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Is the earth young or old?

We are young earth creationists, but we dislike the fact that young earth creationism is now an “industry” and has been commercialised. It has been lucrative for many. There is/was also a lot of in-fighting between the various creationist organisations as certain individuals vie for dominance, a fact that has not gone unnoticed by non-Christians.

Another fact that is not well known (and to some degree suppressed by the young earth movement) is that some theologians of the past, who were, and are, highly respected for their defence of the Bible, seemingly believed in an old earth and/or were theistic evolutionists.

This we find deeply troubling and even shocking. Men like B B Warfield and Charles Haddon Spurgeon. The former (Warfield) appears to have embraced some aspects of evolution (although not uncritically) and the latter (Spurgeon) appears to have believed in an old earth.

It is possible that both men changed their views on these matters over the course of their lives.

Here are links to articles about these two men,

Then watch these interesting debates.

The (supposedly) pro-life DUP vote for easier access to abortion clinics!!

The increasingly liberal Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) in Northern Ireland voted in favour of a pro-abortion motion dressed up as an “anti-harassment” measure.

The motion was proposed by Georgina Milne of the left-wing Green Party and was entitled “Safe Access to Healthcare,” code words for abortion.

The motion was seconded by Julie-Anne Corr Johnston of the left wing Progressive Unionist Party, a “front” for the Loyalist terror organisation the UVF.

She is a lesbian and declares she is “married” to another woman!

The pro-abortion lobby are attempting to stop peaceful protests outside abortion clinics, and silence all opposition by labelling pro-life activism as “intimidation” and “harassment.”

This is a wicked ploy, and Georgina Milne’s motion, that people “should not face fear and intimidation when accessing healthcare services,” is deliberately misleading and designed to be so, because when she uses the word “healthcare” she is using it as a euphemism for abortion.

The results of the vote on her motion (which took place two weeks ago) are as follows,

For – 50
Against – 0
Abstained – 3

The supposedly pro-life DUP voted for Milne’s wicked motion. Those who abstained were members of the SDLP (Social Democratic Labour Party) and they have been disciplined by their Party for failing to support the evil motion.

The DUP in Belfast City Hall should have voted AGAINST Milne’s motion, but they did not, they voted FOR it.

This comes as no surprise, because not long ago, two DUP MP’s, Sammy Wilson and Gavin Robinson, voted for “buffer zones” outside abortion clinics, the purpose of which is to keep pro-life protestors away so they cannot speak to those entering those hideous places to urge them to let their unborn babies live.

In light of the above, how can the DUP claim to be pro-life?

Watch the video of the Council vote at link below. Skip to 2 hours 13 minutes 59 seconds.

Strange Mormon doctrine and the Alta View hostage incident

The Mormon Church is known for its peculiar doctrines and masonic-like temple rituals.

It is highly likely that the Alta View hostage incident in 1991 was motivated by Mormonism in general and one of its peculiar doctrines in particular.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints nicknamed the Mormon Church teaches their adherents (among other things) that they lived in heaven as pre-existent spirits procreated by their Heavenly Father and his wife!

They were then born into Mormon families on earth and, because there are so many of these pre-existent spirits (or intelligences) awaiting human bodies, Mormons are encouraged to have large families.

Richard Worthington was a Mormon with a wife and seven children. His wife was expecting their eighth child and, because she had been unwell during some of her pregnancies, she did not want any more children so she requested and underwent a tubal ligation after the birth of her eighth child. It seems her husband gave his begrudging consent but later had second thoughts and thereafter blamed the doctor, Glade Curtis who performed the surgery for the fact that his wife would not have any more children.

His murderous resentment and rage against the doctor was the precursor to the Alta View Hospital hostage incident and it began with him entering the hospital by crashing through a window in a patient’s room seeking Dr. Glade Curtis to kill him, and ended with the killing of a nurse and threats to blow up the hospital. He was heavily armed and had explosives.

He shot and killed a nurse Karla Roth after she attempted and succeeded in taking his shotgun from him. She may not have known he had a handgun also, which he used to shoot her in the back.

He then held two nurses hostage and a woman in labour, her relatives and several newborn babies.

The hostage drama ended with Worthington surrendering to Police. He was sentenced to 35 years in prison but did not live to serve out his sentence because he committed suicide on November 11th, 1993.

Watch a re-enactment of the horror at link below entitled “Murder in the Maternity ward”

Scary Mormonism

We highly recommend the testimonies below of husband and wife Dennis and Rauni Higley who are former Mormons. They have been Bible-believing Christians for many years.

Rauni was born in Finland and she was a convert to Mormonism. Dennis was born into the LDS (Mormon) Church.

Rauni describes her first experience of going to a Mormon temple and going through the Endowment ceremony with its blood-curdling oaths and penalties, with these words,

“That’s what scared the daylight out of me.”

Those penalties were removed from the Endowment ceremony in 1990.

Mormonism was, and is, a cult.


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Apologia Church and their “Sheologians” – a critique

Apologia Church in Tempe Arizona hit the headlines last year with its “beer and tattoos” church fundraisers.

The Church is led by Pastor/Elder Luke Pierson and Pastor/Elder Jeff Durbin who was recently in Northern Ireland, speaking at a Reformed Presbyterian Church.

Apologia Church seems to be part of the phenomenon known as YRR (Young Restless and Reformed) and, we could add, immature, shallow and worldly.

Two young women who attend Apologia are Joy Temby and Summer White. The latter is the daughter of James White of Alpha Omega Ministries, a man who has defended Apologia Church against its critics.

James White has spoken on Apologia’s radio programme and he has spoken at a conference called ReformCon 2016 along with Jeff Durbin and others including one Les Lanphere who co-founded The Reformed Pubcast.

Mr.Lanphere and his co-host discuss theology over a pint of beer on The Reformed Pubcast!!!   Words fail us!

Summer White and Joy Temby have a radio programme called “Sheologians” because, they say, theology is not just for boys. They are also pro-life and we support them in their opposition to abortion. They claim to be opposed to Feminism as we are, but their stand against Feminism is somewhat undermined by Joy’s nose ring and their worldly attire.

We agree with them that women should search the Scriptures for themselves and should strive to understand the fundamentals of the Christian faith. However, their programmes are preceded by shallow and silly conversations between the two of them, punctuated by frequent laughter and all this is supposed to set the scene for deep theological discussions and interviews??!

I left a comment on their Sheologians site and it was not published initially so I contacted them again and my comment was published followed by comments from Summer White.

From her responses (and she and her co-host made fun of my comments on the Sheologians programme which aired after my critical comments) you will see that these women do not appreciate criticism or rebuke and they label anyone who says anything negative about them as “legalists” and “Pharisees.”

Summer White went even further and bore false witness against me.

Apologia Church likewise dislikes criticism and rebuke and resorts to the same childish behaviour by labelling critics as “judgmental” and “legalists.”

Read, listen and view all the links below. Note the video of Miss Summers and Miss Temby and in particular notice Miss Temby’s nose ring and the feminist-like attire of both of them.

There is a sad ending to the “beer and tattoos” debacle. One of the men who received a tattoo, a man called Thad Pinch committed serial adultery and had not overcome his addiction to drugs. He was the husband of Summer White. They are now divorced.

Apologia Church believed there were Biblical grounds for a divorce and we agree with them. Adultery is a heinous sin and Thad Pinch chose to sin.

However we believe that trendy Apologia Church with its emphasis on Christian liberty and its fleshly, worldly atmosphere and lack of separation from the world makes it more likely that the sins of the flesh might abound, whether in thought, word or deed.

Rings on their fingers, hate in their hearts

Airbnb, an online marketplace and hospitality service are falling over themselves to promote and enforce the LGBTQ…..agenda.

Airbnb Australia has teamed up with the Equality Campaign to launch “Until we all belong” campaign agitating for sodomite “marriage” in Australia.

The campaign’s gimmick is called the “Acceptance Ring” and Airbnb Australia want people to wear it to show their support for, and acceptance of, sodomite “marriage.” (see video below)

Other companies supporting the campaign are Quantas airlines, Google Australia, ANZ, Fairfax Media and Foxtel.

The sinister ploy behind this evil campaign is to sideline and draw attention to those who oppose homosexual couplings and will never wear that hideous ring and, no doubt, jobs will soon be on the line for those who refuse to capitulate to the hideous and wicked LGBTQ….agenda.

Airbnb and their ilk truly are falling over themselves to promote sexual deviancy. The dictionary describes “falling over oneself ” as the idea of someone falling or tripping over his feet because he is rushing to do something.

That “something” in the case of Airbnb and their ilk is nothing other than the promotion of sexual deviancy and anarchy and the silencing of all opposition to homosexuality and other sexual deviancies.

God hates “feet that be swift in running to mischief,” Proverbs 6 verse 18.

Let the wicked put rings on their fingers and bells on their toes because they will have judgement wherever they go.

God is not mocked and He has not changed His mind on homosexuality. He hates it and forbids the practice of it.

Sweden’s (feminist) Keystone Cops

Further evidence that women should not be in frontline policing. See how powerless and incompetent they are as they are overpowered by a violent, lawless man.

However, as the Swedish authorities seem bent on national suicide, using feminism and multiculturalism as the weapons of choice, nothing will change.

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