Anthony Halliday, stop hounding Mrs Farrow

Caroline Farrow is a courageous Catholic wife and mother of five children. Earlier this year she commented on a story about a 16 year old boy who had “sex-reassignment” surgery in Thailand.

She described such procedures as “castration” and “mutilation.”

She is absolutely right.

The mother of the boy referred to above accused Mrs.Farrow of “misgendering” her son i.e using masculine pronouns instead of the biologically denying pronouns the wicked mother desired to hear i.e “she” or “her.”

The case against Mrs.Farrow was eventually dropped by the boy’s mother only to be taken up by a man called Anthony Halliday a “transsexual” activist who also wants to be called by a female name!

Not on this blog Mr. Halliday!

He is hounding and tormenting Mrs Farrow and her family and on 15th October 2019 she has to appear in court and face a judge and this vicious cross-dresser Anthony Halliday and he is demanding that she pay him thousands of pounds AND be sent to prison.

We stand with Caroline Farrow and we hope that the only person going to prison is nasty Anthony for his vicious and wicked campaign of harassment against Mrs Farrow and her family.

Keep Caroline Farrow out of prison!

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Voddie Baucham’s daughter adds tattoo to nose ring

Jasmine Holmes is the daughter of Christian Pastor Voddie Baucham. She and her parents and family were deeply involved with the now defunct organisation Vision Forum which advocated home schooling and an extreme form of patriarchy.

Patriarchy is Biblical but Vision Forum advocated an extreme form of it.

Jasmine Baucham was featured in a Vision Forum film with her Dad Voddie (and many others including infamous Doug Phillips) and the film title “Return of the Daughters” (and the film itself) glossed over the true nature of the patriarchy concept advocated by Vision Forum.

In 2014 Jasmine Baucham married Phillip Holmes and today she bears virtually no resemblance to the girl who appeared in the film “Return of the Daughters.”

She and hubby appear to be out and out social justice warriors embracing their blackness whilst singing the praises of the late adulterer Martin Luther King Jr and associating with the left-leaning Gospel Coalition and only just holding onto the doctrine of male headship (but for how long?)

Jasmine’s appearance has also changed since tying the knot with Mr.Holmes because she now favours “Afro” hairstyles and has a nose ring and more recently (days ago) got her first tattoo (with Mr.Holmes’s blessing or at his insistence??!)

Has Voddie Baucham nothing to say about his worldly SJW daughter?

A request addressed to our German viewers

In recent weeks we have had many views from Germany and we are glad that there is an interest in our blog on the part of some (or many) in that country but this has not been the case over the duration of our blog.

We wonder at the recent (and sustained) interest in our blog from that country and wonder what triggered it.

We also wonder how well our blog posts translate into German (if this is necessary for some of our German viewers.)

To our German viewers we make this request.

Please comment on some of the many posts you have read and inform us if you agree or disagree with us, and also how you discovered our blog.

Thank You.

“Pastor” Jeff Durbin’s lewd question

Three worldly and alcohol-loving Pastors, Jeff Durbin, Doug Wilson and Toby Sumpter met recently to discuss theology!

“Pastor” Jeff Durbin commenced the proceedings with a disgusting introductory question and he was not rebuked for his vulgarity by his two friends.

These three are not just “in the world,” they are “of the world.”

Adrianne Peltz defrauds animal charity

South African mischief-maker Adrianne Peltz has lived in Northern Ireland for several years.

We have exposed this woman in the past (see our post below) because she is pro-abortion and an all-round “do-badder!”

She has a high profile in Northern Ireland as a campaigner for (mostly) left wing causes.

She had a higher profile than she would have liked this past Thursday when she had a “starring” role in the dock of Ballymena Magistrates Court and admitted defrauding an animal charity (the Dogs Trust) to the tune of £5,393!

The BBC have been silent regarding the disgrace of one of their favourite left-wing “pets” i.e Miss Peltz as they often sought her out as a commentator, stating that they have “no comment” to make regarding her future as a commentator.

Adrianne Peltz is a common thief and there is no honour among thieves.

She supposedly cared about dogs yet couldn’t resist “putting her hand in the till.”

She obviously was not genuine in her “care” for dogs but when it comes to the unborn child, she doesn’t even make a pretence to care for them.

She campaigns for their destruction.

What an evil woman!

Keystone cop Rachel Swann

Rachel Swann is (unbelievably) the Deputy Chief Constable of Derbyshire Police force in England.

Her appearance and entire demeanour communicates rebellion, defiance and androgyny.

Women should not be in leadership positions over men in any of the emergency services e.g fire service, ambulance service or police.

Women are taking over. They outnumber men in many professions such as banking. In fact, we have been in banks where there are no men employed (except perhaps behind the scenes where they spend their time making tea and being dictated to by women!)

Years ago women like Rachel Swann would have been an aberration.

Today it is the modest, virtuous woman who stands out.

Most women today (including Evangelical Christians) opt for androgynous clothing OR harlot-like clothing.

No wonder chivalry on the part of men is (almost) a dim and distant (but sadly missed) virtue.