Announcing the end of our blog

We are closing our blog with immediate effect.

We will, from now on, watch with aching hearts God giving society over and giving it up to vile affections.

Society is doomed and divine judgement is sure.

We will no longer “cast our pearls before swine.”

We trust our labours in the Lord were not in vain.

We will now take our leave.


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Christopher’s chastisement – a tap on the wrist!

Further to my post on DUP MLA Christopher Stalford’s attendance at a GAA match on the Lord’s Day 24th June (when he accompanied DUP leader Arlene Foster), a Free Presbyterian Minister has finally mentioned his Sabbath-breaking sin.

It appears that Christopher Stalford is a Free Presbyterian and that denomination is well known for protesting against Sabbath desecration.

Rev Brian McClung had already written about this shameful episode on his blog The Sound of an Alarm (he entitled his post “Feeding the Crocodile and Offending God”) in which he criticised Arlene Foster (and rightly so) but failed to mention Christopher Stalford.

Mr McClung preached a sermon last evening in his own church entitled “The Consequences of Sabbath Desecration” and during the sermon he finally mentioned Christopher Stalford, in addition to Arlene Foster.

However it was the briefest of mentions and all he could say about Mr.Stalford’s transgression was,

“…..and Christopher Stalford who I’m told is an attender at Free Presbyterian church and he ought to know better.” (end of quote)

Is that it? No outrage? No condemnation? No demand for Church discipline Mr. McClung?

Listen to the sermon at link below and skip to 7 minutes 22 seconds to hear Mr. McClung’s softly-softly “rebuke” of Christopher Stalford’s Sabbath desecration.

Christopher Stalford also defended his leader Arlene Foster’s attendance at the hideous LGBT Pink News event at Stormont last Thursday.

Although not present himself, he claimed that Mrs Foster was showing “leaderly behaviour” by attending!  (Belfast Telegraph article 19th June 2018)

He desecrates the Sabbath and praises his leader for accepting an invitation to attend a celebration of sodomy and other forms of sexual deviancy.

It is time for him to be sternly disciplined by his church lest he defy God one time too many and that without remedy!


The Free Presbyterian “elephant in the room!”

On Sunday past Arlene Foster attended a Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA) football match in Clones in the Irish Republic.

The GAA  has Irish Nationalist/Republican sympathies and has a penchant for naming some of its clubs after IRA terrorists.

She was accompanied on this shameful occasion by her fellow DUP MLA Christopher Stalford.

On 13th May this year Christopher Stalford and his wife had their new baby dedicated to God at the Martyrs Memorial Free Presbyterian Church in Belfast.

The Dedication service, which took place at the end of the morning service, was conducted by Rev Ian Brown, Minister of Martyrs Memorial.

So it appears that Mr.Stalford is a member of the Free Presbyterian Church.

In May this year the FPC had a protest outside a rugby ground because a match was played on the Lord’s Day.

Yet a few weeks later Christopher Stalford attends a football match on a Sunday with the DUP leader Arlene Foster!

Rev Brian McClung has posted on his blog about the protest in May AND about Arlene Foster’s attendance at the GAA match, but strangely he fails to mention that Mrs.Foster was accompanied by Christopher Stalford.

Stalford is the “elephant in the room” as far as Rev. McClung is concerned.

It appears that Mr.Stalford’s transgression (and it is a serious transgression) will be ignored, overlooked or downplayed.

In other words, he will not be disciplined by his church.

Another Free Presbyterian to add to the list of offenders who go unpunished and that list includes adulterers, compromisers and now, Sabbath desecrators!

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Tyrone Constitution’s error!

We placed an ad in the Church Notices section of the Tyrone Constitution newspaper to inform the public about our forthcoming meeting in Enniskillen on 28th June and the paper made a serious error in their copying of the information we gave to them.

The title of our meeting is “Abolish Abortion and Oppose the Sexual Revolution” and we described ourselves as “Evangelicals for Life” which does not signify an organised group but rather two Evangelical Christian women speakers who are pro-life without exception and without compromise.

The newspaper erroneously printed the word “Evangelists” as in “Evangelists for Life” instead of “Evangelicals for Life.”

Their error is incomprehensible to us and has probably confused some and misled others.

The Tyrone Constitution is now duty bound to correct their error in next Wednesday’s paper which is just one day before our meeting.

I hope this post on our blog will go some way to clearing up the confusion which may have followed the reading of our ad in the paper last Wednesday.


DUP are now pro-medicinal marijuana (in Caldwell case)

The Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) continues their accelerating drift towards liberalism with their recent support of medical cannabis (marijuana) for young Billy Caldwell who suffers from epilepsy.

Billy’s mother Charlotte Caldwell also enjoys the support of local “potheads” the pro-marijuana political party known as CISTA whose leader Barry Brown has recently opened a “Hemporium” in Omagh!

What do you think Barry is selling in his “pot” shop? Perhaps it’s pots and pans!

Barry and his ilk are using the “medical marijuana” argument to open the door to legalised pot for recreational use and Charlotte Caldwell and others who support the use of medical marijuana in certain cases are helping them to achieve their goal (wittingly or unwittingly.)

There is no consensus among doctors on the safety or otherwise of medical marijuana, the jury is still out.

I’ll end with a quote from an organisation called “Cannabis Skunk Sense” which warns about the dangers of cannabis/marijuana.

“The “scam” (medical cannabis) was started in 1979 by a pot-using American lawyer who said, “We will use the medical marijuana argument as a red herring to give pot a good name.”  end of quote

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“Abolish Abortion and oppose the Sexual Revolution” (subject of forthcoming public meeting)

There will be a public meeting on 28th June in Enniskillen, County Fermanagh on the above-mentioned subject (see details at bottom of page.)

I hope to speak at the meeting along with Freda Kerr who has kindly consented to participate.

We are gravely concerned about the murderous pro-abortion lobby who are relentlessly demanding legal abortion for any reason at any and every gestational stage of an unborn baby’s life.

We will not stand idly by and watch such horror become a reality. We will resist the evil pro-abortion lobby and we will not treat them with kid’s gloves in doing so, neither will we concern ourselves with sounding “reasonable,” “nice” and “non-judgemental.”

It is precisely because most of the pro-life lobby is obsessed with being “reasonable” and non-confrontational” that they are losing battle after battle (the recent referendum in the Irish Republic is a case in point.)

We believe in taking the battle to the enemy and they will find in us “hardness,” not a “softly-softly” approach.

Readers might be interested in knowing that before I appeared on the Nolan TV show last October when they were discussing abortion, I was advised by a pro-life speaker who was also a guest on the show to sound “reasonable.”

I totally ignored her “advice” because by “reasonable” the pro-life lobby mean, don’t be judgemental, don’t call abortion murder and don’t think of women as anything other than victims.

I reject the weak and cowardly approach of most of the pro-life lobby.

I say abortion is murder. I say women are not victims, they are willing participants in the murder of their unborn babies.

I say that most women seek abortions because they are sexually promiscuous and they don’t want to face the consequences of their sexual anarchy i.e pregnancy.

Our meeting will call for the abolition of abortion. We are 100% pro-life. No compromise and no exceptions.

We are Evangelicals for Life.

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