More on R C Sproul Jr – he wants a united Ireland!

On St. Patrick’s Day this year R C Sproul Jr wrote the following on his twitter page,


“Ireland is separated into two countries, one free, and Roman Catholic, represented by green, the other under English rule and Protestant, represented by orange. My theological convictions are Protestant (orange) but I’d like to see Ireland united and free of the English (green)”  end of quote

He summarises his views as follows (and I quote)

“Orange in my theology, green in my politics.”

Mr.Sproul demonstrates his ignorance about Northern Ireland with such ridiculous statements. He is parroting out the typical and predictable drivel we usually hear from the IRA/Sinn Fein supporting Irish-American lobby.

Northern Ireland is not ruled by England. It is part of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland which consists of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland and the “mother of Parliaments” i.e the UK Parliament is at Westminster in London.

Mr. Sproul should turn his attention to his own country which is more decadent than ever under playboy adulterer Donald Trump.

Late R C Sproule’s blessing on marriage of Junior to thrice-divorced woman!

R C Sproule Sr died in December 2017. He was held in high regard in Reformed circles, yet there were troubling aspects about the man and his ministry Ligonier Ministries.

In years gone by he vouched for the “Christian” faith of rock star Alice Cooper (real name Vince Furnier.)

R C Sproule Sr has a son and a daughter. The son, also named R C is a wayward son but it appears that he was pampered and pandered to.

In his chequered past, Junior has been “defrocked” from a church and was known to drink heavily.

He was also a would-be (if not actual) adulterer and his “punishment” for that grave offence was suspension on full pay for a year from Ligonier Ministries and there is evidence that he preached at conferences during his “suspension.”

His first wife Denise sadly died of cancer several years ago and Junior remarried in 2016 with the blessing of Daddy and Mummy. His second wife is an immodest worldly type (just like him) and she had already had three husbands!!

Within a month of marrying his thrice-married, thrice-divorced girlfriend RC Sproule Jr was arrested and later convicted of drunk driving. He had one or more of his children in the car at the time.

He resigned from Ligonier Ministries after this incident citing “personal reasons” for his departure. He received a suspended sentence for the DUI as part of a plea deal.

Now Junior is back on the Evangelical celebrity circuit promoting and flogging his new book which is all about growing up with Daddy.

Watch the short video below and hear R C Senior’s blessing on the union of his son and the divorcee Lisa.

Is it possible or likely that Senior did not know that his son was marrying a woman with three ex-husbands?

We find such a scenario almost impossible to believe.

Argos jumps on the (LGBT) bandwagon

This information came as a surprise to us. We did not know that Argos had capitulated to the demands of the LGBT lobby.

Argos has now joined our list of shops that we boycott.

Oh that many other Christians would do likewise because to companies like Argos and Marks and Spencer and many more, MONEY TALKS (or FALLING PROFITS TALK.)

Marie Osmond goin’ cocoNUTS

In 1978 Marie Osmond and her brother Donny acted in a film called Goin’ Coconuts.

The title of our post is a play on that film title with an emphasis on the last four letters of the title i.e NUTS.

Marie Osmond is a supporter of the LGBT lobby and has been for some time. She supports same-sex “marriage” and in 2010 she was named Grand Marshall of Ogden Utah “gay” pride parade.

She has a large family which includes five adopted children. One of her adopted children is a daughter called Jessica whom she adopted when married to her second husband Brian Blosil.

Jessica Blosil is a lesbian and recently she entered into a sodomite coupling aka same-sex “marriage,” with Marie Osmond’s blessing and best wishes!

Marie attended the pretend “marriage” and after the proceedings described her butch lesbian daughter’s girlfriend as her “wife.”

Marie Osmond is a Mormon and that cult is supposedly opposed to homosexual activity and same-sex “marriage” although all is not as it appears with this cult.

The Marriott hotel chain is owned by Mormons and Marriott is pro-LGBT and has only recently phased out its in-room pornography video service because their profits from porn were declining!

When it comes to the Osmonds the old saying “all that glitters is not gold” comes to mind. They certainly glittered and dazzled in the 70’s especially but later they experienced financial woes, ill-health and divorce(s).

Marie has been married three times, twice to the same man. She was married “for time and all eternity” to Steve Craig in the Salt Lake LDS temple in 1982 but their “eternal” marriage only lasted until 1985 when they were divorced.

She then married Brian Blosil in 1986 presumably “for time and all eternity” in another Mormon temple. That marriage brought her closer to eternity in that it lasted until 2007.

Then in 2011 Marie re-married ex-husband Steve Craig in yet another Mormon temple and, at the risk of repeating myself, it was probably “for time and all eternity” once again!

Mormons refer to these “eternal” marriages as “sealings” so Marie was sealed to hubby no.1 for eternity then they divorced then she was sealed to hubby no.2 for eternity then they divorced and then she was sealed again to ex-hubby no.1 which begs the question, was she unsealed from one hubby before being sealed to another and, if so, these are not eternal marriages but temporal and this makes a nonsense of the Mormon church’s claim to have the power to perform “eternal” marriages.

The Bible clearly teaches that in heaven they neither marry nor are given in marriage. Marriage is for this life only.

Click on link below to see Marie Osmond’s support for that which the Bible describes as unnatural and an abomination.

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Two lesbians torture and murder male child in Brazil

Two lesbians mutilated and later murdered the young son of one of them.

It appears they attempted a “sex-change” operation on the defenceless and terrified little boy.

Some time later they stabbed the child to death.

Evidence again of the violent, destructive and dangerous nature of the sodomite and the sodomite lifestyle.

These two sodomite devils should be executed. They have forfeited their right to life.

The media (by and large) has either ignored this story or downplayed the homosexual angle.

We have rectified the media’s error.

Brazilian Press Say Emasculation of Boy by Lesbians to Make Him a Girl Not Related to Homosexual Behavior

Unhinged feminist Sophie Lewis and “exiting the gestational workplace”

Unhinged, evil, dangerous and queer (she uses the word) Sophie Lewis.

She is a Marxist and feminist.

She defends the killing of unborn babies stating that it is “an acceptable violence that I’m prepared to defend under any circumstances.”

Her Marxist ideology is seen in the euphemism she uses to describe women who have abortions.

In Sophie Lewis’s depraved mind, such women are “exiting the gestational workplace.”

She is interviewed at link below. Skip to 13 minutes and 37 seconds to hear her utter her devilish defence of abortion.

False teacher Kenneth Copeland fleecing the sheep

He is not alone. There are many false teachers today motivated by the love of money, luxury and fame.

They are religious con-men (and women i.e Joyce Meyer)

In the short video below Kenneth Copeland looks like a demonic snake oil salesman.