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Trendy wolf in woolly clothes – Mark Driscoll – Evangelical Christianity’s “Undertaker”

In a stunt to promote his new book, “Pastor” Mark Driscoll drove himself to a speaking engagement at a Church in a HEARSE.

Always controversial (and offensive,) he did not disappoint. It was more of a shock to see him dressed in a suit with shirt and tie!

His usual attire is jeans and a cowboy shirt or fleece. Trendy Mark needs a “dressing-down” for “dressing-down.”

Here is the link to a video of Mr.Driscoll driving the hearse,

He is, apparently, concerned that, in his words, Christianity is “dying,” so, he wants to see a “resurgence,” whatever that means.

The sight of him emerging from a hearse certainly communicates a message, but not the message he envisages, because it is Driscoll himself (and many others like him that we could name,) who is/are to blame for the abysmal spiritual condition of many Churches today.

He is one of the new generation of “sexperts” in the pulpits of many a “modern” church who, under the guise of being “culturally relevant,” (again, whatever that means,) are to be blamed for bringing their obsession with sex and worldliness into the pulpit and promoting unholy living in innumerable congregations.

The gates of hell will not prevail against the true Church of the Lord Jesus Christ on the earth, but there is no doubt that men like Mark Driscoll have come in to the Church “unawares” and “worried” and snarled at Christ’s true sheep.

Killers of Lee Rigby did not betray Islam – they OBEYED its dictates!

The savage barbarians who killed soldier Lee Rigby last May, were justly convicted of his murder yesterday.

During the trial, the prosecuting lawyer spun the usual PC yarn about the case having nothing to do with Islam when he informed the jury that “Islam is not on trial.”

One of the convicted killers quickly disavowed the lawyer’s nonsensical statement when he kissed the Koran as he was led away from the courtroom.

Indeed, within minutes of the killing of Lee Rigby in May, Adebolajo was helpfully providing anyone who was listening with information regarding his and his accomplice’s motivation for the killing when he stated that, ” We are forced by the Koran…..”

As the Judge considers the sentence he will hand down, all we can say is that it’s a pity Albert Pierrepoint the former British State hangman is no longer around to administer to the two Muslim killers that which they assuredly deserve i.e the death penalty.

Click on the following link (which we have posted before) to learn more about the killers’ motivation,

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Muslims torture cattle in frenzy of bloodletting in Gaza

On 15th October this year, Muslims observed their Feast of Sacrifice.

Muslim groups in the USA are lobbying for schools to be closed on their religious holidays, including the above-mentioned Feast of Sacrifice.

Perhaps those foolish Americans who support the Muslim’s demands would withdraw their support if they saw what took place on 15th October this year in Gaza.

This video is graphic and shows indescribably wicked cruelty. Be warned but WATCH it, ALL of it, then do something to stop Muslim cruelty to animals which includes halal slaughter.

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Killer Women – an uncomfortable fact ignored by feminist Women’s Aid

Two recent cases clearly show that women can be violent and dangerous (and we could cite many more.)

Feminism has definitely turned many women into aggressive harridans, and, because feminist propaganda portrays virtually all men as violent potential rapists and murderers (with the exception of that strange creature, the male feminist,) many women today view men as the enemy and are fighting a “war” against men, and, whilst some men are violent and dangerous, the real enemy of women is FEMINISM.

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Supreme Court show utter disregard for children – lifts ban on homosexual adoption

The Supreme Court, in an act of utter folly and madness, has lifted the ban on homosexuals and unmarried heterosexuals adopting children.

This is disgraceful, but not unexpected nor surprising, in a society bent on its own destruction.

Read more about the Supreme Court decision at

Then click on the following link to an earlier post on our blog about the dangers of homosexual adoption,

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A Fairytale for Terrorists

Once upon a time, there was a faraway land called Appeasement Process, which was a topsy-turvy land where everything was back to front, inside out and upside down.
Most of the citizens of this land had been lulled in to a false sense of security by those who pulled the strings, and who lived in a huge monstrosity called the House of Meaningless Assurances.

The citizenry of Appeasement Process land spent most of their time asleep, unaware that their sense of security was false and the result of them being fed an untruth drug virtually every day by an insatiable monster called The Media.

However, a few brave souls who refused to be spoon-fed with the untruth drug, fought against The Media, and tried to break the stranglehold it had over their fellow citizens.

The Media fought back and hurled sticks and stones at these warriors-for-truth. The sticks and stones were emblazoned with words/sentiments such as, “bigot,” “hateful,” and ” dragging us back to the past.”

The Media and those who occupied the House of Meaningless Assurances were bosom friends and one assisted the other in their strategy to win the hearts and minds of the citizens.

Some of those who occupied the House of Meaningless Assurances were from a tribe called The Terrorists, although these were rather  embarrassed by their tribe and preferred to be called, Former Terrorists.

Appeasement Process land was actually brought into being for the habitation of the Former Terrorists and their “partners” who are known as “Political Parties,” and their fawning ally, the Monster Media.

Some of the Former Terrorists who reside in the House of Meaningless Assurances, and other Terrorists who do not (as yet) reside in said monstrosity, had been very bad when they were younger, but, as that was before they came to live in Appeasement Process land, those who pulled the strings decided that their agreement to live in said land (whose Constitution is known as the Belfast Agreement,) was deserving of a reward.

The rewards decided upon were lavish.

Some were elevated to positions of “decision-makers” in the House of Meaningless Assurances.
Others were given “Get out of prison in two years or less” cards.
Whilst others were given “Immunity against prison” cards or the similar “Amnesty for never-to-be-investigated-crimes” cards.

And now we must bid farewell to Appeasement Process land, where evil is good and wrong is right and justice for the victims of the Former Terrorists is turned on its head and is fallen in the streets.

We must take our leave quietly as we don’t want to wake the sleeping citizens.

So Farewell Appeasement Process land, where the only people who live happily ever after are the Former Terrorists, and those who join in unholy alliances with them!

1976 – The New Creation Singers set Scripture to music

September 1976 was a very significant year because it marked my Christian conversion. Prior to that date I thought I was a Christian because I was born in to a religious family and followed the dictates of my “Christian” religion.

I later became involved with a counterfeit of Christianity cult. However, everything changed when I heard the true Biblical Gospel at a young peoples’ meeting. I was invited to the meeting by a lady who owned a Christian bookshop in Blackpool (my family and I lived in England between 1972-1977.)

At the meeting, a young fellow gave his testimony and stated that he had become a Christian. This intrigued me as I thought he must have been a Muslim or such like, because, after all, I reasoned, most people are Christians, at least in the UK ( or so I thought, in my spiritual ignorance,) so he must have been born into a non-Christian religion.

I was very happy for him, but didn’t realise that, despite my religious background and religious observance, I was not a Christian!

However, soon after that meeting, I too became a Christian. It was as if someone switched a light on, and then I realised that aforetime, I had been walking in darkness.

A Christian friend loaned me an LP record of Scripture in song by the New Creation Singers and I remember it to this day. Recently, we ordered that same LP (now in CD form,) from the New Creation Singers website, and they enclosed two additional complimentary CD’s.

The LP my friend loaned me was entitled, “The Lord Lives.”

I still find their music inspirational today, just as it was in the life of a 17 year old girl, all those years ago.

P.S., we discovered today, 13th September 2015, that the New Creation Singers website is no longer available. We revised the above post accordingly, by deleting reference to their website. However, we have found a youtube link, so our readers can hear some of their music.

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