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Justice denied as Fat Nick is found “not guilty”

The black savage nicknamed Fat Nick (actual name Nicholas Salvador) a heavily built 6 foot cage fighter who brutally beheaded an 82 year old great grandmother has been found “not guilty by reason of insanity.”

Psychiatrists for the prosecution and defence told jurors that he had paranoid schizophrenia.

Irrespective of their diagnosis, Salvador is guilty of murder.

He has been committed to Broadmoor maximum security hospital indefinitely.

In April 2014 he was sentenced to three months imprisonment suspended for six months after being convicted of possession of a bladed article.

Just weeks before he murdered Mrs.Silva, he became obsessed with ISIS beheading videos, and some reports have stated that he was a Muslim convert.

He regularly smoked skunk cannabis and had taken cocaine and, it seems, he also drank heavily. Cannabis can be a contributing factor in Schizophrenia.

In September last year, he went on his murderous rampage and decapitated two or more cats then attacked frail defenceless grandmother Palmira Silva with a machete.

She was stabbed and beheaded by that towering hulk of evil Salvadore.

Armed police were on the scene and tasered him six times and even then they struggled to subdue him.

Why oh why did those officers not fire warning shots in to the air, then command him to drop his weapons and surrender and, if he failed to obey, use whatever firepower deemed necessary to stop him murdering a great grandmother. If they arrived too late to stop the dreadful murder, they should still have drawn their weapons with a view to using them against Salvador.

What is the point of coming armed to the scene of a crime and then using tasers?

In our description of Fat Nick we have given his skin colour (black) and why not? The media in USA continually emphasized the Charleston shooter’s (another wicked man)  skin colour (white.)



Left-wing “gays” ban UKIP’s right-wing “gays” from London Pride

The LGBT in UKIP lobby have been banned from attending the annual parade of vulgarity known as “Gay Pride” in London next Saturday.

To see something of the terrifying and evil spectacle that is a “gay” pride parade, click on the first link below and read our post about a recent London Pride parade and see the accompanying photos.

Nigel Farage is not happy that his party has been banned and note his use of the word “party” so he is obviously not just talking about UKIP’s own in-house LGBT group but the party itself. It is a disgrace for UKIP to have and approve of such a group in its ranks and, of course they would naturally gravitate to a depraved spectacle like a Pride parade but Mr.Farage, it seems, would like UKIP as a party to be represented among the degenerates who will parade next Saturday.

Here is a quote from Mr.Farage on the banning of his party from London Pride, taken from one of the links given below,

“Indeed the party has been banned, outlawed in fact from attending the London Gay Pride Parade, which I was under the impression was about tolerance rather than censorship and hate.” (end of quote)

Add to the above the fact that the Deputy Mayor of Ramsgate is a transsexual and a member of UKIP, and the fact that Frank Maloney, another transsexual was a guest speaker at a recent UKIP conference AND the fact that last year, Nigel Farage signalled that UKIP were doing a U-turn with regard to their opposition to homosexual marriage, which all begs the question, why does any Christian support or vote for such a party?

Protest against Omagh LGBT recruitment evening!

On Tuesday of this week I protested against a LGBT recruitment evening (euphemistically described as a “Volunteer Open Evening) in Omagh, Northern Ireland. The LGBT group are “encouraging heterosexual people to volunteer and help the local gay community.” They want them to help “eliminate stigma.” It is also highly likely that they want the heterosexual volunteers to eventually question their own sexual orientation with a view to some of them “coming out” as gay.”

As I stood outside the venue displaying Bible signs Mr. Conor Keys, recently the host of a pre-election debate which I participated in, appeared on the scene and entered the venue having first exchanged pleasantries with some young people who arrived just before him. Now his appearance was a surprise and begs the following question.
Why was Conor Keys who is obviously biased in favour of the LGBT lobby permitted to host the West Tyrone Decides debate?

After he entered the venue, he reappeared a little while later to offer me a cup of tea to which I replied, “No thank you.”
Then a few more young people arrived and entered the building only to reappear later outside with what appeared to be the whole group (all 6 or 7 of them!) with the exception of Mr.Keys who remained inside.

They approached me and they were carrying an amateurish makeshift sign with the words “Down with this sort of thing” written on it. Their intention was to intimidate me and, as I feared for my safety (and that they might damage my Bible signs) I crossed the road and continued my protest for another 15-20 minutes approx. In total, my protest lasted an hour or more (not the half hour quoted in the newspaper article.)

A lone protestor I certainly was but if I hadn’t been there the other side would have won by default, and by emphasizing Biblical marriage I believe I am protecting young people from the mind manipulators in the LGBT lobby who want young people to believe that marriage is anything they want it to be, that snow is black in other words.

The wicked proud LGBT of Boston Massachusetts

The theme for the 2015 Boston LGBT lobby’s annual spectacle of depravity (Gay Pride week) is “wicked proud!”

Those words perfectly describes them (proud) and their lifestyle (wicked.)
Watch the video below to see the “straight” Mayor (but obviously “bent” in their direction) raise the rainbow flag at the start of their week of unspeakable debauchery.

Northern Ireland beware, because there is a call (demand) for the rainbow flag to fly from Queen’s University Belfast on 1st August to mark Belfast Pride and, the LGBT lobby and their brainwashed and robotic heterosexual supporters will be gathering in Belfast this Saturday to demand homosexual “marriage.”

Has any Evangelical Christian the courage to oppose them? We shall see!

…..and they continue to fall like dominoes

Institutions, organisations, businesses, Trades Unions, political parties, some so-called “churches” and even a country (Irish Republic) have fallen like dominoes, knocked down by the tyrannical homosexual juggernaut.

This time it’s the turn of Belfast City Hall whose Councillors voted on homosexual “marriage” tonight and a majority voted for it.

The result is 38 for homosexual “marriage”
13 against
2 abstained
Those who voted for the homosexualisation of our society read like a Who’s Who of the Left i.e Sinn Fein, SDLP, Green Party, Progressive Unionist Party, People before Profit and the Alliance Party.

Belfast City Council has three homosexual Councillors, the Parties they represent are Sinn Fein, the PUP and the Ulster Unionists.

In the midst of a self-destructing society, God still asks the question, “Who will stand up for me against the workers of iniquity?”

Will you, Christian?



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NO to homosexual “marriage” now and forevermore!

On Saturday past (30th May) we travelled to Belfast, our capital city to engage in a public witness against a rally calling for homosexual “marriage” in Northern Ireland.

In the days before the rally, we informed some Christian Pastors/Ministers and sought their support in opposing the homosexual lobby. We learned that one Minister was unable to come but we cannot explain the absence of the others.

So there were two of us (my husband and I) facing a crowd of hundreds (but certainly not the 4.6k the organiser is claiming as attendees,) until close to the end when we were joined by a Christian couple who were on their way to Ashers Bakery to give them custom but when they saw the two of us they approached us and gave words of encouragement. They then left but only walked a few yards and stopped and returned to stand with us, telling us that they couldn’t leave us. How lovely to hear such words.

Speaking of Ashers, we noticed in the crowd the man who has caused such trouble for them, their accuser Gareth Lee. There he was, just across the road from us, filming or photographing us.

We displayed Bible placards, one of which warned the LGBT crowd that Biblical marriage = 1 man & 1 woman. They naturally took exception to our Bible signs and we faced increasing hostility and eventually physical danger from some particularly menacing homosexuals and their supporters who began to surround us and were it not for the presence of the Police who moved swiftly to protect us, we would have been in real danger of physical harm.

So we wish to thank the Police for their protection and the Christian couple for their support.

To the majority of Evangelical Christians in Northern Ireland we say “Wake up Pastors, Wake up Christians” (to borrow the closing words from Pastor Robert McCurry’s Wake – Up Herald.)

Click on the link below to see a photo of our Biblical marriage placard, which we displayed last Saturday,

PS, we have removed one of the links which we initially provided with our post, because since we posted the link, the owner of the Facebook page has added a blasphemous, obscene image and caption.

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