The aliens have landed

Gucci’s fashion show is nothing but a glorification of androgyny, decadence, vulgarity and the bizarre.

The models are like automatons and move in a trance-like state.

Feminism, with its goal of a unisex society where the differences between men and women are blurred and downplayed, has been spectacularly successful in imposing its evil ideology on virtually every strata of society.

Societal destruction, engineered by evil forces, is almost complete and we are doomed.

God help us.

J D Hall revealed as Pastor who texts while driving at 70mph

Pastor Jordan Hall is the Pastor referred to in our post below. He was not identified in the post but the time has come to reveal all.

He cannot be reasoned with because he does not like anyone telling him what to do.

He prefers “liberty over safety,” despite the fact that he is a danger on the roads and could kill himself or someone else. In addition to texting whilst driving at 70mph, he does not wear a seat belt!

In his most recent sermon at his church (Fellowship Baptist, Sidney, Montana) he condemned abortion, and rightly so, but he cannot see that it is hypocritical to condemn abortion whilst he is endangering other human beings by his dangerous driving.

We informed him that we are going to name him, and he responded with,

“I’m perfectly fine with the entire world knowing I text and drive. I also refuse to wear a seatbelt because I don’t like being told what to do.”

What a rebellious, arrogant and defiant man!

He is also liberal on drugs, stating that he is “100% for the legalisation of marijuana and all substances.”

This is outrageous!

When he read our original post about his driving, he commented on our blog, calling himself “Gideon Knox.” His comment speaks volumes about his low character (see his comment and our original post below.)

“Gideon Knox” said: I have to drive an hour to Bible study tonight. I’m going to text the entire way there. And back. God Bless America.

This really happened…….

Last year my daughter and I had occasion to visit an unidentified police station somewhere in Northern Ireland.

We sat quietly in the waiting area whereupon we became unintentional listeners to other visitors’ conversation with the police receptionist as all visitors had to relate their business in a very public manner to said receptionist.

That was an education to say the least as we heard about some woman’s ex-boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend’s jealousy and tales of visits to the local pub which nearly ended in fisticuffs.

Spellbinding stuff indeed. We have lived a very sheltered life!

Just as we were attempting to make sense of the Kirk Douglas film which was showing in the station at the time, and beginning to doze off, we witnessed something we never thought we would see in a police station (and here we become deadly serious) two men (civilians) walked in, one of them carrying a rifle or shotgun!

CCTV cameras are in operation outside police stations, yet a man with a gun was able to walk in and sit down!

All of a sudden we did not feel at all safe, despite the fact that armed police were in the building, because none of those armed police seemed to know (or care) about the presence of an armed man in their midst.

We could not believe our eyes.

Was he a terrorist? Was he a psychopath bent on random killing? We didn’t know.

We did know that if he were either, we would be completely defenceless.

When we were called into a room by a police officer, the first thing we said was “Officer, there’s a man in the waiting area with a gun.”

We felt it was more important to report this situation first and then discuss the matter that brought us to the station in the first place.

The police officer quickly left the room (he did not go to the waiting area) and soon returned to inform us that everything was alright and the man was there to register a gun (or something to that effect) and that he (the police officer) had “no issue with it.”

I made it clear that my daughter and I HAD an issue with it and I wanted him to take note of this, because he appeared not to care that we had been very frightened by the incident and he was very dismissive of our concerns.

Northern Ireland has known the scourge of terrorism for years and yet a man was able to walk into a police station with a huge gun and no police officer batted an eyelid.

We were more concerned (or so it seems) with the safety of the police and others and ourselves than the police were about our safety.

The police need to put other arrangements in place for gun registration (or whatever it was) instead of subjecting members of the public to fear.

Full-blown liberal insanity on display in Maya Forstater case

Maya Forstater is a 45 year old tax expert who was sacked for tweeting that sex is immutable and cannot be changed.

She faced an Employment Tribunal earlier this month presided over by a liberal judge called James Tayler who obviously needs a biology lesson because he thinks that biological males can become females.

The Tribunal ruled against her, the judge concluding that Miss Forstater’s views are “absolutist” and “not worthy of respect in a democratic society.”

The judge and his ilk are determined that everyone capitulate to liberal delusions and madness.

Their objective is to remake society into a dystopian nightmare in which people are forced to believe (and say) that men in dresses are women and that snow is black and that 2 + 2 = 5.

See this nightmarish scenario played out in the video below.

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Joshua Chavez (Servus Christi) suppresses truth about Donald Trump

Joshua Chavez has a youtube channel which he calls Servus Christi. He has many videos exposing charlatans who masquerade as Christians to “fleece the sheep” and he also exposes the hypocrisy and compromise of many in the reformed camp such as John MacArthur and James White.

Joshua obviously has spiritual discernment and many of his videos are spiritually profitable.

However he appears to have a blind spot when it comes to Donald Trump. He seems to think that Donald Trump is a friend to Evangelical Christianity.

Nothing could be further from the truth!

In the video below Joshua rails against the liberal magazine called Christianity Today and he is right to do so because CT should be avoided like the plague.

However he is railing against CT because they are anti-Trump and are calling for his impeachment.

He appears to associate anti-Trump sentiments with liberal, worldly Christianity.

Again, nothing could be further from the truth.

Our blog is Biblically fundamentalist and about as far removed from the likes of Christianity Today as east is from west and we are vehemently opposed to Donald Trump (and Hillary Clinton and Bernie Saunders and their ilk.)

I posted a comment on Servus Christi’s youtube channel rebuking him for praising President Trump but he deleted my comment. You can read it below the video.

Joshua, how is a man like Donald Trump cultivating an environment that is favourable to Christianity? A man who owns casinos and strip clubs, a man who parades his adultery like a badge of honour, a man with very shady business dealings, a man who gave money to a front group for the murderous IRA, a man who thinks homosexual “marriage” is great and who is intent on promoting (and forcing) the LGBT agenda globally, a man who as President gave money to Planned Parenthood in the past, a man who wants to disarm Americans making it impossible for them to defend themselves? This is the man you think is the “lesser of two evils”when compared to Hillary Clinton? Where is your discernment Joshua? Trump and Clinton are mirror images of each other and both are evil. I live in Northern Ireland but if I lived in USA I would not have voted for either. When faced with voting for evil, lesser doesn’t come into it. A Christian should not vote unless an honourable third choice is an option.You should read Pastor Chuck Baldwin’s posts on the character and behaviour of Donald Trump. Frightening reading! Joshua don’t make the mistake of thinking that the only Christians opposed to Trump are liberals. Far from it. I am a fundamentalist Evangelical and I am vehemently opposed to Trump.

Joshua Chavez deleted my comment above twice so I posted the comment below (which he has not deleted) but which makes no sense because no-one but him saw the comment to which I refer.

Why are you deleting my comment? You are attempting to suppress the truth. I will post my comment on my own blog if you continue to delete it and I will also give a link to your video about which my comment was made.

PS To substantiate my claim that the Trump administration gave money to Planned Parenthood, click on link below,

Theodore Dalrymple’s book “Life at the bottom” – read it online

Theodore Dalrymple aka Dr. Anthony Daniels is a psychiatrist and an author and speaker.

He is an articulate and perceptive writer and accurately diagnoses many of today’s societal ills.

Whilst he may hold some libertarian views (which we reject) his book on the poor underclass who live lives “at the bottom” is well worth reading. It is both shocking and humorous (though not in equal measure.)

The blame for most of the chaos and anarchy described in his book can be laid at the door of PC liberal “do-badders.”

The book can be read at link below. The first chapter however appears to be unavailable.

Read Theodore Dalrymple’s “Life at the Bottom” online for free

Flowerday family vow to get justice for Robert

The heartbroken family of murdered teacher Robert Flowerday have vowed to fight for a change in the law so that a life sentence will mean life (see our previous post entitled “This is not justice”)

We wish them well but in our opinion the restoration of the death penalty is the answer.

It is a deterrent to evil deeds, and even if it were not, it is just punishment for murder.