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Of James White, Yasir Qadhi and Monty Python….!

In January this year, Christian apologist Dr. James White engaged in a Christian-Muslim “dialogue” with a Muslim scholar Dr. Yasir Qadhi over two nights. The venue for the first night was an Evangelical church, Grace Church, in Memphis USA and the second night the venue was a mosque.

We disagree with “Christian-Muslim dialogues” just as we disagree with “Christian-Mormon dialogues” or Christian-Roman Catholic dialogues” ad infinitum.

There is no dialogue to be had with those who worship false gods and idols and an Evangelical Christian church should never host such gatherings nor should Bible-believing Christians ever speak in a mosque or a Mormon Tabernacle or Mormon University (as Ravi Zacharias and Al Mohler have done.)

In so doing, White, Mohler and Zacharias confer a respectability and a credibility on false religions which they do not deserve and have not earned.

Dr. James White brooks no criticism (it seems,) yet criticism and rebuke for his “dialogue” with a Muslim has come thick and fast and we now add our voices to those rebuking him.

On a recent “Dividing Line” episode, he condemned his Evangelical Christian critics with outrageous statements describing them as “mirror images” of the so-called “jihadis.”

Here is an ad verbatim quote from James White about Christians who (he says) think that

“You need to be a fire-breathing, bomb-throwing whatever.” (in their dealings with Muslims) and he did not make it clear that when he spoke of “bomb-throwing” he was speaking figuratively.

He continued with, “….the sad fact of the matter is, you’ve got the jihadis over there and then the people who are always trying to respond to them end up becoming their mirror image.” (end of quote)

Let that sink in. James White is saying that Christians who do not agree with his “lovey-dovey” approach to Muslims are mirror images of Muslim beheaders and bombers!

Another shocking revelation has come to light regarding James White’s “soft-on-Islam” approach to the devious Dr. Yasir Qadhi  i.e they watched Monty Python together.

Monty Python was a vulgar “comedy” series in the UK and they also made a blasphemous film called “The Life of Brian” which mocked the crucifixion of the Lord Jesus. A song from the vile film is called “Always look on the bright side of life,” and the Muslim Dr. Qadhi quoted this song title during his dialogue with James White seconds after he had “let  the cat out of the bag”  i.e revealed his and James White’s liking for Monty Python.

James White’s response to this startling revelation was to place his finger over his mouth and say “shush.” He made no response whatsoever when Yasir Qadhi quoted the title of the vile song  though he surely knew it was from the blasphemous mock crucifixion scene in “The Life of Brian.”

Here is a link to the whole sorry business. Skip to 7 mins 50 seconds and watch until 8 mins 23 seconds to hear about their liking for Monty Python. Also note that within this time frame, Dr. Qadhi says of James White that “he’s not fully there yet.”

To which we would ask, “not fully where yet,” Dr. Qadhi?  Sounds like he is speaking of someone who is moving in the direction in which the Muslim scholar wants to see.

Just where is James White headed?

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The devilish serpent nature of sodomy

Click on the link below and scroll down to see a photo that clearly shows the devilish, serpent nature of sodomy, and to see this deviant with a baby in his arms is disturbing in the extreme.

We shudder to think of babies and children handed over to these deviants by the wicked powers-that-be via adoption and surrogacy.

Animal cruelty on an industrial scale

When I stood for election in West Tyrone in Northern Ireland (the most recent election in which I was candidate was in March this year,) my manifesto (see postscript below) included the following pledges,

To imprison those found guilty of animal cruelty for at least 5 years (including those involved in dog fights)
To ban Halal slaughter (the barbaric Islamic method of slaughtering cattle and sheep)
To install CCTV in all abattoirs.

I did not succeed in getting elected so could not implement any of my policies, sadly.

Despite my lack of electoral success, we continue to use our blog to draw attention to the appalling evils we see all around us today and animal cruelty is certainly one of those.

We have posted about the horrors of halal slaughter, and cruelty to cats and dogs also (China is notorious for cruelty to dogs) and we have posted about Northern Ireland’s home-grown animal killers, the despicable Kirkwoods.

We are providing links to videos showing animal cruelty in USA and Canada because periodically people need to be reminded that the horror is continuing and is widespread (probably global) and urgent action is needed to stop it and punish the savage monsters who engage in it.

The videos are harrowing to watch, exposing as they do, the horrific abuse of chickens, cattle and pigs.

Conklin Dairy Farm in Ohio USA is featured on one video and a farm worker, Billy Joe Gregg Junior, is secretly filmed inflicting appalling brutality on cattle. He is obviously a sadist who enjoys inflicting pain. He was sentenced to 8 months in prison. That was a slap on the wrist, nothing more.

If that monster doesn’t repent, he will burn in hell.

In Chilliwack, BC, five employees were fired for torturing chickens (video below.)
Why were those devils not imprisoned?

All these wicked people confirm the Bible doctrine of total depravity because they are totally depraved individuals.

It is also a fact that cruelty to animals can progress to cruelty to human beings. Many serial killers tortured and killed animals before they killed human beings.

In conclusion, whilst we commend the undercover work of animal rights activists (such as “Mercy for Animals,”) and their concern for the welfare of animals, we wonder why most animal rights activists are not in the least bit concerned about the slaughter of unborn babies in abortuaries!

PS    In the 2017 Assembly election in Northern Ireland, I used my 2016 manifesto which was almost identical to my 2015 manifesto. In my 2015 manifesto, I pledged to imprison those found guilty of animal cruelty. In my 2016 manifesto, I stipulated that their term of imprisonment should be at least 5 years.

Southern Baptist Convention slouches leftward

The Southern Baptist Convention was held in Phoenix, Arizona last week (13th-14th June.)

As on previous occasions in recent years, the Southern Baptist Convention displayed an alarming slouch into “social justice warrior” territory, so loved of the liberal “darling” of recent Conventions Dr. Russell Moore (a close friend and associate of Dr. Al Mohler, by the way.)

They also adopted a new gender-inclusive Bible called the Christian Standard Bible. This is to please the Feminists, no doubt.

Last year Dr. Moore was tripping over himself to show his tolerance of dangerous Islam by urging his Baptist brethren to embrace “soul-freedom” for all, which means supporting Muslims’ “right” to build yet more mosques in the USA (see our previous post on this matter “Russell Moore, Al Mohler et al – liberals destroying the SBC.”)

Russell Moore is also taken up with racial reconciliation and appears to suffer from “white guilt” i.e he seems to feel the need to apologise for being white and for “white privilege.”

Following an incident in which a black man, Eric Garner, died during a police choke hold in New York City, Dr.Moore said,

“It’s high time we start listening to our African American brothers and sisters in this country when they tell us they are experiencing a problem.” (end of quote)

Our response to the death of Eric Garner is to say that the police do appear to have a case to answer, and, if, after investigation, police officers deliberately killed this man, they should be charged with murder.

However, Dr.Russell Moore appears to have nothing to say about black against black violence and black against white violence.

In the USA (and South Africa and England) many blacks are killed by other blacks and many whites are killed by blacks.

The Knoxville horror in Tennessee describes the horrific murders of a young white couple at the hands of five savage blacks (one of them a woman.)

Channon Christian and her boyfriend Christopher Newsom were carjacked, tortured and murdered in January 2007. (see documentary below)

Christopher’s mother said,

“It may have started out as a carjacking, but what it developed into was blacks hating whites. To do the things they did, they would have to hate them to do that.” (end of quote)

Blacks hating whites! Now that is racism!

Has Dr.Moore ever condemned black against black violence and black against white violence? If not, why not?

Dr. Moore appears to suffer from his own novel form of racism. He is an anti-white white man!

At last week’s Southern Baptist Convention, he was one of the (many) attendees who supported a proposal (brought by a black Pastor) that the Convention condemn the Alt-Right.

The Convention did vote to condemn the Alt-Right, albeit with slightly different wording than the original proposal brought forward by the black Pastor.

In condemning the Alt-Right movement, which seems to be a pro-Trump movement at its core but also includes those who believe that white identity and culture should be recognised and protected just as other race groups are recognised and protected, and are not white supremacists in any way, were portrayed as such by Moore and his ilk at the Convention, with Moore going as far as to say they are anti-Christian and using the numbers 666 to describe them.

We are not Alt-Right (although we are certainly right wing as opposed to left wing) and we are not pro-Trump. In fact, if we lived in America, we would not have voted for Trump or Clinton as they are both amoral, godless individuals.

In our views on Trump and Clinton, we find ourselves in agreement with Russell Moore as he was anti-Trump and anti-Clinton.

However this is our only point of agreement with Russell Moore.

We share the Alt-Right’s concerns about the anti-white sentiments that abound today in the views of liberals like Russell Moore, and now also, from within the Southern Baptist Convention.

Yet more compromise can be expected from the Southern Baptists unless they remove the liberals from within their ranks and cease seeking acceptance and applause from a wicked world.