Wonderful news – Pastor Ken Miller is free at last

Mennonite Pastor Ken Miller is a courageous and inspiring man.

He was persecuted and imprisoned by the US authorities because he helped a mother and daughter to flee from the United States to protect the young child from being handed over to a lesbian at the behest of a wicked judge.

Pastor Miller spent almost two years in prison.

He was freed on 6th March 2018 and was welcomed home by his family and church in Stuarts Draft, Virginia.

Listen to him speak about his thoughts after his release from prison at the link below.

The preacher invited Ken to address the congregation before his sermon. Ken can be heard at the 4 minute mark and he speaks for ten minutes approximately.

The late R C Sproul vouched for the “Christian faith” of rock star Alice Cooper!

The late theologian R C Sproul played golf on at least one occasion with rock star Alice Cooper (real name Vince Furnier) during a break in a conference addressed by Sproul and attended by Cooper.

In the interview linked to below (R C Sproul and Alice Cooper: The friendship of a Pastor and a metalhead) the interviewer is none other than the sex-obsessed and vile “Pastor” Mark Driscoll.

In his introduction, Driscoll states that rock star Cooper came to faith and has been discipled by Sproul.

Later in the interview, R C Sproul states that Cooper is “very much committed to his Christian faith.”

Look at the videos below. One is from 1972 and in it Cooper sings his trademark “song” called “School’s Out.”

In the second video from 2016 (and presumably a long time after Cooper’s supposed conversion) he sings (loosely speaking) the same riotous piece.

Yet we are to believe that somewhere between 1972 and 2016, Cooper became a Christian and was discipled (at some point) by R C Sproul!!

If Cooper was genuinely converted, he would have forsaken the wicked rock music scene forever and would not be (still) prancing about a stage looking like something the cat dragged in and that you would not want to meet on a dark night!

Yet Sproul has no condemnation for Cooper or the equally vile Driscoll.

Where was his discernment?

Now see Alice Cooper in action and decide for yourself if you agree with Sproul that Cooper was “very much committed to his Christian faith.”

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Death of a whoremonger

Laura Lee, an infamous and unrepentant prostitute originally from Dublin in the Irish Republic, but who lived in Edinburgh, Scotland, died on 7-2-18 at the age of 39.

She gloried in her shame. She did wickedly. She attempted to make whoredom appear nothing other than a career choice by euphemistically calling whoredom “sex work” engaged in by “sex workers.”

She lay with filthy and equally wicked men, some (or many of them married) and she, and they, conspired to lie and cover up their disgusting deeds done in the dark (and in daylight also no doubt) because it is a true saying that one can be a liar without being an adulterer but one cannot be an adulterer without also being a liar.

Before her death, she was planning to challenge the Northern Ireland law that criminalises men who pay to cavort with prostitutes.

She obviously wanted to make it easy for wicked married men to betray their innocent, unsuspecting and clean wives and for single wicked men to fornicate with her and her comrade whores, hence her legal challenge.

Her legal challenge died with her as it was formally withdrawn this month, so evil men who pay for sex will continue to be criminalised.

However the law is not strong enough. Prostitution itself must be criminalised and harlots and their “clients” should be named, shamed and imprisoned.

Some women are forced to prostitute themselves by evil sex traffickers and such women need to be rescued from their hellish lives.

Laura Lee was not forced to prostitute herself. She and those in the depraved “English Collective of Prostitutes” were/are willing participants in whoremongering.

The word “whoremonger” originated from the Greek word “pornos.” That sounds very like the word pornography.

Evil twins, pornography and whoredom.

Laura Lee may have repented of her wickedness before she died, but it seems unlikely, given what was her pending legal challenge to the law criminalising her “clients” for paying for her “services.”

Ultimately only God knows.

Woe, woe to the sexually immoral. Adulterers and whoremongers God will judge.



Ignore the feminist claptrap and hullabaloo associated with International Women’s Day and celebrate instead “International Mothers Influence Day.”

The brainchild of Homemakers for America who released their “Declaration of Mothers” and proclaimed March 8th “International Mothers Influence Day.”

They are presenting their “Declaration of Mothers” to the US Congress at the Phyllis Schlafly Centre in Washington DC this Thursday (8th March.)

Pistol-packing guards evict Baptist from church to silence him!

First Baptist church in Jacksonville, Florida recently honoured Ravi Zacharias by presenting him with a lifetime ministry award.

They did this despite the allegations of “conduct unbecoming” swirling around Zacharias.

A Baptist attendee named Jim Lutzweiler wanted to question the church Pastor Mac Brunson about honouring Zacharias but was prevented from so doing.

The Pastor’s son Trey Brunson said to him, “No, do not ask the question. If you do, I will call security.”

Mr. Lutzweiler complied with the request from Trey Brunson to refrain from asking such questions but that was not enough for Zacharias’s “fan club.” They had Mr. Lutzweiler evicted from the building by armed guards!

Wow! Talk about a cover-up!

The leadership in that church are a disgrace and ought to be ashamed of themselves.

Weeflea condemns Stephen Green but not Iain D Campbell and Ravi Zacharias

The Weeflea is the title of the blog of David Robertson, the minister of St. Peter’s Free Church of Scotland in Dundee (since 1992) and was formerly Moderator of the Free Church of Scotland between 2015-2016.

St. Peter’s is the historic church of Robert Murray McCheyne.

In 2016, he wrote a post about Stephen Green of Christian Voice. The post was entitled, “The blasphemy of Christian Voice and an apology to Tom Daley.” (link is below but read my observations about Stephen Green first.)

Stephen Green takes an uncompromising and hardline stand against homosexuality (I commend him for that) and Tom Daley is an Olympic diver and a homosexual, and some woman somewhere is carrying a baby for him and his boyfriend so that that evil pair (trio when the woman is included) can pretend to be a “family.”

I fear for the baby who will be handed over to those deviants!

Rev. David Robertson took exception to Stephen’s anti-homosexual rhetoric and his post is below.

The Blasphemy of Christian Voice and an Apology to Tom Daley

Mr. Robertson is liberal and non-judgemental (in my opinion) except when it comes to people like Stephen Green and others who take a courageous and uncompromising stand against sodomy. Note part of a comment below about Stephen Green entitled “What the Green reaction tells us about the UK Church,” made by Mr.Robertson on his own blog.

“Someone who sets himself up as Christian voice, has to ensure that his private life is as holy as his public life!”

In his diatribe against Stephen Green, Mr. Robertson references the fact that Mr. Green was accused of domestic violence by his first wife and he gives a link to a newspaper article about this matter.

I don’t know if Mr. Green is guilty or innocent but, if guilty, I have no difficulty or hesitation in condemning him.

However I have never heard of him going on trial or being imprisoned for these alleged offences.

The point I wish to make here is the selective nature of Rev. Robertson’s condemnation.

He condemns Mr. Green for his anti-homosexual remarks but has no condemnation for two other “leading lights” in the evangelical Christian world, one deceased and one living.

The late Rev. Iain D Campbell was a Gospel minister at Point Free Church on the isle of Lewis in Scotland. He took his own life in January last year.

It was then revealed that he had been a wicked adulterer for years!

Remember what Rev. Robertson said about Stephen Green? It bears repeating.

“Someone who sets himself up as Christian Voice has to ensure that his private life is as holy as his public life.”

The adulterous “Pastor” Campbell certainly purported to be a “Christian voice” to his congregation (which included some of his scarlet women!)

Read Rev. Robertson’s softly-softly, non-judgemental piece on his duplicitous friend.

Tragedy in Lewis – A Pastoral Response

My comment on Robertson’s fluffy piece is below and his pathetic response then follows. He wrote a similar piece on Premier Christianity about the moral scandal that recently engulfed slippery Ravi Zacharias, who, in addition to the alleged immorality has been found out for exaggerating his academic credentials.

(Mrs. White’s comment) “I have left a comment on your post about Ravi Zacharias on Premier Christianity. I hope you will read it. Your post about Zacharias and your post on your own blog about Iain D Campbell are similar and liberal and non-judgemental. It is because of men like Campbell and Zacharias that atheists have no interest in Christianity and they think that Christians are hypocrites. I am a Bible-believing Christian and I am weary of Christians who will not roundly condemn men like Zacharias and the adulterous “Pastor” Iain D Campbell and his scarlet women. Those wicked adulteresses should have been put out of the Church in disgrace. Instead they got a slap on the wrist. I am judgemental because the Bible is judgemental and I can judge as long as I am not guilty of the sin I condemn in others. Quit you like men you softly-softly, non-judgemental Ministers and condemn the wicked hypocrites among us who live double lives, that others may fear and watch their conduct accordingly.”(comment ends)


(David Robertson said) “It is not because of men like Campbell and Zacharias that atheists have no interest in Christianity. I have never met an atheist yet for whom that is the case. They have no interest in Christianity because they are dead in sins and trespasses and they are enemies of God! If you are a bible believing Christian then you should act like one and believe what the bible says about not entertaining an accusation against an elder without two or three real witnesses – and the process for church discipline that Christ puts forth in Matthew 18. You seem to think that you have the right to act as judge and jury on the basis of gossip. That is hardly the action of a bible believing Christian. I would suggest that you should take the beam out of your own eye before you take the speck out of others. I have no qualms in being a judgemental minister and telling you that in my judgement it is you who sounds like the wicked hypocrite! “(comment ends)

(Mrs. White’s comment) “Mr.Robertson, you refuse to judge and denounce Ravi Zacharias just as you refused to judge and denounce the late Iain D Campbell who was guilty of the most disgusting sexual sin. The Bible describes sexual sin as wicked and filthy and it is not “judging” to call sin what the Bible says it is. Stop this softly-softly, non-judgemental nonsense at once. I am a Bible-believing Christian and I am weary of the silence and/or softly-softly attitude to morally bankrupt professing Christians from people like you. Atheists and liberals mock Christianity when they hear of yet another hypocritical Christian falling. The Bible warns those who give the enemies of the LORD cause to blaspheme. I would recriminalise adultery if I had the power. That would put a stop to most of the wickedness in the “Christian” camp.” (comment ends)

It appears that Rev. David Robertson reserves the right to judge those he dislikes or disagrees with but when it comes to his friends, he refuses to judge.

Memo to Mr. Robertson – Your friends, Campbell and Zacharias were duty bound to ensure that their private lives were as holy as their public lives.

In conclusion, it must be noted that Mr. Robertson called on Stephen Green to repent but not a word from Robertson about the need for homosexual Tom Daley to repent.

Far from it. Mr. Robertson apologised to Daley in case he was offended by Stephen Green’s remarks!

How pathetic, but no surprise because Rev. Robertson is very concerned that homosexuals not think him homophobic!

To convince them that he is not homophobic, he had an article in Christian Today on 16th October, 2014 entitled, “I’m not homophobic says Free Church of Scotland’s David Robertson.”

I wonder if Sinclair Ferguson, that well-known preacher and Robertson’s assistant minister at St. Peter’s Free Church of Scotland shares his liberal views.

Now there’s a question to leave hanging in the air!



Muslims in Irish Republic advised to vote for repeal of 8th Amendment!

As Evangelical Christians living in Northern Ireland, we were shocked to learn that a Muslim body in the Republic of Ireland is advising Muslims to vote for the repeal of the 8th Amendment of the Irish Constitution.

The 8th Amendment reads, in part, as follows,

“The State acknowledges the right to life of the unborn and, with due regard to the equal right to life of the mother, guarantees in its laws to respect, and, as far as practicable, by its laws to defend and vindicate that right.”

The Muslim body is wrong to advise Muslims to vote for the repeal of this Amendment.

It must be retained and strengthened i.e abortion should be abolished.

Read the statement from the Muslim body below,