Meet “Dr” Naomi Long, “Dr” Amanda Ferguson and their “puppet” Stewart Dickson

Following my appearance on the Nolan Live TV programme last Wednesday (25th October) when, as an invited member of the panel, I articulated my well-known and uncompromising opposition to abortion, I expected the usual, predictable and hysterical reaction from the monstrous left.

They did not disappoint.

The host of the show, Stephen Nolan, may have invited me to appear on the panel because he knows I hold strong and uncompromising Biblical views and that my appearance would likely cause a stir and increase the TV ratings for his programme.

I knew this was a possibility when I accepted the invitation to be a guest on his programme but that possibility did not stop me availing myself of the opportunity to reach a huge number of people (inside the studio and via television) and boldly declare that abortion is murder.

So whilst the Nolan team may have viewed me as “ratings fodder,” I viewed the invitation to appear on the show as a God-given opportunity to take a stand against abortion.

I knew there would be other pro-life speakers there, but in my opinion, they are not hardline enough in their opposition to abortion and they rarely, if ever, deal with the root causes of the demand for abortion “rights” i.e the sexual revolution.

When I learned that Kitty Holland, a fanatical pro-abortion feminist would also be on the panel, I relished the opportunity to confront her. She is accustomed to dealing with pro-life speakers who adopt a softly softly, non-judgemental tone and demeanour when confronting her.

In encountering me, she saw someone who would judge her and condemn her and never more so than when she divulged (on the programme) that she had had two abortions.

The Bible is a judgemental book and when God says that murder is a sin, I am permitted to “think or say God’s thoughts after Him.”

There were many comments on Twitter and Facebook  and other social media following my appearance on Nolan Live, most of them were hostile, many were evil and some advocated violence i.e I should be hanged, drawn and quartered!

The Alliance Party leader Naomi Long said the following, “This is appalling. Susan Ann White is clearly not a well person but her words cause so much harm to so many women.” end of quote.

She left the “e” off my second  name Anne by the way.

Naomi is obviously a psychiatrist!!! When did you study psychiatry Naomi?

So is Naomi saying that my views are making me ill OR that I’m ill because I hold such views?

How dare she question my mental state!

I have e-mailed her and phoned her office but have had no reply to date. How despicable!

She appears to have removed her offending comments from her twitter but they can still be read on the Belfast Telegraph. Click on link below.

I require an apology from Mrs. Long. A public apology! It is not enough to remove her comments from twitter as if she never made them.

Another Alliance politician, MLA Stewart Dickson also held forth on his opinion of the abortion debate on Nolan Live.

On his Twitter he wrote (mysteriously) of some woman on the panel. He did not name her! He said of her, “Get that foul woman out of the studio.” and he further said, “Get that off the TV.”

I e-mailed Mr.Dickson and phoned his office as I was curious to know who he could possibly be referring to!! It couldn’t possibly be me, could it?!!

As Mr. Dickson is a male feminist and obviously pro-abortion, I ask readers to think long and hard and try to come to a conclusion about who Mr. Dickson is calling a “foul woman” and a “that” as in “get that off the TV.”

Those comments appear to have disappeared and Mr.Dickson is mysteriously lying low.

Come now Stewart, identify the woman you described as “foul” and if I am she, you had better issue an apology forthwith and that publicly.

Lastly let us consider the “lofty” comments of that well known journalist (who must also be a psychiatrist albeit secretly) “Dr” Amanda Ferguson. She had this to say about my appearance on Nolan,

“Having Mrs.White on Nolan Live is an absolute joke. Women in the north of Ireland/NI deserve much better than laughter during such a sensitive debate. It’s not actually fair on her either.”

“She is clearly unwell……she wants rock music banned ffs. Her purpose is to cause outrage. It’s pathetic.

“Dr” Ferguson also said that I am “wheeled out for the purpose of outrage.” end of quotes.

Needless to say, she was contacted by me, and, like her two friends mentioned above, her silence has been deafening.

These people are repugnant and they care nothing for unborn babies. Their only concern is for so-called “bodily autonomy.”

Sadly, a Christian man retweeted the comments of Amanda Ferguson and, when contacted by me, he stated that he agrees with her that it was a “joke” for me to appear on Nolan. He knows who he is and, to cover his blushes, I will not name him but with “friends” like him, who needs enemies.

I had some support on social media I’m glad to say, and two comments by two individuals stand out. One said that I was a “breath of (old fashioned) air” and another said that I typified a “fierce femininity.” Please note the word FEMININITY not Feminism.

I like those comments. It is good in this day and age to be “FIERCELY FEMININE.”

Here’s a link to the Nolan Show.


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Ken Ham’s Ark Encounter lit up in rainbow colours (not wise Ken)

Ken Ham of Answers in Genesis creation ministry has lit up the huge replica of Noah’s Ark in rainbow colours, and his reason for so doing is to “take the rainbow back for God.”

The bow in the cloud (rainbow) assuredly does belong to God, nevertheless we believe that it is unwise for Ken Ham to do what he has done because he is “muddying the waters” and may sow confusion.

The rainbow flag is so identified with the LGBT lobby that it is now unwise to associate oneself and one’s ministry with rainbow colours.

Many buildings throughout the world have been lit up in rainbow colours to “celebrate” the LGBT lobby and their “Pride” parades, including Belfast City Hall, and it is deeply disturbing to see the near global capitulation to this dangerous agenda.

Why does the Ark have to be lit up in rainbow colours, albeit to make a spiritual point?

Sometimes even wholesome things can have an “appearance of evil.”

A US media source called USA Today had this headline on 22/7/17 (take note Ken Ham)

“Ark Encounter thrills gay community with rainbow light display.”

Another media outlet called the Lexington Herald Leader had this headline on 21/7/17,

“The Ark Encounter has a new rainbow look. LGBTQ community on Twitter approves.”

One twitter user said, “That is absolute gayest boat.”

Another said, “Awesome pride float.”

These tweets and headlines should cause Ken Ham to consider if he has acted wisely in this matter.

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Pastor John MacArthur says it’s OK to bake cake for “gays”!!!

Watch this video and hear Dr.John MacArthur of Grace Community Church in California answer the question below,

Question is posed at 1 minute 32 seconds but we urge our readers to watch video from the beginning.


“Is it truly sinful for a Christian business person, for instance, a cake-baker, to produce a product for a “gay” wedding?” (Note please that the questioner used the word “business person” instead of “businessman.” Obviously he was afraid of offending Feminists. How cowardly and pathetic.)

John MacArthur responded with, “No it’s not sinful for a cake-maker to make a cake for a “gay” wedding…….”

Then MacArthur went on to equate baking a cake for two sodomites “gay wedding” with serving a meal to homosexuals sitting in a restaurant.

How foolish! There is no comparison! Serving a meal to homosexuals in a restaurant is in no way comparable to baking a cake for a homosexual “wedding.”

In the latter example, a Christian is being asked to legitimise sodomy and sodomite “unions” and if a Christian baker agrees to such a request, he or she becomes a “partaker of other men’s sins.”

This is not the case when a Christian restauranteur serves a meal to homosexuals in his restaurant.

John MacArthur’s response was shocking and a downright disgrace and we call on him to repent of his terrible compromise, and that publicly, and then support persecuted Christian bakers and florists who at this moment are suffering in the USA and Northern Ireland for refusing to endorse wicked sodomite couplings.

With “friends” like John MacArthur, who needs enemies!

Planned Parenthood, Josef Mengele and the Third Reich

The babykillers of Planned Parenthood and their sister organisations in the UK i.e BPAS, Marie Stopes and the FPA are the present day heirs of the bloodthirsty savage “Dr.” Josef Mengele (see link below.)

These wicked organisations should be on trial for murder and we believe the sentence imposed on them should be death.

In 2012 the baby killing Marie Stopes organisation opened in Belfast and is still open today.

Marie Stopes was very taken with mass murderer Adolf Hitler and sent poems to him!

We have a placard which we display when we protest outside Marie Stopes in Belfast and it contains these words,  “Marie Stopes, Hitler and the Third Reich.”

The ideology of the Nazi’s lives on in the global abortion industry.

The torments of hell await all such!