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Petition calls for US sanctions against South Africa for its genocide of White Farmers!

On Saturday, 1st December,2012, on the second anniversary of the murders of the Potgieter family in South Africa, survivors of farm attacks in that country marched in Pretoria and called for attacks on mostly white farmers in SA to be designated a crime of national priority. These horrific crimes are often described as “robberies” (although little or nothing is taken) or “ordinary” crime.
The murders of the Potgieter family,  Attie, his wife Wilne and their two year old daughter Willemien were savage and cruel almost beyond belief. They were killed on their farm by a gang of racist blacks.
In the two years following their deaths, the killings have continued. This month (December), some of those who have been murdered are,
Mrs.Betsie Gouws, aged 60, died on 5/12/12
Daan Fourie (73), and an unnamed black worker died on 28/12/12 at a rented smallholding
Gerrie Rudolph, aged 31, died in hospital a month after he was shot six times at Geluk, Brits Butchery in an attack during which his father Gerhard (65) was shot dead. Gerrie leaves three daughters, ages 5, 3 and 7 months. He was critically injured but was still transferred from a private hospital because he did not have a medical fund and was treated at Baragwameth public hospital in Soweto, where he died on 29th December (yesterday).

We encourage our readers in the USA to consider signing the petition found at the following link,
Scroll down to News Digest for 9th December,2012 and look for petition info.
We have not organised the petition and we may not be able to sign it as we are British citizens but we encourage our American readers to do so and we have e-mailed a US website with a large readership in the hope that the owner will make the petition widely known.
Signatures needed by 31.12.12 to reach the goal of 25,000  number 23,574.

The Nutty Professor

Professor Richard Parncutt, an Australian who now teaches the Psychology of Music at the University of Graz in Austria is an Eco-warrior par excellence. He is a global warming enthusiast with a difference! He recently stated that “global warming deniers” (some of them at least) should be executed!

Well that is one way to deal with the opposition, execute them! How strange,that a liberal would call for the death penalty.

We are glad to report that the “Professor”  (an academic who obviously needs his head examined) has backed down and issued an apology and here are a couple of lines of it,

“I wish to apologise publicly to all those who were offended by texts that were previously published at this address. I made claims that were incorrect and comparisons that were completely inappropriate, which I deeply regret.”

Whilst this Professor’s mad ramblings are humourous and we hope his retraction is sincere, the story should cause alarm bells to ring, as we have just had a further glimpse into the liberal mind and it is ominous.

India – one of the most dangerous places for women!

The death of a 23 year old Indian woman after an horrific gang-rape on a bus in New Dehli, India, has just been reported via the media. It is further reported that six men are in police custody and that a trial will soon follow.

The savagery and devilish wickedness of the attack on the young woman and the injuries inflicted on her were horrific in the extreme.

Is it possible that Indian culture makes women more vulnerable to assaults by men despite the fact that women in India are traditionally revered as the Mother and Goddess?
In a poll of 370 gender experts on how well women fared in G20 countries, India was ranked the worst and Saudi Arabia ranked second worst. Canada was the best country.
In a survey conducted by Thomson Reuters’ Trust Law Women, India ranks with Afghanistan, Congo and Somalia as one of the most dangerous places for women.
It wasn’t long ago that India was lecturing Ireland over the tragic death of Savita Halappanavar. The Indian authorities showed great concern about the treatment of one of its citizens abroad.
How well does India look after it’s women, most of whom we will never read about in newspapers or hear about on the radio?


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Lest We Forget…..The Martyrdom of Graham Staines and his two young sons

On 22nd January, 2013, it will be 14 years since the horrific killings in India of Christian missionary Graham Staines and his two sons, Philip (10) and Timothy (6).

Mr.Staines was born in Australia and went to India in 1965. He spent many years in India, ministering to the people and was involved with Leprosy Mission work, ably assisted by his wife, Gladys.

On the night of January, 22nd/23rd, 1999, in Orissa, a mob, led by a Hindu activist, blocked the doors of his station wagon in which he and his sons were sleeping after an Evangelism campaign. The mob poured gasoline on it and set fire to it. The missionary and his sons perished in the flames and their charred bodies were found embracing each other.

We do well to remember the dangers that can attend the missionary as he/she labours in sometimes dangerous lands, for many of our brothers and sisters have sacrificed their lives, literally and figuratively, as they have been “tentmakers” for, and witnesses to, the Lord Jesus Christ.

Graham, Philip and Timothy Staines, three more names that were added to the Gospel Roll of Honour on 22nd January, 1999.

Wendy’s Swan Song!

We wish to inform the above-named commenter that we have “approved” her final comments on this blog (she posted three comments tonight, one of which we deleted) and we encourage our readers to view her comments, one she made about a post on our blog entitled, Oxford Dons and the Gender-Benders and the other comment was about our post entitled, Scott Lively does NOT support the death penalty for homosexuals.

Her comments are typical (and typically threatening) and, true to form, they include outrageous, disgraceful slurs and misrepresentation.

She has made her final comment tonight.

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Yellow is Black in “Rainbow” South Africa! (ex-Mandela supporter leaves her “over the rainbow” illusion and delusion behind)

A lady named Sonia Hruska, who was formerly a consultant in the Presidential administration of Nelson Mandela, from 1994-2001, is now warning of White Genocide in South Africa.She has dispensed with her “rose-tinted” spectacles and now has 20/20 vision when it comes to the ANC and their Communist policies.
Miss/Mrs.Hruska who is a white South African was born in Victoria, South Africa, but now resides in the USA.
She states that, “After about six years, I realised something serious is wrong; the communist elements are taking over, it’s not what we were promised.”

Some of the issues she highlights, are the fact that whites were being excluded through affirmative action and black economic empowerment.
That Chinese were given “black” status so the four million whites were excluded and the Chinese were included under affirmative action as “blacks.”

A business owner in South Africa can get 25 years in jail for employing a white person.

The article about Miss/Mrs Hruska’s observations (and we will include the link to said article below,) includes a photo from the 1990’s which shows a Communist flag (hammer and sickle), and, standing in front of it is Nelson and Winnie Mandela and Joe Slovo, all three with fists clenched!

We wish to draw our readers’ attention to further facts she reveals in her article (should some of our readers decide against reading the entire article.)

A trade union for truckers in South Africa, called Satawu, carried a sign on 6/10/12 which read, “South Africa, for Blacks only.”

A favourite party-political song among the ruling ANC is “Dubula iBhunu,” which means “kill the white farmers, the Boers.”Former ANC Youth League chief Julius Malema and South African President Zuma both sing “kill the Boers!” in public.

Jacob Zuma is a member of the South African Communist Party.

Over the last decade, at least 3,000 white – overwhelmingly Afrikaner – farmers have been murdered in South Africa. The murders occur at a rate of at least one per day.
Nearly 80% of the victims are over age 60 but the killers do not discriminate against age, as two months old babies have been murdered and the murders involve heinous torture lasting for hours.

The Government denies that such murders are occurring or that they are aimed at white farmers. Instead they are reported as “robberies” despite nothing being stolen.

We (the writers of this blog) cannot understand why there is not an international outcry against the barbaric savagery that is synonomous with ANC rule. We suspect it is because too many people (world leaders included) are still in awe of Nelson Mandela and his monstrous ANC. Let them be silent but we will not be and we will continue to highlight atrocities in South Africa and that includes those carried out by blacks against whites, by whites against blacks and by blacks against blacks.

The link to the article about Sonia Hruska is as follows,



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Scott Lively does NOT support the death penalty for homosexuals (the lie that he does is oft-repeated by the malevolent Left)

On December 11th, 2012, on his blog, Pastor Lively stated the following,

“Now that Uganda’s “kill the gays” bill has been revised to drop the death penalty and reportedly add provisions for prevention and therapy for homosexuality I think there may be room for tentative support in the Christian community in the west, even though it retains jail terms for offenders.” (end of quote)

To read the entire article, please go to and see post dated December 11th, 2012.

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