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Three Christians versus three atheists (epic debate)

This debate took place in late 2015 at Branch of Hope Orthodox Presbyterian Church in California.

The Christians debating with the atheists are pre-suppositional apologists and are of the Greg Bahnsen/Van Til school of thought.

We are Evangelical Christians but we are not pre-suppositional apologists although we acknowledge that this approach to atheism/agnosticism can be effective.

“Are unbelievers in God’s image?” (Lecture)

We watched the lecture below, given by Rev. Angus Stewart of the Covenant Protestant Reformed Church in Ballymena, Northern Ireland.

We are not members of Angus Stewart’s church and we do not agree with some of the views he articulates in this lecture because in our opinion (for what it’s worth) we believe that all human beings are made in the image of God, including unbelievers. We believe that sin has marred the image of God in human beings but that does not change the fact that all human beings are in God’s image.


Vicks promotes transgender madness (and leaves us gasping)

Old family favourite Vicks VapoRub (licence holder Procter & Gamble) are supporting and promoting transgender madness in the video below.

The “mother” in the film is a man and it is horrific to see a young girl left in his “care.” We hope that God will intervene to deliver the young child from his clutches, and may God deliver the young man from the gender madness that has him in its grip.

We hope you go out of business Procter & Gamble.

PS    We wish to acknowledge Mrs. Johnston of “The Activist Mommy” Facebook for sharing the news about Vicks with her readers.

The “Queering” of Belfast City Hall

The lesbian Deputy Mayor of Belfast Mary Ellen Campbell will welcome her fellow deviants to a cabaret tonight at Belfast City Hall.

The hideous event is a fundraiser for the equally hideous Belfast Pride 2017.

Did no-one object to this vile event? Where are the Christian Councillors?

Cowering in fear and silence and in hiding yet again, no doubt.