Pastor charged with “misgendering” for stating the obvious!

To avoid an accusation of “hate” speech it seems that one must deny reality and exist in a world where everything is upside down, back to front and inside out, in other words, one must believe that snow is black!

To boldly state that the Emperor has no clothes on is too much for the brainwashed masses to comprehend.

Christians cannot participate in such delusions but must boldly state the truth. In Pastor J D Hall’s case, the truth required that he referred to a man dressed up as a woman as (what he is in reality) a man.

The Pastor may now end up in Court.

We will add updates to this case if possible.

Vatican conference keynote speakers authored “The transHuman Code”

The Vatican is the venue for the “Elite global leaders conference” on 23rd October this year. The keynote speakers are Carlos Moreira and David Fergusson, authors of the book “The transHuman Code.”

Carlos Moreira has spoken at the Vatican before (in July 2019 see video below) so apparently the Vatican either agrees with his views or think they are worth discussing.

What are his views? He shares some of them in the video below. Here we quote some of the more bizarre and terrifying.

According to Moreira,

“inside the world wide web (www) the human does not exist, the web doesn’t know what a human is, the web doesn’t make a difference between a human, a dog, a tree, a computer.”

He mentions his book “The transHuman Code” (co-authored by David Fergusson) and states “Transhumanism, because that’s what we’re becoming. Transhuman, we’re going to be enhanced.” (Words his, punctuation ours)

Transhumanism is the stuff of science fiction (and nightmares) and should remain so.

JoJo the clown, our protest against Omagh “pride” and the media blackout

If one relied on the mainstream media for news, one could be forgiven for thinking that the only public protest against the hideous Omagh “pride” parade yesterday was undertaken by Roman Catholics.

Not true! There was another protest, ignored by the mouthpieces of the LGBT lobby (the media) and we should know. We were the protestors.

Small in number (two) but what we lacked in numerical strength we more than made up for in courage and determination to confront God’s enemies with the Word of God.

The media had no interest in anything we had to say but tripped over themselves to interview some of the unholy horde among whom were found big men plastered in make up and hobbling along in stilettoes and men in tutus tripping the light fantastic as they went.

The pathetic media hide the truth about these depraved parades by portraying them as carnival-like family fun days.

The truth is that these parades are a display and a vaunting of the abnormal, grotesque and deviant.

They are also pitiful and terribly sad to witness.

We are not lacking in compassion for the individuals who have embraced the destructive LGBT lifestyle.

We protest against them to warn them and to help them because God’s judgement abides upon them and because God is angry with them.

Someone calling himself JoJo posted two comments on our blog (which we deleted), the usual, boring, predictable ad hominem attacks on us for our opposition to the LGBT lobby.

He described us as “non-entities.”

Non-entities or not, we will continue to oppose that which the Bible forbids and condemns.

We are encouraged by the fact that the media could not stop the parade participants from seeing and reading our Bible placards despite their attempts to hide the fact that there WAS a public Evangelical Christian protest against Omagh “pride” yesterday.

The curious case of our disappearing views (on post warning about Omagh ‘pride’ parade)

Our post (linked below) had 15 views. Then mysteriously that number decreased to 13, then 8, then 6, then 5, and today, the total stands at 4. We did not delete any of the original 15 views, so who did and why?

We suspect that our anti-LGBT post provoked hostility towards us and some individual(s) who has the technical expertise is spitefully and methodically removing the number of views on our post until none remain.

We urge our viewers to read and share the post below with as many people as possible to thwart the person(s) responsible for interfering with a personal blog.