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Rockets found in UNRWA school for the third time

The mainstream media don’t like to be reminded of these cold, hard facts. See link below.!

Who is responsible for storing rockets in schools, mosques and hospitals, etc.? None other than the bloodthirsty terrorist organization known as Hamas. See below.

Five things you should know about the HAMAS Charter

1. Obliterate Israel

2.  Islamic State from the river Jordan to the Med Sea (in place of Israel)

3. No recognition of Israel’s right to exist on one square inch of “Palestine”.

4. Looks forward to the death of the last Jews in hiding (article 7).

5. Negotiations with Israel tantamount to treason.

This is the organisation responsible for developing suicide bombing on buses, restaurants and synagogues and firing over 11,000 missiles on Israeli towns and cities.

William Crawley comment – ad verbatim

Following on from our post about William Crawley and his “Sunday Sequence” radio programme of yesterday, during which he implied/asserted that Israel uses “human shields,”  here is an ad verbatim quote from the man himself and a response from one of the contributors to the discussion, Mr.Anthony Julius.

William Crawley, ” On that basis, what kind of evidence would be necessary to demonstrate in some legal venue that a war crime has been carried out. For example, we’ve seen in the past the use of human shields. Now the Israeli Supreme Court has outlawed that, the IDF say they don’t do that, even though in the past they acknowledge that has happened.
It’s happened on both sides in the past, it may even be happening right now.

Anthony Julius responds, ” Sorry, hang on one second, so far as I’m aware, Israel has never been accused of using its civilian population to protect its fighters……

William Crawley again, ” No, but it’s been accused of using Palestinians to protect its fighters.” (End of excerpt from Sunday Sequence)

You will note that William Crawley agrees with Anthony Julius when he states that as far as he is aware, Israel has never been accused of using its civilian population as human shields. Yet, moments earlier, Mr.Crawley stated “It’s happened on both sides in the past, it may even be happening right now.”

It IS happening right now, Mr.Crawley, and HAMAS are the culprits!

There was a case of Israeli soldiers who were accused of using a Palestinian boy as a human shield because they asked him to open a bag.
We don’t know the full facts of the case but the Israeli authorities investigated and punished the soldiers involved. The young boy did not die as a result of the soldiers actions.

The behaviour of those Israeli soldiers was an aberration, unlike Hamas whose use of its own people as human shields is not the exception, it is the rule!

Incredible but true – William Crawley implied that ………….

Israel has sometimes used its people as “human shields!”

Then he backtracked somewhat (but did not apologise nor withdraw his statement) and said that Israel had used Palestinians as “human shields.”

Mr. Crawley made his outrageous comment about Israel on his BBC Radio Ulster programme entitled “Sunday Sequence” this morning.

We have never heard anyone claim that Israel uses anyone as a “human shield” but William Crawley obviously believes he can say anything he likes and get away with it.

His thinly-veiled hatred of Israel got the better of him today and his “creepy crawley” mask slipped.

The BBC should force him to apologise and withdraw his falsehood, and to desist from his anti-Israel bias.

We have a message for Mr.Crawley, and these words were printed on a wartime (Second World War ) poster.


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Dr. Mads Gilbert – don’t swallow his pro-Hamas poison

Dr. Mads Gilbert, a Norwegian doctor who is obviously considered a “reliable” source of information about the present situation in Gaza by some in the media, is, in fact, a Communist and not objective in any way.

He is a member of Norway’s Red Party.

Take what he says with a pinch of salt. Better still, refuse to swallow his anti-Israel poison altogether.

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NI Playwright seeks funding to “re-educate” Evangelical Christians

A Northern Ireland playwright ( and some associates)  is seeking funding to “bring Christians into the real world” (his words) by which he means “RE-EDUCATION” that is, forced compliance with the Left- wing/Politically correct agenda.

How do I know that this is his goal, you may ask.

This information was communicated to me during a telephone conversation with said playwright, whose name shall be withheld for the time being.

I contacted him because he had described me as a first cousin of the Taliban, the KKK and neo-Nazi groups, because I had protested outside a theatre which was the venue for three Feminist plays, a project of said playwright, and one of the three plays was written by Dawn Purvis who is the Director of the Marie Stopes abortion clinic in Belfast. I opposed Feminism and Abortion with my one-woman protest.

I asked him to withdraw his outrageous remarks (which were posted online but cannot be read any longer,) and he refused, so I took the matter further.

It was during this phone call that he told me he is seeking funding to enable him and his cohorts to establish we know not what, to “bring Christians into the real world.”

The tyrannical Left are already attempting to “re-educate” Christians in the USA as the video below clearly shows,

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Why have we not seen a Public Inquiry into Muslim “grooming” gangs?

Inquiries into this and Inquiries into that, but where is the Inquiry into Muslim (yes Muslim, ignore the euphemism “Asian”) grooming gangs?

The depravity and wickedness of these gangs is almost indescribable.

The sexual revolution is a factor because young girls are indoctrinated with the ideology of sexual anarchists in schools and youth clubs etc and they are told they have a right to a “sex life.”

However, Islam itself has a low view of women in general and of non-Muslim women in particular, so here we see a lethal combination i.e Islam and the sexual revolution.

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