Christian Reconstructionism – the remedy for societal ills?

The late theologian R.J.Rushdoony was a Christian reconstructionist and considered the father of the movement which is also known as Theonomy which means God’s law.

Rushdoony believed that the civil government of any given country is obligated to align its laws and accompanying penalties with the laws of God described in the Bible with particular emphasis on the Old Testament.

Thus the death penalty for sins/crimes such as murder, sodomy, adultery, kidnapping, rape and other equally abhorrent offences would be prescribed and enforced.

Such laws and penalties would certainly act as a deterrent to would-be murderers and adulterers and there would be no abortion mills and no “gay” pride parades or men dressed as women in women’s facilities.

I agree with the reconstructionists to a point. I believe murderers should be executed but whilst I believe that adultery and sodomy are capital offences and deserving of severe punishment, I would not advocate the death penalty for sodomites and adulterers. I would make sodomy and adultery illegal and I would imprison such but I would not go so far as advocating the death penalty for such

Rushdoony described adultery and sodomy as treason to the family and he is absolutely right.

However  although I do not accept all the views of the reconstructionists but I believe that Christians should gravitate to some degree towards a Christian reconstruction of society for the good of all, believer and non-believer alike.


Filthy feminists protest against filthy men

The feminist rent-a-mob that is Belfast Feminist Network held a protest tonight outside the Kingspan rugby stadium in Belfast.

They were addressed by Kellie Turtle, their chief rabble- rouser.

The protest was organised because the feminists are angry at the “Not Guilty” verdict handed down in the rape trial of Paddy Jackson, Stuart Olding and two others.

I have made it clear in a recent post on our blog that whilst the players were cleared of rape, they and their accuser engaged in acts of debauchery.

She is disgusting and they are disgusting.

The feminist hordes who protested tonight do not want the spotlight on the behaviour of the woman, because she portrayed herself as a victim (instead of the willing participant in an orgy that she was) and her feminist sisters will continue to play the “victim card” on her behalf.

The theme of tonight’s protest was “Stamp out misogyny.”

They employ this slogan because it distracts attention away from the immoral young woman at the centre of this case and places it firmly on the rugby players only.

The rugby players did make vile comments about women on social media shortly after their night of debauchery with the 19 year old woman (their accuser) and for that I condemn them, but to hear these feminists, one would think that they never engaged in dirty talk.

They most certainly do!

One of the placards at their protest tonight had vulgar wording.

Feminists love to talk dirty. Think of the feminist play by Eve Ensler called The V….. Monologues. Nothing is taboo or off-limits to these filthy women.

Think of their behaviour at their hen nights.

Yet they feign disgust at the comments made by the rugby players, which were disgusting to be sure, but feminists are not in any position to criticise. It is a case of the pot calling the kettle black.

There has always been coarse and vulgar men and women, but in times past they were the exception.

Today, because of the sexual revolution and feminism, the majority of men and women are coarse and vulgar.

In days gone by,  most women behaved like ladies and raised the tone of society and men adjusted their behaviour accordingly and behaved like gentlemen, and the dregs of society were easier to spot.

Not so today. Society is drowning in vulgarity and perversion, and feminism and sexual revolutionaries are largely to blame.

See the feminist protest below,

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Confronting Kitty – again!

Kitty Holland is a Social Affairs correspondent with the Irish Times newspaper in Dublin.

She is also a pro-abortion activist who has had two abortions.

I had the opportunity to confront her in person on the Nolan TV show last October when, as a panellist which included three others in addition to Kitty Holland and myself I told her that she had murdered her two unborn children.

She broke the Savita Halappanavar story in 2012 and since then she and her ilk have continued to use this tragic case to agitate for legal abortion in the Irish Republic.

Read about the case below and see how Kitty Holland was befuddled and had to backtrack on some of her statements.

The last of the links below show that Kitty is still using this case to realise her goal of abortion on demand in Ireland. Now she is reporting that the father of Savita Halappanavar is calling for a “Yes” vote in the forthcoming referendum on the 8th Amendment of the Irish Constitution.

The 8th Amendment protects the life of the mother and the unborn child. Kitty and her cohorts want to remove the legal protection conferred on the unborn child.

Kitty is incorrigible.

Diabolical duo – Zimbabwean-born meddler and lesbian

Kate Nicholl, an Alliance Party Councillor in Belfast, Northern Ireland proposed a motion to decriminalise abortion.

The Alliance Party is liberal and full of social justice warriors and other malcontents.

Kate Nicholl (married name unknown) is a Zimbabwean-born pro-abortion feminist.

Belfast City Council debated her nefarious motion last night (9th April.)

The motion was seconded by Sinn Fein Councillor Mary Ellen Campbell.

Miss Campbell is a lesbian. The political party she represents (Sinn Fein) includes some “former” terrorists and their apologists.

The Nicholl and Campbell motion was predictably supported by the their fellow sexual revolutionaries i.e Amnesty NI (in the form of Grainne Teggart) and the FPA (Family Planning Association) in the form of Ruairi Rowan.

To the delight of these wicked wretches, Belfast City Council voted to decriminalise abortion.

The result of the vote was as follows,

Aye – 34

Nay – 15 or 16 (both numbers have been quoted in the press)

No vote – 5

At least one pro-life speaker, Dawn McAvoy of the organisation Both Lives Matter, addressed the meeting (there may have been others.)

I am not a Councillor so was not present and did not hear Dawn McAvoy’s address although I have heard her in the past and I know she is not 100% opposed to abortion in every case as I am.

She and the organisation Both Lives Matter want to safeguard the current law in Northern Ireland which permits abortion in order to preserve the life of the mother and in cases when continuing with the pregnancy will result in other serious physical or mental health effects.

I am opposed to abortion in every case, unlike Both Lives Matter. They are reluctant to describe abortion as murder. They are too softly-softly in their dealings with the wicked pro-abortion lobby who love death.

I believe in confronting the enemy, not having conversations with them.

I believe in taking the battle to the enemy.

The pro-life lobby should state publicly that abortion is murder and seek nothing less than the total abolition of human abortion.

Nothing less will do!

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