Are these people barking mad?

Northern Ireland’s first “gay” dog “wedding” took place in early April.

The reason for this “theatre of the absurd”? To raise funds for an animal rescue charity.

Does this excuse the shenanigans which were presided over by a BBC weather girl? NO, it does not!

A grotesque spectacle – female boxing

Thousands of cheering emasculated men and feminists watched the savage, abnormal spectacle of two women assaulting and injuring each other in New York on Saturday night and viewed the grotesque spectacle as “sport” and perhaps even “entertainment”!

Boxing should be banned, for women AND men!

The 4 wives of “Dr Dino” aka Kent Hovind

Young earth creationist Kent Hovind is busy building a mini empire for himself in Alabama USA where he “holds court” like a latter-day Henry VIII complete with serial matrimony although he hasn’t yet married six women, only four (and only the first marriage was legal and biblical).

His last three common law “marriages” have been of short duration, so it is unwise to be optimistic about the duration of his present “marital” arrangements and wife number 5 could be on the horizon!

God forbid!

Read Hovind’s sordid history below

Christian doctor to appeal against ruling forcing him to refer to a male as “she”

Dr David Mackereth lost his job in 2018 because he could not, in all conscience, refer to a bearded 6 foot man as “Mrs.”

We could not (and would not) participate in this transgender lie either.

Human beings cannot change sex. It is a biological fact that a male cannot become a female and vice versa.

We commend the doctor for his stand for Biblical truth and we hope his appeal (at the end of March) is successful.

The video below is from 2018 and the newspaper article linked to below it gives updated information on his appeal.

Echoes of Revelation ch.13 verses 16 & 17 in Sweden?

Note that the first video below, from 2019, features the same man Hannes Sjoblad . It appears that Sweden has adapted the technology of 2019 and pressed it into service for Covid vaccine passports. What was creepy and sinister in 2019 is even more creepy and sinister in 2021.

Sweden’s technocrats remind me of the sci-fi series The Bionic Man in which a human being is transformed into a cyborg because (as one of the voices in the series intro says “we have the technology”).

Today’s technocrats have the technology to “enhance” human beings and many of them are committed to a transhumanist future. They may not go as far as the scientists in the fictional Six Million Dollar man but any AI “enhancement” of human beings is an attack on the Creator who made human beings “in His own image” and should be outlawed.

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Joel Beeke’s revolving door of conferences

Preacher Joel Beeke seems to spend most of any given year away from home speaking at conferences. He is not unusual as he is part of a “celebrity circuit” of conference speakers most of whom know each other and speak at conferences (including each other’s) frequently. The “celebrity circuit” of Evangelical conference speakers includes Phil Johnson, John MacArthur, James White, Voddie Baucham, Justin Peters, Steven Lawson, Clarence Sexton, Todd Friel and Sinclair Ferguson, Tom Ascol, but Joel Beeke seems to top them all when it comes to conference invitations.

Some of these conferences involve overseas travel including luxury cruises which, I suspect, are free of charge for the speaker(s) who, in addition to speaking enjoy lavish holidays as a “perk” of being on the “celebrity circuit” and because the cruise is likely to have more interest (and more bookings) if a well-known and popular preacher will be present.

It is probable that Joel Beeke (and the others mentioned) are richly compensated for these speaking engagements. They may have their travel and accommodation expenses covered and receive a “love gift” from the congregation/audience at these conferences and I venture to say that it is likely that some, most or all of these men are very wealthy indeed.

Dr John MacArthur has a veritable religious empire around Grace Community church in California and Clarence Sexton’s church in Tennessee is dazzling in its ostentatiousness. Joel Beeke is President of this and Professor of that and editor of this and editor of that and speaker at frequent conferences that it follows that he too is a wealthy man.

With so much money among them one wonders why they did not pass the hat around when their friend Voddie Baucham who is originally from America but based in Zambia had a serious health problem earlier this year, and instead of staying in Zambia for treatment, he returned to the USA where apparently he had no medical insurance, and apparently nearly died before having treatment at the Mayo Clinic in Florida, paid for through a “gofundme” campaign organised by Pastor Tom Ascol which raised a cool one million plus dollars.

Voddie’s wealthy friends could easily have funded his medical bills, but instead the begging bowl was placed in front of hardworking, unknown Christians.

When Tom Ascol, Voddie Baucham’s friend was asked what would happen to any money left over from Voddie’s 1,439,450 dollars he refused to comment!

These “celebrity” preachers are no Apostle Paul. He knew what it was to be in want. They know only what it is to have plenty and to spare, irrespective of how they started out.