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Christian Pastor endorses politician who wants marijuana legalised !!!

Pastor Voddie Baucham recently endorsed Texas politician David Simpson for the Senate next year. Mr. Simpson is a professing Christian who is (incredibly) for the legalisation of marijuana.

What are we to conclude about Pastor Baucham’s endorsement of such a candidate?

Earlier this year on his facebook, he described this man as a “dear friend” whose views are “worthy of examination and discussion.”  So no condemnation there of Simpson and his views.

In July this year, Voddie Baucham’s son-in-law Phillip Holmes on Twitter posted a retweet from someone calling himself “Teddy @Eliseus Dee” who posted a link to a video of Milton Friedman discussing “Why drugs should be legalised.”

Mr. Holmes gave no explanation as to why he posted a link to such a video nor did he condemn drugs in any way. In light of all this disturbing information, it is right and proper (indeed duty demands it) for us to ask the following question,

Does Voddie Baucham and son-in-law Phillip Holmes agree with David Simpson i.e are they (going) soft on marijuana?

If they are not, the onus is on them to say so and cease from ambiguous statements and actions.

We are vehemently opposed to the legalisation of dangerous drugs and we assumed our fellow Christians were likewise opposed to this social evil. It seems that cannot be assumed as a “given” any longer.

Click on link below to read Pastor Baucham’s endorsement of Texas politician Simpson,

A chilling look into the eyes of New Sodom (re-posted from 2013)

We discovered that a link we gave in a post from February 2013 no longer shows the photo we mentioned in said post, so we are giving another link with this updated post.

The eyes of the two homosexuals in the photo are chilling in the extreme, and even if their strange look can be blamed on the camera, the photo still serves to show that the heart of Sodom is frightening.

The additional link we are giving with this post is a photo of the Christian witness against Londonderry Pride which took place yesterday. We Christians were few in number (about 18 of us or thereabouts) which is very discouraging considering the number of Evangelical Christian churches in the area. Wake up Pastors, Wake up Christians!

In the photo of the Christian protest, please note the man in a suit and cap at the right of the photo. He is in conversation with some of the Christian men in our group.

This man is a homosexual and he can also be seen in the photo found at the first link we gave above in which he is dressed in clerical garb and is standing with a fellow homosexual activist, both of them looking like the living dead.

“For the apparel oft proclaims the man” (Shakespearean quote)

Why do most people dress today like the modern version of the Marxist proletariat and/or the unisex attire that was prevalent under Chairman Mao when the object was egalitarianism or “sameness.”

The answer is that the West (in particular) is now, for the most part, Socialist/Communist having been infiltrated by cultural Marxists for years.

This cultural Marxism is now endemic in virtually every strata of society e.g Education, Politics (most Parties have swung to the Left to some degree) Industry, Music, Churches (many churches now espouse Liberation Theology which is really Religious Communism) Morality and Dress.

Clothing is a language and says a lot about the wearer (note the Shakespearean quote in our title.) The clothing worn by the majority today communicates rebellion, defiance, androgyny and ugliness.

Torn jeans and trousers, “hoodies,” trainers, the revealing attire of the harlot, body piercings and tattoos, these are the fashions of choice for millions. Sadly, many Evangelical Christians dress just like the world and there is nothing to distinguish many Christian young people from their non-Christian counterparts (although we hope that young Christians would draw the line at tattoos and body piercings.)

Click on the following links to read comments on the subject of clothing and tattoos etc from the late Lawrence Auster  and others on his website “View from the Right” on which there is much archive material.

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Satanists stage publicity stunt in support of devilish Planned Parenthood

View the video at the link below to see Satanists in Detroit drenching women from their group in milk in support of their devilish comrades in Planned Parenthood.

Recently Planned Parenthood were exposed for selling the organs of aborted babies. That organisation has been murdering unborn babies for years so we should not be surprised at these recent revelations about them.

There have been many protests against PP in recent days following the release of  videos that expose some of their staff discussing the money they can make from selling organs from aborted babies. It is difficult to find words to describe the wickedness of PP.

However, some of the protestors against PP seem concerned only with the sale of aborted baby organs and not with abortion itself.

The issue here is abortion. If abortion was illegal, there would be no evil trade in aborted baby parts.

The video of the Detroit Satanists mentioned above can be viewed at

Note that some of the male Satanists are dressed like Roman Catholic priests, one is carrying a crucifix and they are saying the RC vain repetition “Hail Mary.” So, to the Satanists, Roman Catholicism and Christianity are synonymous.

This is not true. Roman Catholicism is NOT Biblical Christianity, it is, in the main, a “Christianised” version of paganism.


Not so clean “Kleeneze”

Kleeneze is a multi-level marketing company in the UK and other parts of Europe employing independent distributors who go door to door leaving Kleeneze catalogues with a view to finding regular customers for their products.

A few days ago, the local Kleeneze distributor left the current catalogue(s) with us for our perusal. We have purchased items from Kleeneze in the past but will not do so again.


Kleeneze are now promoting homosexual “marriage!”  The company is now selling kitchen items (bread boards or chopping boards) with a choice of three designations on them (and only one is normal) and the designations are as follows, “Mr. & Mrs.” “Mr. & Mr.” and Mrs. & Mrs.”

I phoned Kleeneze to complain and was told that they cannot discriminate and must be “inclusive” (the predictable PC response.)

They are sorry that we are offended but that is as far as it goes. It is highly unlikely that they will remove the offending items from their catalogue.

I also informed the local distributor of our concern and advised him that we will not be purchasing anything from Kleeneze ever again.

Now Kleeneze customer, what will you do?

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Cult masquerading as House Church in County Tyrone

Yesterday I discovered that a cultic group are resident in Seskinore, a small village in County Tyrone.

Who are they?

None other than the Worldwide Church of God whose founder was the late Herbert Armstrong. It is now known as Grace Communion International in the USA.

The group who meet in Seskinore refer to themselves as a House church and have a website called “Exploding Word Ministries.”

They are actively seeking converts and have recently engaged in “outreach projects” in Omagh and it is their intention to engage in similar proselytising activities in all the small towns across Northern Ireland.

Notwithstanding the fact that this cult has abandoned some of the heretical doctrines taught by Herbert Armstrong (although these doctrinal changes appear to be largely cosmetic) and the fact that they desire to appear more Biblically orthodox, the WCG is still a cultish sect and should be avoided at all costs.

They are coming to a town near you NI resident. You have been warned. Beware!

Police refuse to arrest an adulteress in South Carolina

The state of South Carolina in the USA has laws against adultery and homosexuality. The definition of these crimes/sins and the punishments that fit these horrible acts are delineated in the State legislature list of “Offenses Against Morality and Decency.”

The penalty for the convicted adulterer (male and female) is “liable to indictment and, on conviction, a fine or imprisonment (not less than 6 months nor more than one year) or both i.e a fine and imprisonment.

The penalty for buggery (sodomy) which is described as an abominable crime (and this description concurs with the Bible) is five years in prison or a fine of 500 dollars, or both.

However, although the state of South Carolina has these laws on its statute books, it seems that the police and prosecutors are reluctant to enforce said laws, in particular, the law forbidding adultery.

Yesterday, I read of a man who has an adulteress wife and he lives in South Carolina. He has contacted the Police and asked them to do their duty, i.e arrest her, but this they will not do! Shame on them. What is the use of a law which is not enforced?

This wicked adulteress has betrayed her husband, broken his heart, hurt her children, yet is totally unrepentant.

I urge the police to do their duty and arrest this woman because she has committed a crime and she has offended a holy God who has said that He will judge people like her. In the New Testament we read that God will judge adulterers and whoremongers and there will be no exceptions.

Never ever joke about adultery, never ever treat it lightly. It is a heinous sin, and one of the worst that anyone could commit.

May Almighty God comfort the betrayed spouse and his children.

We need these laws here in Northern Ireland.

To that end, I stated that I would recriminalize homosexuality and punish adulterers in the manifesto which I drew up for the recent election, in which I stood as an Independent candidate (but was not elected.)