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Pastor Miller remains steadfast and unyielding before the Grand Jury today!

We are thankful to our friend in USA for another update on the case of brave Mennonite Pastor Kenneth Miller. After a week in prison following his refusal to testify before a Grand Jury, the Pastor was back in Court today.

The outcome was that he was returned to prison again for refusing to tell a Grand Jury what they want to know.

We wish to quote the Pastor’s eloquent, moving words in Court today,  “If I were to bring testimony against a fellow member of Christ’s kingdom, for honouring Christ’s kingdom’s laws, I would be disloyal to his kingdom and to Christ.”

The Pastor will be sentenced on 4th March, for his part in helping a mother and child to flee the USA.

Ominously, the Judge at today’s Grand Jury hearing, Judge Sessions, said that the Pastor’s continual refusal to testify would be taken into account when he is sentenced.

The MAC in Belfast pays homage to notorious radical Andy Warhol!

The MAC in Belfast, Northern Ireland, will soon host an exhibition of the works of the obscene “artist,” Andy Warhol.

They are delighted to have the opportunity to display such bizarre, obscene images and paintings etc., and they are permitted to do so because it is disguised as “art.” In the 1960’s, some theatres in USA, were raided by police because they were showing obscene films made by Warhol.

Here is a quote from the MAC about Andy Warhol’s work,  ” the power of his work comes from its focus on fundamental human themes – the beauty and glamour of youth and fame, material culture, the passing of time and the presence of death.”
This is double-speak and a sanitised version of the truth.

Andy Warhol  (1928-1987), was a homosexual,  and the themes that dominated his paintings and films were nude males, sexual anarchy, homosexuality and transsexualism. His studio was the scene of drug-fuelled orgies.
It appears that the MAC omitted to mention these facts in its promotional material, therefore they are either ignorant (difficult to believe), or they are evil (they are sexual revolutionaries just like Mr. Warhol)!

P.S., the MAC stands for the Metropolitan Arts Centre.

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Muslim stabs sister over 100 times – his punishment? 8 years in liberal Sweden “prison!”

A  19 year old girl was brutally murdered by her 16 year old brother in her apartment in Landskrona, Sweden, on 23rd April last year. The appalling murder was described as an “honour” killing by the Court, and the savage killer (now 17) was sentenced to eight years in prison on Tuesday of this week.
Whatever happened to the concept of the punishment fitting the crime?

The dangerous teenage muderer is an Iraqi Kurd and a Muslim ( what a shock !) and he is apparently “in shock” over what his misguided  lawyer described as an “extremely harsh” sentence and plans to appeal!

If the appeal is successful (and that is a grim possibility in liberal Sweden,) does he expect this butcher to walk free after four years (or less?)

This muderer should be facing a death sentence or life imprisonment for the torture-murder of his defenceless sister and such sentences would send a warning to other Muslims in Sweden who may have murder in mind, that such wicked acts of violence will be met with the full force of the law.
Is it likely (or possible) for liberal Sweden to adopt a “tough on crime” policy when multiculturalism  i.e  no culture is any better or any worse than another, dictates public policy and influences the sentences handed down by Judges?

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Politician highlights dangers associated with provocative clothing

A politician belonging to the Conservative Party in the UK has spoken out about the dangers associated with women who dress provocatively and the fact that such outfits make women more vulnerable to sexual assault.

The politician is right, but this cold, hard fact is something that feminists go to great lenghts to suppress.

One such feminist was on the Stephen Nolan radio show in Northern Ireland today. Her name is Kate Smurthwaite and Mrs.White had the opportunity to confront her, by telephoning the programme.

The heated exchange between Kate Smurthwaite and Mrs.White can be heard for the next seven days, by clicking on the following link,

The debate begins at 11.24 minutes,  Mrs.White can be heard at 23.54,  and callers respond to Mrs.White’s contribution at 35.26

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Did the Oxford Union deliberately or unintentionally misinform Pastor Scott Lively ?

We have an update on the anticipated  speaking engagement for Pastor Scott Lively which was due to take place on 1st February, 2013, at the Oxford Union. The meeting has been CANCELLED as the organisers are now saying that it would be “logistically impossible” to arrange another meeting. The Pastor has not been given another date. His travel plans are made and he will still travel to the UK,  but not to address the students at the Oxford Union. He will meet with Christian organisations and, possibly, a group of Pastors instead !

Pastor Lively was originally given the date of 31st January as the date for the debate but the Oxford Union website clearly stated that it would take place on 17th January so some friends in the UK informed the Pastor of the confusion. The official confirmation sent by  the OU to Pastor Lively all clearly stated that the debate was on 31st January and no correction was ever made.

Pastor Lively sought clarification from the OU and they admitted their mistake but said they could do nothing about it !

In light of this fiasco, the OU reluctantly agreed to hold a special event on 1st February so the Pastor could speak to students, but now it has been cancelled  (logistically impossible) and, a further suggestion from him that they organise a casual Q & A with a handful of students has also been deemed “logistically impossible.”
It seems to us that there are only two possibilities that explain the actions of the Oxford Union in this troubling debacle. Either they are bungling, disorganised amateurs when it comes to matters of speaker invitations   OR  they are devious and manipulative and never intended to allow Pastor Lively to take part in their debate and made use of his name to garner publicity for their event. Whichever is true, they have done nothing to put right a great wrong done to Pastor Lively.


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Policy makers, public nudity, and lowering the age of consent from 16 to 14!

The No.10 Policy Unit of the British Government were recently tasked with finding new ways of giving the public more personal freedoms. Among the very “suggestive” suggestions they came up with are these two,

1. Lowering the age of consent for sexual activity from 16 to 14      AND,
2.The reform of nudity laws which would allow men and women to be naked in public without fear of prosecution!

The Prime Minister, David Cameron has rejected the suggestion that the age of consent be lowered. A spokesman said, “It is not something that the PM is considering.”
However, sources said that reforms to nudity laws were still being considered!

Who are the people in the No.10 Policy Unit which is run by the Civil Service.  Here follows the Roll of Shame.

Susan Acland-Hood (Home Affairs)
Paul Bate (Health and Adult Social Care)
Chris Brown (Education)
Richard Freer (Defence)
Michael Lynas (Big Society)
Tim Luke (Business and Enterprise)
Ben Moxham (Energy and Environment)

The Unit is directed by Oliver Letwin and Danny Alexander’s Policy Board.

Our society is doomed! We are governed (in the main) by Socialist sexual revolutionaries who have declared war on Biblical morality and laws.
They want to set society adrift from its Biblical moorings. However, they are faced down by those “troublesome”  people who continue to declare “Thou shalt not…” i.e true Christians. So, they framed mischievous laws to silence the opposition, and the penalties for opposing wicked laws will become ever more severe.

Sexual revolutionaries seek nothing less than a society where public nudity and public sex is the “norm” and,  by suggesting a reform of laws that provide some restraint on sexual lawlessness, the No.10 Policy Unit “suggestions” clearly show that the sexual revolutionaries are at the very heart of our Government!

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The Cruel Sea – the loss of the ferry The Princess Victoria 60 years on

January 31st, 2013, marks the 60th Anniversary of the maritime disaster involving the ferry The Princess Victoria, with the loss of over 130 lives (according to reports.) There were 44 survivors (again according to reports) but there were no women and children among them, as wind and waves buffeted the lifeboat(s) carrying them to hoped-for safety.

The Princess Victoria, one of the early roll-on, roll-off car ferries, left Stranraer in Scotland, bound for Larne in Northern Ireland on 31st January, 1953. During the crossing, she was buffeted by heavy seas and severe gales which forced open the stern gates to the car deck and water flooded into the ship.
At 08.45 GMT, the Captain, James Ferguson, radioed the Coastguard to say the ferry was “not under command and needed a tug.”
At 12.52, he radioed to say the engine room was flooded and he had decided to give the order to abandon ship.
According to later messages sent, the ship was listing so badly that it was impossible to launch lifeboats.

The radio operator on the stricken ferry, David Broadfoot ,remained at his post and continued to send out messages for assistance until she sank. He was awarded the George Cross posthumously.

The Captain, James Ferguson, went down with his ship and was awarded the George Medal posthumously.

One of the ladies who perished was a Christian missionary called Nansy Bryson, from Castlerock in Northern Ireland who was a missionary in Kenya and was back home in Northern Ireland with her husband and three children visiting relatives. She had some meetings in Scotland and was returning to Northern Ireland on the Princess Victoria. She has been called  “the heroine of the Princess Victoria” because she comforted other passengers and led them in the singing of a hymn.

The rescue attempt was hampered by confusion over the location of the Princess Victoria and because other distress operations were already under way because of the extreme weather conditions of the day. Among those that assisted in the rescue were,
RAF Hastings Aircraft
HMS Contest

The Lt. Commander and Chief Petty Officer of HMS Contest were awarded the George Medal.
The Lairdsmoor
The Eastcotes
The Pass of Drumochter
The Orchy
These four were merchant ships, and the captains of each ship received the OBE.

The Sir Samuel Kelly Lifeboat and Lifeboats from Cloughey and Portpatrick.

The Princess Victoria disaster – a terrible tragedy, but also a poignant  testimony to courage and selfless service and sacrifice.