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Stephen Nolan says “Christian extremists are killing people”

Stephen Nolan obviously thinks he is a law unto himself, because he made the outrageous statement above yesterday on his radio programme and did not withdraw his comment nor provide evidence to back it up when I phoned his programme to urge him to do just that.

My request was ignored!

So once again we ask Mr.Nolan to withdraw his comment or provide evidence to back it up.

Who are these Christian extremists Mr.Nolan and who and where are they killing?

Click on the following link and skip to 55.08 minutes to hear Stephen Nolan’s outrageous comment,

BBC Talkback programme’s idea of a “balanced discussion!”

Yesterday the BBC radio Ulster’s programme “Talkback” had a studio discussion about the Irish referendum on homosexual “marriage.”

The programme reflected the usual, predictable bias of the BBC in that those invited to share their views were all pro-homosexual, namely “Rev” Chris Hudson of the Non-Subscribing Presbyterian Church (a false church,) Colin Morrison from Atheist NI, and a Roman Catholic priest Gerry O’ Connor who voted for homosexual “marriage” in the Irish Referendum.

Whatever happened to “fair and balanced” reporting of issues?

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62.07% of Irish citizens believe snow is black i.e that homosexuality is normal

How did the homosexual lobby and their supporters succeed in getting 62.07% of Irish citizens to press the societal self-destruct button and vote for sodomite “marriage?”

By threats and intimidation of course, their usual and predictable weapons of choice, that’s how!

Another strategy that was widely employed by the homosexual lobby was media-led and politician-led and police-led pro-gay propaganda fed to the public incessantly, desensitising them to the truth about the homosexual lifestyle and its destructive effect on society.

So, thousands of desensitised, brainwashed people walked zombie-like to the polling stations and did the bidding of their homosexual masters, all the while thinking they were doing something noble and virtuous in casting a vote for “equality.”

This is tantamount to believing that snow is black, a phrase coined by that old left-winger Bertrand Russell who believed that  children could be made to believe such nonsense through mind control and mind manipulation techniques. The modern version of Russell’s ideology is seen in today’s society, where most people now believe that homosexuality is normal and healthy and that two men or two women can walk down the isle and supposedly be joined in marriage and that this is as valid and acceptable as a man and a woman being joined in marriage.

Think of two women in wedding dresses or two men in wedding suits walking down the isle holding hands and kissing, and if you think that is normal and to be celebrated, then you have lost your mind to the mind manipulators of the politically correct elite.

The proper response and reaction to homosexual “marriage” and the only response honouring to God, is to view such turning of things upside down and inside out and back to front with horror and terror, for the God-defying spectacle being played out before our very eyes.

We commend the brave people who voted “NO” to “gay marriage” (37.93%) in the referendum.

The homosexual lobby are coming for Northern Ireland and intend to force sodomite “marriage” on our Province Already a homosexual couple who had a “gay marriage” elsewhere have a case with the Family court in Northern Ireland and they are intent on forcing Northern Ireland to recognise their “marriage.”

We will resist this madness, God helping us.

Dear Christian friend, you must do likewise and help us!

Click on the following links to see what really took place in the run-up to the Irish referendum ( the hotel mentioned in the first link now say that their offer of a 50% reduction to anyone who removed a “NO” poster was a publicity stunt. Having viewed the wicked facebook of said hotel, we don’t think they can use the “in jest” card.)

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Kyle Paisley and the DUP – both need to repent!

Rev. Kyle Paisley is a busy man these days but he is not busily engaged in matters spiritual, oh no, he is busily engaged in a much more worldly activity i.e settling old scores.

Recently he was busily engaged in criticising my Biblical views on homosexuality, adultery and Islam on the BBC radio programme “Talkback” hosted by William Crawley who obviously thinks me a figure of fun (as Paisley does.)

One would think that Kyle Paisley, a Minister of the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, would share my views instead of finding them amusing!

Now Kyle’s criticism of my views wouldn’t have anything to do with the fact that I criticised his sister-in-law, now would it?

A Minister of the Gospel wouldn’t stoop so low, perish the thought!!!!

Just yesterday Kyle was heard once again on his friend William Crawley’s “Talkback” radio show and this time the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) was his only target.

Here is the Rev. Paisley’s advice to the DUP,

“There needs to be contrition – repentance in sackcloth and ashes – and there needs to be a purging of the leaven.”

Now it is true that the DUP needs to repent. They are a worldly and deeply compromised Party. Their behaviour in the Jenny Palmer matter is disgraceful and sinful. They were intent on disciplining a whistleblower because she revealed certain matters the Party wanted to hide rather than punishing the wrongdoers. Instead they shamefully promoted one of the alleged wrongdoers.

This is the Party that talk much about conscience (remember the Conscience clause they want to introduce) yet they wanted Jenny Palmer to violate her conscience!

In the recent election, the DUP manifesto made no mention of the evils of homosexuality and abortion, further evidence that they are becoming ever more liberal. Oh yes the DUP need to repent, but here’s the rub,

so does Kyle Paisley!

He should include in his repentance his recent praise for the pro-gay and pro-abortion politician Naomi Long.

Search your heart, Kyle Paisley, you’ll find lots of things to repent of, so off you go and don your sackcloth and ashes.

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Vote NO in Irish referendum (Conscience demands it)

An urgent plea to the citizens of the Irish Republic (and our nearest neighbour)

This could be your darkest hour! The forces of darkness are running amok in your society and they are intent on destroying you and your children. Resist them with every fibre of your being.

Vote NO in tomorrow’s referendum on homosexual “marriage” and make tomorrow your finest hour!

Ulster Herald – anti-Christian, pro-homosexual and possibly soft on drugs!

The Ulster Herald is a weekly newspaper in the West Tyrone area of Northern Ireland. The paper covered my recent election campaign with several articles, virtually all of which were clearly hostile to my Biblical principles.
They appeared to be delighted when they discovered I was a candidate because they knew they could have fun at my expense!
Incidentally, an Ulster Herald reporter and a photographer from another local paper were waiting for my husband and I as we arrived at the electoral office with my nomination papers, which begs the question, who told them that I was seeking nomination as a candidate? We’ll leave that question hanging in the air. Perhaps the Ulster Herald will enlighten us.
I will now provide examples of the standard of journalism that prevails at this newspaper and the anti-Christian bias that runs like a fault line through it.

On page 6 of the 30th April edition of the Ulster Herald someone called Michael Devlin gives his assessment of the performance of each candidate who took part in the 28th April West Tyrone Decides debate at the Strule Arts Centre in Omagh.
Of my contribution Mr. Devlin had this to say (among other things)
“For entertainment value alone, Mrs.White was a winner – but only on the grounds of the ridiculous.”

On page 7 of the same edition, Mr.Ronan McSherry commented on my 90 second introductory speech with these words,
“Despite the chorus of boos, Mrs.White, who sounds like a Cleudo character, challenged the mind control of our children by the homosexual lobby…”

My response to Mr. McSherry is twofold. There was no chorus of boos when I made my introductory speech and your words demonstrate wishful thinking, Mr. McSherry. You got your wish later in the debate.
Secondly, his remark about me sounding like a Cleudo character made no sense to me so I read a little about the game called Cleudo on the internet. It seems there is a character called Mrs.White in Cleudo. Does this mean that Mr.McSherry thinks that every woman in the world called Mrs.White sounds like a Cleudo character? Somehow I think not, he means me and only me!

In the May 7th edition of the paper, on p.11, they have a section entitled “Facebook Online Feedback” and a comment about me reads as follows,
“This woman I think should keep her awful opinions to herself. Called at a friends door when last canvassing was totally intimidating luckily she met her match and was sent packing. Keep her away from doors is the best policy.
This facebook comment was sent to the paper by someone called Mary Kelly.

My response to “Mary Kelly” is that the comment is nonsense and untrue. My husband accompanied me whilst canvassing and we were neither “totally intimidating” nor “sent packing.”

Notice how the Ulster Herald published the comment by “Mary Kelly” but gave me no right of reply.

On page 17 of the same edition, Mr.Conor Sharkey stated the following,
“This year’s only Independent runner, Susan-Anne White, is right at the other end of the popularity scale though. She has to be admired for having the courage of her convictions but has already been laughed and booed off the stage on several occasions. Mrs.White polled less than 100 votes at her last attempt and could well see that diminish.”

My response to Mr.Sharkey is twofold. Firstly, I have only taken part in two debates at the Strule Arts Centre and I was NOT “laughed and booed off the stage” on either occasion, so what are you talking about Mr.Sharkey?
Secondly, my vote did not diminish, much to your disappointment, I’m sure!
This same man (Conor Sharkey) was on BBC Radio Ulster the morning after the election and spoke of my election campaign which he described as “Biblical not Political” and spoke of my “damp squib” result.
Oh Mr.Sharkey, how hard is it for you to get things right? My campaign slogan was actually “Biblically correct not Politically correct.” You left out the word “correct” and that makes all the difference in the world. Did you leave out the missing word unintentionally or by design?

Finally, in the May 14th edition of the Ulster Herald on p.9, a Mr. Alan Rodgers wrote a short article about my blog post in which I thanked the 166 people who voted for me. He spelt the word “principles” incorrectly (as in Biblical principles) spelling it this way “principal” and he concluded his piece with an emphasis on the number of votes I received.
He stated that, “The total number of votes cast for Mrs.White was the lowest number polled in the West Tyrone Constituency since 1992 when Robert Johnstone of the Natural Law Party recorded a tally of 92.”

Note how they emphasise my result of 166 votes but they have little to say about the 169 votes for the Conservative candidate Claire – Louise Leyland because they don’t want people to dwell on the fact that only three votes separated us. They want people to remember that I came last!

Another deeply disturbing matter is obvious in the May 14th edition and it is their positive reporting of the pro-cannabis party CISTA. They have no condemnation for the voters who voted for CISTA (528 of them) and on p.3  they have an article about the CISTA candidate entitled, “Pro-drug party records best result in West Tyrone.” This article is in addition to their pro-drug front page story entitled, “Cannabis medicine helping pensioner.”

It should be obvious to all who read this post that the Ulster Herald is anti-Biblical Christianity, pro-homosexual and now apparently, soft on drugs!

Remember these things the next time you buy this newspaper!

They may also have a hotline to the local police because they reported that the police are investigating  the comments I made at the Strule Arts Centre, so they know more than I do, because the police have not spoken to me but it seems that they have spoken to the Ulster Herald about me. Is it possible that  someone in the Police Service of Northern Ireland is “feeding” information to the media.

It is disgraceful that the Police have spoken to the Ulster Herald and not to me!




Rick Warren holds hands with Elton John – on purpose!

Rick Warren, the author of the book “The Purpose Driven Church,” a book which exalted sinful man’s “felt needs” and invented a humanised”god” who is at the beck and call of depraved mankind’s demands, a being that must be “sensitive” to the “seeker’s” needs or suffer rejection by  “deified” mankind, has fallen even lower because he (Warren) is now happy to hold homosexual Elton John’s hand and joke about kissing him!!!!

Obviously Rick Warren’s “theology” and his humanism and ecumenism have turned him into a “purpose driven madman” (spiritually speaking.)

Click on the link to see Warren’s madness for yourself,

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