s Aid and others of their ilk such as Belfast Feminist Network, yesterday launched their 20:20 Vision on Domestic Violence spearheading their 16 days of action campaign.

It is true that many women have been murdered by men and those men deserve the death penalty.

It is also true that many women are violent and some have murdered men and they also deserve the death penalty.

However the fact that women can be violent is not in keeping with feminist propaganda so they (the feminists) attempt to downplay or ignore such inconvenient facts.

Many years ago, a lady called Erin Pizzey started a women’s refuge in London, to help the victims of domestic violence. In the course of her work she found that most of the women in her refuge were equally as violent or more violent than their husbands.

In 2009 she stated that she has “never been a feminist because having experienced my mother’s violence, I always knew that women can be as vicious and irresponsible as men.”

Now to return to Women’s Aid Northern Ireland and their “vision” problem because they appear not to see that which is staring them in the face i.e violent women.

Here are the names of some notorious female killers in Northern Ireland.

Julie McGinley   Adulteress and murderess (killed husband with male co-accused)

Lesley Gault     Adulteress and accused murderess but cleared on appeal (appeal verdict not unanimous) husband murdered by male co-accused

Jacqueline Crymble   Adulteress and murderess (killed husband with male co-accused)

Hazel Stewart      Adulteress and murderess (she and male co-accused killed their respective spouses)

Now, what is the likelihood that Women’s Aid NI will include the cases of these wicked women in their literature about domestic violence?

Probably zero!


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Pro-Marijuana doctor David “Stoned” Casarett coming to Omagh

Next Saturday an American doctor called David Casarett will visit Omagh to launch his pro-medical marijuana book entitled “Stoned: A Doctor’s Case for Medical Marijuana.”

The pro-cannabis Party CISTA (stands for Cannabis is safer than alcohol) have organised the event in conjunction with VolteFace.

Cannabis is illegal in Northern Ireland and is a Class B drug. Cannabis/Marijuana is also illegal in Dr.Casarett’s State of Pennsylvania, USA.  He needs to read the article linked to below entitled, “America’s doctors don’t support medical marijuana.”

Dr. Cannabis oops Cassaret and his dangerous book are not welcome in Omagh and the despicable CISTA Party should be illegal, just like cannabis.

The pro-drugs lobby talk much about “medical cannabis/marijuana” but according to the anti-drugs organisation “CannabisSkunkSense” this “scam” was started in 1979 by a pot-using American lawyer who said, “We will use the medical marijuana argument as a red herring to give pot a good name.”

CISTA are having (or had) their annual conference this month and one of the speakers is (was) Ron Hogg, the pro-cannabis Police and Crime Commissioner for County Durham in England. Does this man not know that 10% of those who try cannabis will become addicted, in teenage users this rises to 1 in 6? (statistics from CannabisSkunkSense)

Here is another quote from CannabisSkunkSense, “Cannabis is a hallucinogen, a depressant and our commonest illegal drug.”

Now read the article below,

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This is Northern Ireland, Roisin McAuley!

On BBC NI radio programme “Sunday Sequence” this morning, the presenter Roisin McAuley posed the question, “Who influences you….?”

She then cited an article from a newspaper called  the Sunday Independent which had a list of the 100 most influential people in Ireland.
She then stated that the list did not include any religious people and commented on that fact with this question, “What does that say about Irish society today?”

Let it be known that Roisin McAuley was broadcasting from Northern Ireland and she lives in Northern Ireland and she grew up in Northern Ireland and yet she cites a list that pertains to the Republic of Ireland only thereby giving the impression that Northern Ireland does not exist.

We live in NI and NI is part of the United Kingdom. So why did Miss/Mrs.McAuley refer to Ireland and Irish society on a BBCNI programme broadcast from Belfast not Dublin?

The evidence points to an all-Ireland (united Ireland) mentality and agenda on the part of some in the BBC.

Beware of the left-wing BBC.

Listen to the “AlI-Ireland” propaganda at the link below   The discussion starts at I minute 13 seconds in to programme and ends at 10 minutes 55 seconds.

The loony Left invent another highfalutin “phobia”

The mischievous anti-racism “industry” and its overpaid staff of professional “grievance-inventors” are onto another winner (and money-spinner) with the launch of yet another campaign to highlight yet another invented phobia.

The latest “phobia” is identified as “Afrophobia” and is self-explanatory.

The organisation behind the campaign is called ENAR (European Network Against Racism) and they launched their “Afrophobia Ireland” campaign in Dublin this week.

The Left are so predictable. They create the problem and foment civil unrest and then they seek taxpayers money to solve the problems they have created.

Enough of this parasitic organisation ENAR because THEY are the problem!

Islam – the politically INCORRECT truth

Is Islam the “religion of peace” Muslim apologists claim that it is or does it advocate violent jihad against non-Muslims? The videos below answer this question. The speaker is Dr.David Wood.

In the wake of the horror that was visited on Paris, the Islamic Centre in Belfast issued a statement condemning the murderous rampage, yet in January of this year, one of their number, Dr.Raied Al-Wazzan praised ISIS rule in Iraq. He later apologised saying he “used the wrong words.”

Was his apology genuine? In the wake of the Paris horror, Dr. Raied Al-Wazzan said that ISIS cannot be singled out for criticism from many similar groups.

Again we ask the question, was his apology genuine or calculated to deceive? Incredibly, this is the man who made a complaint about Pastor James McConnell who is now being prosecuted for a sermon he preached which included references to Islam. The prosecution and hounding of Pastor McConnell is an outrage.

Dr. Al-Wazzan praised ISIS rule in Iraq (as we stated earlier) yet they are murdering savages just like the other Muslim terror groups Al Qaeda, Al Shabaab, the Taliban and Boko Haram etc. Remember the beheadings in Iraq in 2004, who could forget Ken Bigley, Nick Berg and so many others. The modus operandi of all these terrorist groups is the same, rapes, torture and gruesome murders. Jihadi John (so-called) was the latest in a long line of Muslim executioners (murderers,) before he was apparently “taken out” in a drone strike.

Now view the videos by Dr.Wood

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This is worth hearing again

In July 2012, Richard Dawkins, the infamous “career” atheist was interviewed on the BBC Radio Ulster programme “Talkback.”

I phoned the programme to refute Professor Dawkins’ untrue assertion that no reputable scientists believe in a young earth.

I named four and I could have named more.

Listen to the somewhat heated exchange at link provided. My contribution begins at 12.07 minutes and ends at 14.45 minutes

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