Sodomites admit they’re coming for our children

This is and always has been their agenda. Now they have set it to music.

I (Mrs White) warned about the dangers of the homosexual lobby in 2015 when I was an Independent candidate in the UK general election. The hostility of the audience was frightening! Skip to 1 minute 31 seconds in video below to hear my contribution.

Serial killer kept 2,400+aborted babies remains at his home

When abortionist Dr Ulrich Klopfer died in September 2019 the remains of more than 2,000 aborted babies were found at his home and in his car in Crete, Illinois, USA.

As the monster is now dead, the authorities, having investigated the matter, now consider it closed.

Some of the women who went to Klopfer’s clinic to have their unborn child murdered were “distressed” to learn about the gruesome discovery at his home.

It appears they were not distressed about him killing their babies. He did that with their consent.

Christians attacked in LA by Antifa goons

Christians protesting outside a spa following an incident involving a man exposing himself to women and young girls at the spa were set upon by violent anarchists calling themselves “Antifa.” Police on the scene appeared to adopt a softly-softly approach towards the Antifa hoodlums instead of breaking them up and arresting them.

Matt Hancock needs to “socially distance” from other women!

Tyrant-in-the-making and married man Matt Hancock has been exposed as an adulterer and a hypocrite. Today he resigned as Health Secretary in Boris Johnson’s Government after a leaked photo/video showed him groping and kissing Gina Coladangelo, also married, who was hired as an adviser by Hancock last year with taxpayers’ money.

Hancock (and his comrades in Boris Johnson’s dictatorship) has caused misery and suffering and hardship by the imposition of unnecessary lockdowns, face masks, social distancing, denial of medical care for non-covid patients and economic destruction, under the guise of a “pandemic.”

Before he resigned, he was advocating a two-tier health service i.e back of the queue treatment (or perhaps no treatment at all) for those who refuse to have the experimental and potentially dangerous Covid vaccines.

By his behaviour with his paramour Hancock clearly shows he does not believe the hype and propaganda he parrots out i.e that there is a deadly virus circulating and that we are all potential disease-carriers who must keep six feet apart from each other!

But he must make sure that YOU the general public believe the hype and the exaggerations about Covid-19 because the plan for future lockdowns and masks forever and compulsory vaccination/passports depends on you believing it and continuing to believe it!

The G7 leaders don’t believe the official Covid narrative either. Look at the photos of them all standing close together, arms around each other.

These evil people are tyrants-in-the-making and their goal is a digitally controlled global population they can treat as slaves.

In the wake of the Hancock scandal the mainstream media and the Covid-obsessed public were aghast that Hancock had not kept the social distancing rules. Few, if any, cared about the fact that he broke his marriage vows which is extremely serious. Adultery causes chaos. One should flee from temptation to commit adultery as if one was fleeing from a deadly plague.

Adultery is a moral plague. Hancock should have kept his distance from it.

Although he has resigned it is possible that he will slip back into government in the near future with Boris Johnson’s approval/assistance because Boris is not known for marital faithfulness. He once stated that his marriage vows are not set in stone!

With these treacherous, adulterous men and women in mind an old saying is pithy,

“One can be a liar without being an adulterer, but one cannot be an adulterer without being a liar also.”

Pastor Jeff Durbin “highly respects” metal-woman Lizzie

Pastor Jeff Durbin of Apologia Church in Arizona (where James White is also an elder) recently interviewed a hideous pro-abortion and pro -(virtually every evil one can think of) feminist called Lizzie.

Trendy Jeff was effusive in his praise for this wretch stating he is “honoured to have Lizzie on and I highly respect her.” (Skip to 9 minutes 2 seconds on video below)

As Durbin is (rightly) opposed to most (perhaps all) of her views, what is there to “highly respect?”

He and his co-presenter on his show, Luke Pierson (who hardly speaks at all because Jeff loves to hear the sound of his own voice) are not shocked by the immodest metal-woman.

Could this be because she would not look out of place at Apologia Church as some of the women associated with that church (Summer Jaeger and Joy Temby, known as the Sheologians) have either tattoos (Summer Jaeger) or both (tattoos and nose ring, Joy Temby).

By the way, Summer Jaeger is the daughter of James White of Alpha Omega Ministries and Apologia Church.