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Is the Green Party’s Steven Agnew in this photo supporting TinyLife?

Click on this Facebook link (to charity TinyLife) and scroll down to 17th November this year and view a photo of some politicians at Stormont supporting the launch of the TinyLife and Bliss report.

TinyLife is a premature baby charity and Bliss is a special baby care charity.

One of the politicians looks very like Steven Agnew of the pro-abortion Green Party.

If it is him, is he now pro-life? Will his Party follow his lead?

Not likely when the poster woman for their pro-abortion views is the fanatical (and frightening) Clare Bailey!

Prof. Dornan, what about the tiny lives destroyed by abortion?

Professor Jim Dornan, a retired consultant Obstetrician/Gynaecologist in Northern Ireland is one of the speakers at a pro-abortion event organised by Medical Students for Choice, Queen’s University Belfast, next Tuesday, 2nd December.

Professor Dornan is the President of a premature baby charity in Northern Ireland called TinyLife, so it is inexplicable why he would want to be associated in any way with a pro-abortion group.

However, a closer examination of his somewhat ambiguous views on abortion will reveal that he, and they, are perhaps not such strange bedfellows after all.

Last year he had a book launch for his book entitled, “An Everyday Miracle.”

He was interviewed by a NI newspaper, the Irish News, about his book, and the article was entitled, “Reflecting on the miracle of life,” and here follows a quote (from the newspaper,)

“He (Dornan) treads lightly around the hot abortion topic in his book but it is clear he doesn’t take kindly to male politicians – or the Church – prescriptively dictating the rights and needs of women he has spent a lifetime understanding and caring for…………………….his belief in balance, truth, choice and really listening to women is reassuringly apparent.”  (end of quote)

It is deeply disturbing to consider that a man with these views is the President of the charity TinyLife (mentioned above) which is “dedicated to reducing premature births, illness, disability and death in babies,” (a quote from its Facebook page)

So, if Prof. Dornan is of the opinion that “abortion rights” must be granted to women in Northern Ireland, how does he reconcile that opinion with his viewpoint  that the unborn baby is a “tiny life” and that birth is “an everyday miracle?”

Pro-abortion activists attempt to dehumanise the unborn child by referring to him or her as a foetus, a clump of cells, or, even worse, a thing, whereas Prof. Dornan recognises unborn babies as “tiny life,” so why is he associated in any way with the pro-abortion lobby?

He wants premature babies to have the best possible chance of survival and this we wholeheartedly agree with, but what if a mother-to-be wants to abort her 23 or 24 weeks gestation baby, would Jim Dornan want her to have that “right?”

If the answer is “yes” then he is advocating the killing of “tiny lives.”

The pro-abortion meeting next week at Queen’s University will, in addition to Prof. Dornan, also be addressed by Grainne Teggart, from Amnesty International, Dr. Fiona Bloomer from the University of Ulster, and Mark Benson from QUB.

Miss/Mrs. Teggart,  Dr. Bloomer and Mr. Benson are all fanatically pro-abortion.

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BBC Children in Need charity fund homosexual group

The BBC charity “Children in Need” hosts its annual television extravaganza tomorrow, during which extremely rich “celebrities” will make exhibitions (and fools) of themselves as they beg those watching to part with their money.

If the wealthy “celebrities” involved really cared about children in need, they would give large sums of their own money to fund the building of schools, houses and hospitals.

Soon, some of the same people (actors/actresses/rock musicians and singers) will be pleading with the longsuffering public to part with yet more of their hard-earned cash, this time to help in the fight against the disease Ebola.

We have a message for these professional “beggars,” and it is this, “give your own money and leave the public in peace.”

We have discovered that the “Children in Need” charity in Northern Ireland funds a homosexual group called the Rainbow Project.

That is reason enough to refuse to support Children in Need because the last thing innocent children need is to be recruited in to the homosexual lifestyle.

We also discovered that the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) also fund the same homosexual group. See link below:

In doing so, the Police are facilitating an organisation which is recruiting children in to its ranks and, as proof of this we cite a “gay” pride parade of recent years when a participant carried a banner with these words, “10% is not enough, Recruit, Recruit, Recruit.”

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Answer the question, Shami

The following question was put to Shami Chakrabarti who hosted a Women in Politics discussion today in Londonderry, Northern Ireland.

“What about the right to life of the unborn child?”

Miss Chakrabarti ignored both me and my question!

My question was also put to Clare Bailey, one of the panellists and a pro-abortion feminist who is the deputy leader of the Green Party.

She responded with the usual feminist rant about campaigning for “reproductive justice” a euphemism for abortion rights.

The other women on the panel could have (and should have) answered my question but, like Miss Chakrabarti, they did not.

The Women in Politics discussion was one of many feminist indoctrination events at the Women of the World Festival, which runs over three days.

Shami Chakrabarti is the Director of a radical outfit called Liberty (The National Council for Civil Liberties.)

In The Guardian newspaper of 9th September, 2009, she stated the following, “I am more than happy to call myself a feminist.”

In 2012, she spoke at a debate at Middlesex University and, at one point, stated that “every single human life is precious.”

In light of her refusal to answer my question today, are we to conclude that she does not consider the unborn child’s life is precious?

We (the Whites) travelled to Londonderry to confront these feminists at two of their public meetings, one being the aforementioned discussion and the other was entitled, “Feminism and Christianity – an Oxymoron?” which was addressed by a Feminist “theologian,”  Grainne Doherty whose theology is a combination of the blasphemous and ridiculous.

We had many opportunities to refute the dangerous feminist nonsense during both meetings.

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“Gay” agenda enforcer demands compliance from Christian baker

The Equality Commission of Northern Ireland and its chief Commissar Michael Wardlow are determined to force Ashers Baking Co. to compromise their Christian beliefs.

Wardlow and his associates are to begin civil proceedings against the Christian bakery because they refused to bake a cake supporting homosexual marriage.

In a letter sent to the Baking Co this week, the Equality Commission stated that, ” unless the firm acknowledged there had been a breach in the equality laws and offered recompense, it would start legal proceedings.

The letter also warned the firm that, “failing this, a civil bill will be issued.”

These threats from the equality-mad Equality Commission are despicable and must be condemned.

Mr.Wardlow is behaving like a Commissar i.e one that attempts to control public opinion or its expression.

Commissars were officials of the Communist Party in charge of political indoctrination.

If the cap fits, Mr.Wardlow, wear it!


A barbed wire monstrosity and a hideous sculpture

The new library in Birmingham, England is a veritable temple to Political Correctness, that insane ideology that subverts and inverts everything that is good and lovely and right.

In front of said library is a hideous sculpture which is an anti-men feminist idol, encouraging and promoting the worship of the “goddess” i.e women and the unmarried state i.e living in sin.

If you, dear reader, can look at the photos in the links below and not react with dismay and outrage, you have been brainwashed and desensitised by PC and, as a consequence, that which is grotesque and abnormal evokes no outrage or condemnation from you.

You are to be pitied.