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“Christian” Socialists and “fossil-free faith!”

The article at the link below is an edited version of a recent speech given by Jonny Hanson, the co-ordinator of an organisation called “Christians on the Left NI.” According to their Facebook, this is the new name for the Christian Socialist Movement.

The “gospel” proclaimed by these people is NOT the Biblical gospel. They “preach” another gospel and they have another Jesus and the apostle Paul warned true Christians about such people.

Mr.Hanson’s speech praises Martin Luther King yet King was an adulterer and a sexual deviant.

The speech is full of left-wing nonsense and clearly shows that Mr.Hanson and his ilk virtually worship planet earth.

The word environment actually means “everythingism” and this means that anything and everything could be targeted by the “greens” if it interferes with their idolatry and “worship” of planet earth.

Now read the speech which is nothing other than environmentalism masquerading as Christianity.

Christians who substitute prayer for obedience

Most Evangelical Christians today are silent and non-judgemental and non-confrontational in the face of evil i.e abortion, homosexuality, feminism, adultery etc.

Some resort to prayer and that is all they do. I once heard a quote that might help some to find their courage. It goes something like this, “You can’t do more than pray until you’ve prayed, but you can do more than pray after you’ve prayed.”

Here is a similar quote from the famous missionary C.T.Studd,
“We Christians too often substitute prayer for playing the game. Prayer is good: but when it is used as a substitute for obedience, it is nothing but a blatant hypocrisy, a despicable pharisaism.” end of quote.

Where the battle rages most fiercely, the Christian should be found fighting the good fight of faith, and today, the forces of evil are intent on replacing the laws of God with the evil laws of man which call evil good and good evil.

Christians should remember that “No enactment of men can be considered law unless it conforms to the law of God.” quote from William Blackstone.

We Christians are duty bound to oppose evil laws and refuse to obey them because the Bible reminds us that we are to obey God rather than men.




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Transsexualism, Transpecies-ism and Transhumanism-what next?

Society organised without God (and that is a good definition of the world I heard from a Pastor) continues on the broad road that leads to destruction.

Examples of societal madness are everywhere and the madness has the overwhelming majority of people on the planet in its throes.

The abnormal and the frightening is now the “norm” and this thinking was chillingly articulated by a schoolboy who attends Brighton College in England.

He was responding to his school’s decision to dispense with its uniform rules to accommodate “transgender” students i.e boys can wear skirts!!

The student mentioned above, Fred Dimbleby said he was proud to attend a school where “there is no concept of the norm, of conformity and of the expected way to be.”

We wonder how the deluded young Dimbleby would respond if a fellow pupil stated that he or she was a cat trapped in a human body or a parrot trapped in a human body?

To be consistent, young Mr.Dimbleby would have to accept such individuals and pander to their madness by treating them as if they were actually cats or parrots. The school would have to change their uniform rules again to accommodate cat-women and parrot-men otherwise they would likely be accused of discriminating against those who believe they are “trans-species.”

The examples we gave of cat-woman and parrot-man are not fiction (science or otherwise) because (sadly) there is a woman in Norway who believes she is a cat and there is a man in England who believes he is a parrot. They are obviously mentally unhinged.

Their mind and thinking is disordered, but so is the mind of the man who thinks he is a woman trapped in a man’s body and vice versa.

This is frightening, but there’s more!


Transhumanists see a future populated with superhuman humanoids. Transhumanism is a mixture of Satanism, eastern mysticism, Mormonism and technology. The Mormon connection should be obvious as Mormonism teaches that men can become gods and women goddesses.

This dear reader is the world we live in and it is upside down, inside out and back to front.

Society is sick and the disease is terminal.

We conclude with a prayer to the only One who can help. “O God, in wrath, remember mercy.”


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On this day – two words Sinn Fein/IRA don’t want to hear – LA MON

Today is the 38th anniversary of the horrific fire bomb attack on the La Mon House hotel in County Down, Northern Ireland.

The Provisional IRA were the perpetrators. They murdered 12 people and injured many more. Read our posts below about the atrocity.

We have also given a link to an article by a journalist Suzanne Breen from 2008, the 30th anniversary of La Mon

Mrs.White speaking in Omagh tonight (11/02/16)

Topic – Inside out, upside down and back to front society (calling evil good)

Venue – Silverbirch Hotel, Omagh
Date – 11th February, 2016
Time – 7.30pm

Q & A to follow

Light refreshments

A general welcome to all but I request that females dress modestly.

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Our response to Tanya Jones of the Green Party

The comment below is from Tanya Jones of the left-wing Green Party and reveals her bizarre and reprehensible pandering to the transsexual lobby thereby intensifying their psycho-sexual confusion and furthering the insanity of calling men in women’s clothing by female names. She did not respond to our reply to her dangerous nonsensical comment in which we mentioned the unhinged “cat woman.” We want our readers to read Tanya Jones comment and we want them to read our reply so we are publishing both as a post.

Tanya Jones said:
Nev is quite right, and if Jesus comes back tonight, it will be Ellen Murray whom he will welcome as his beloved daughter. Read the Gospels, see the respect and care he gave to the marginalised, to the outcast, to the unrespectable and the unclean. You have a religion full of condemnation, but it has nothing to do with Jesus of Nazareth. My heart aches for you, but you cannot close the doors of the Kingdom of Heaven with your petty padlocks.

We replied:
Your heart should ache for the tragic individual Mr.Murray, who will probably be pumped full of female hormones and have healthy body parts removed by doctors who swore an oath not to harm their patients, and if sex change surgery isn’t harming their patients, what is? I read about a woman who thinks she is a cat trapped in a woman’s body and she dresses like a cat and meows like a cat and says she hunts mice. Now, Tanya Jones, should doctors go along with her madness and mutilate her body to make her look as much like a cat as it’s possible for a human being to look, removing her fingernails and transplanting claws instead? Is this what you think they should do? The woman is obviously out of her mind and she needs help. She doesn’t need doctors to pander to her mental disorder, and neither should doctors pander to the disordered thinking of tragic individuals like Mr.Murray.

Mike Nesbitt, the Professor was stating fact NOT opinion!

Mike Nesbitt, the leader of the Ulster Unionist Party in Northern Ireland, was a contributor to a discussion on abortion on the Nolan radio show yesterday.

He made it clear that he is in favour of changing the law on abortion in Northern Ireland so that women who have been told by doctors that they are carrying a baby with a “fatal” abnormality can have an abortion in Northern Ireland.

A caller to the programme reminded Mr.Nesbitt that a doctor in Northern Ireland (Professor Jim Dornan) recently stated publicly that he was not happy with the term “fatal foetal abnormality” because it is not a medical term.

Obviously then, the word “fatal” should not prefix the term foetal abnormality because no-one (including doctors) knows if a foetal abnormality will prove fatal, whether before birth or after birth.

Mr.Nesbitt’s response to being told what the Professor had said was, “that was his (Prof. Dornan’s) opinion.”

Not so, Mr.Nesbitt.  The term “fatal foetal abnormality” cannot be found in any medical textbook.

Do you still say that the Professor was expressing his opinion, Mr. Nesbitt?

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