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James White would use preferred pronouns ( in a specific case)

Skip to 25 mins 51 seconds in this video to hear James White admit that he would consider calling a man “she” or a woman “he” in specific cases only but never in general.

He is wrong to appease this dangerous group in any way or at any time.

Situational ethics should never be a concern for Bible believers.

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Imperial College London goes “psychedelic” and researches “magic mushrooms”

Imperial College London is a world-class University but within its ranks lurks “disciples” of the late psychedelic drug advocate Timothy Leary.

He popularised the phrase “Turn on, tune in, drop out.”

Leary also had taken part in research into the therapeutic potential of psychedelic drugs.

Now Imperial College is collaborating with the Beckley Foundation and following in Timothy Leary’s footsteps i.e researching into the therapeutic potential of psychedelic drugs such as LSD, Psilocybin (magic mushrooms) and Ayahuasca (a psychedelic tea).

Amanda Feilding created the Beckley Foundation in 1998. She advocates the decriminalisation of drugs.She tried LSD when 22 and is a proponent of the use of LSD to trigger long-term improvement in creativity.

It is worth remembering that the infamous Charles Manson “family” were habitual users of psychedelic drugs. Their “creativity” included sex orgies and mass murder!

The advocates of the decriminalisation of drugs have, in the past, used the same ploy as Feilding and Co i.e major on the supposed “medicinal benefits” of a given drug to give it a good name thereby paving the way for the legalisation of dangerous drugs for recreational use.

This is exactly the ploy that was used to legalise cannabis for medicinal purposes.

Do not be deceived by this sinister pretence that research into hallucinogenic drugs is for the good of society.

A drug-dependent “stoned” population is easier to manipulate and control and that just might be the end goal these drug policy reformers hope to realise.

God forbid!

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Astute observations on John MacArthur’s Shepherd’s conference 2019

Most (perhaps all) of the speakers at the Shepherd’s Conference 2019 are compromisers heading down the liberal road to a greater or lesser degree.Those who took part in the Q & A panel hosted by Phil Johnson of Grace to You certainly are compromising, namely Al Mohler, Ligon Duncan, Mark Dever, Sinclair Ferguson, John MacArthur and  Phil Johnson can not be excluded from the aforementioned . Some other well-known speakers were at the conference such as Voddie Baucham and Joel Beeke and they likewise are compromising.

Dr Al Mohler answered  Phil Johnson’s questions about the threat posed to Evangelicalism by social justice with ambiguity and superficiality and he (Mohler) lashed out (albeit mildly) at one point. He was obviously uneasy about the line of questioning and when one considers his slide into liberalism this is not surprising. He has praised and given a platform to that arch liberal Russell Moore. In recent years Al Mohler has spoken at the Mormon Brigham Young University and, in doing so, he has given the Mormon cult a respectability it does not deserve. More could be written about Mohler’s compromise and let no-one forget that he signed the ecumenical Manhatten Declaration some years ago.

Sinclair Ferguson is associated with a church in Scotland that has a trendy liberal Minister David Robertson. Ferguson is also associated with the late R C  Sproule’s ministry. R C Sproule was friendly with rock star Alice Cooper and vouched for Cooper’s “Christian” faith. Ligon Duncan, Mark Dever, Al Mohler and Russell Moore (who was not at the Shepherd’s conference) are all Council members of that liberal outfit known as the Gospel Coalition. Recently Ligon Duncan repented of his “racial blindness” which is an action promoted by social justice warriors.

John MacArthur calls the men on the panel at the Shepherd’s conference his friends and this is no surprise because MacArthur is likewise on the downgrade and birds of a feather flock together. He has stated in recent times that it is acceptable to bake a cake for a “gay” wedding.He spoke at a conference recently called Proclaim 19 and Rick Warren was at the same conference and even though they did not share the stage, MacArthur gave a respectability to Warren simply by being there. Phil Johnson defends his boss MacArthur irrespective of where he speaks. Johnson is like a “spin” doctor.

Voddie Baucham has a daughter who is a social justice warrior, complete with nose ring and Baucham does not rebuke her. Joel Beeke was at the liberal Gospel Coalition conference 2019 to show his film on the Puritans. Others at said conference include Phillip Holmes (Voddie Baucham’s son-in-law) Al Mohler, Russell Moore, Ligon Duncan and Sam Allberry (homosexual apologist.) The downgrade is everywhere and very few preachers (none of the above) are standing firm.

PS the ecumenical singing duo Keith and Kristyn Getty sang at the Shepherd’s conference. Further evidence of compromise on John MacArthur’s part.

Vulgar leggings and the sexual revolution

Mrs Maryann White a Catholic mother of four sons wrote a letter to the student newspaper at Notre Dame University to share her concerns about immodest leggings worn by many female students at said University. I wrote a letter to the student newspaper in support of Maryann White but my letter was not published. I am happy to publish my letter on our blog.

(Letter begins)
I support and agree with the concerns raised by Mrs Maryann White about immodest leggings. I am an Evangelical Christian not a Roman Catholic but I share Maryann White’s opinion on leggings i.e that they are immodest.

Most clothing worn by females today is immodest and vulgar and unladylike, and Feminism is mostly to blame for the shameful and whorish clothing (and behaviour) of the majority of females today who have been indoctrinated by the Women’s Liberation movement to think that casting off all restraint and propriety is “empowering” and “liberating.”

What feminist claptrap!

The feminist response to Maryann White’s letter (hundreds of them protesting clad in leggings) was predictable, selfish and pathetic.

Honourable men (and there are many) could not possibly view such vulgar females as “ladies.” Such feminist protests could be called “Sluts on parade.”

Maryann White’s suggestion that women should wear jeans instead of leggings is not the solution because jeans are also immodest and unladylike.

Nevertheless I am glad that she had the courage to raise her concerns about immodesty. I commend her.
(Letter ends)

Here is a video of some of the arrogant and anarchic wretches and their response to Maryann White.

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Meghan Markle writes encouraging messages to prostitutes

Megan Markle the Duchess of Sussex is promoting a feminist and sexual revolutionary agenda. Of course her husband Prince Harry is just like her as are most members of the Royal family. However she is an aggressive agitator and never misses an opportunity to cheapen and coarsen an already depraved society. The link below reveals what she got up to in February. The title accompanying the video says it all. My comment on the video is below.

My comment,

“The words “sex workers” is a euphemism. They are prostitutes. The Bible calls such women whores and their wicked clients “whoremongers.” Prostitution should be illegal everywhere and those engaged in it and their “clients” should be prosecuted and identified.”

Christian Brexiteers, after Brexit we’ll still be ruled by pagan right/left

I am for Brexit (a hard Brexit) and look forward to the UK leaving the decadent and money-wasting monstrosity that is the EU. However I am under no illusions about the UK Government. It is as hostile to Evangelical Christianity as the EU.

If/when the UK finally extricates itself from the EU, we will still be ruled by pro-LGBT, pro-abortion, pro-feminist, pro-multiculturalism PC political parties.

In other words, we will still be governed by either the pagan Right or the pagan Left.

The persecution of Bible-believers is a foregone conclusion whether in the EU or out of it.

PS   The above letter was sent to a Northern Ireland newspaper but it was not published.

Holding forth on miscellaneous news items

Here begins a few posts on recent news items which I have commented on in the form of letters to a newspaper and/or comments on youtube and other websites.

The subjects covered are as varied as Brexit, Meghan Markle and a Catholic mother’s concerns about immodest leggings.

The first post concerns Brexit and will follow this introductory piece.