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Oxford Dons and the Gender – Benders

Oxford University has rewritten its dress code. This is the first change in regulations in its 1,000 year history and will apply from 4th August (this Saturday). The dress code is no longer gender-specific and all references to men and women have been deleted. This is the University’s response to concerns that their original dress code was unfair to the transgendered community.

Certainly such people need compassion and help. However, only a sick society would accommodate and appease such disturbed people. The University is descending into madness. Under the new rules, students taking exams or attending formal occasions will not have to wear ceremonial clothing that appertains to men and women.

Therefore, there will be a parade of the abnormal  i.e  men dressed as women and vice versa and, men and women who have had gender mutilating surgery (forget gender realignment surgery, it is mutilation), or are preparing for such nightmarish surgery.

When and where will this madness end? We fear it will end with all those opposed to such abnormal, deviant behaviour being arrested as enemies of the State and dealt with accordingly and,  if that prospect doesn’t frighten our readers, it should,  because it certainly frightens us!

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Oh Danny Boyle – The Pipes the Pipes are calling – With a Paean to the Left !

We do not watch TV but we have heard enough (via radio) to know that the Opening ceremony of the Olympics was a paean to the Left. It was also disrespectful to the Queen. When will they leave the aging Monarch alone and give her a chance to rest. She is in her 80’s after all ! Think of the miles she covered during her Jubilee celebrations and all the events she was expected to attend. Then she had to endure that concert in front of Buckingham Palace when a motley crew of various so-called entertainers “serenaded” her in decibels that were surely harmful to her sense of hearing.Yet she was expected to praise such people.

Likewise, she had to agree to taking part in Danny Boyle’s political rally (and surely the words “had to” are accurate),giving it her stamp of approval and an air of respectability which it did not deserve.So he had fun and portrayed the Queen as “Action Woman” (using a stand-in), parachuting out of a helicopter (just like women soldiers).

In Mr.Boyle’s world, egalitarianism rules and multiculturalism is something to celebrate and encourage and the Opening ceremony was the ideal vehicle for him to overtly promote his socialist agenda. Like the Pied Piper of folklore whom the children followed willingly, only never to return, Mr.Boyle would have society follow him to the point of no return.

Quotes to Ponder from the Puritans

The stern, serious, pious, no-nonsense Puritans have much to teach us today, living as we do in a shallow, superficial, spiritually bankrupt society (globally). They had a lofty view of God and His Word and, for them, Scripture reigned supreme over life and conduct. They desired purity in the Churches and advocated a strict morality. Let us pause now (selah) and meditate on the following wise words.

There is more evil in a drop of sin than in a sea of affliction – Thomas Watson

He [God] gives gifts that we may love Him, and stripes that we may fear Him. Yea, oftentimes He mixes frowns with his favours – George Downame

He that will be angry, and not sin, must not be angry but for sin – John Trapp

Anger should not be destroyed, but sanctified – William Jenkyn

Though Christ’s coat was once divided, He will never suffer His crown to be divided – Thomas Brooks

To forsake Christ for the world, is to leave a treasure for a trifle….. eternity for a moment, reality for a shadow – William Jenkyn

Those that look to be happy must first look to be holy – Richard Sibbes

You must beware of being loose Christians…. If ungodliness is in the heart, it is no difficult thing for error to get into the head. A loose heart can best comply with loose principles – Thomas Lye

It is good to find out our sins, lest they find us out – Thomas Watson

Temptations and occasions put nothing into a man, but only draw out what was in him before – John Owen

Satan gives Adam an apple, and takes away Paradise. Therefore, in all temptations, let us consider not what he offers, but what we shall lose – Richard Sibbes

The Olympians – Multiplying Medals and Sexual Conquests!

The 2012 Olympic Games have officially begun, and, according to radio reports (we do not watch TV ), the celebration was extravagant, showy and inclusive (so important to the Left). Who will foot the bill for this shameful waste of money? Could it be the hard-pressed (not the well-heeled) taxpayer?

However, behind the glitter (and all that glitters isn’t gold), there is a seamier side to this altar to sport and that is sexual promiscuity.  According to press reports, it seems that condoms are a necessary addition to the athlete’s kit at London 2012 (and also at previous Olympics). Obviously, winning medals and trophies isn’t enough for some athletes, winning the sexual favours of women (and vice versa) is also an Olympic “sport”.

So we have physically fit but morally loose athletes! A repulsive condom manufacturer has made 150,000 free condoms available to competitors and that works out at nearly 15 each for the 10,000 taking part in the Games.  Do they hope to recruit athletes into a life of promiscuity or have some Olympians gained notoriety for their sexual anarchy? The Olympic authorities should have refused to accept the vile offer of free condoms for their athletes. That they did not says a lot about them!

Athletes require self-discipline to excel in their given sport but, obviously for some who choose moral looseness, their self-discipline does not apply in the moral realm. Feet that are swift on the race track are also swift to run to mischief. How sad!

The Bible declares that, “Their sorrows shall be multiplied that hasten after another god…”,Psalm 16 v 4. To those Olympians who run after the gods of sport and sex, this equation will apply,

Multiply sexual conquests = multiply sorrows.

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Murder Endemic in South Africa under ANC rule!

Last October, the Viana family, father,mother and 12 year old son, were brutally murdered in South Africa by a gang who had broken in to rob them. One of the killers was the family gardener and another was the son of a domestic servant.The family were white and the killers black, and yes, we should emphasize race because if a white gang killed a black family, we can be sure that the media would emphasize their skin colour, but they downplay or ignore skin colour when the attackers are black (that is, if they cover the case at all ).

Mr. and Mrs. Viana were brutally murdered and the family dog was butchered. The gang then murdered the couple’s terrified,defenceless 12 year old son because he could identify them.Two of the accused pleaded guilty to three charges of murder and one charge of rape. Their accomplice pleaded guilty to robbery. They will be sentenced on 6th September. Will the sentence reflect the enormity of their crimes? We shall see.

It seems that media coverage of this case has been scant, unlike the recent case of Trayvon Martin in Florida earlier this year. He was a black teenager and he was shot dead during a confrontation with George Zimmerman who insists he acted in self-defence. Mr.Zimmerman has endured “trial by media” and their fellow-travellers, those professional mischief-makers, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson !

To refocus our thoughts on South Africa, it is obvious that that country has become more violent and more dangerous under Marxist ANC rule. An average of just under 44 people a day are murdered there. This compares with 1.5 in England and Wales, which have similar size populations.

Truly the wicked bear rule in South Africa. Incidentally, the IRA looks upon the ANC  as “brothers” in the struggle for national liberation.

Paul and Martina – Married to the Mob (and each other )

Lumen Christi College in Londonderry will soon have a “lifer” (a life sentence prisoner) as one of its Governors, if Sinn Fein’s John O’ Dowd has his way. Mr. O’Dowd is the Education Minister in the Northern Ireland Assembly.

What experience will the former prisoner, Paul Kavanagh, bring to the school board ? Let us review his qualifications,

He was a member of an IRA active service unit.

He received 5 life terms for killing three people. One was an Army Disposal Officer, Kenneth Howorth and he was killed in 1981 and was posthumously awarded the George Cross. Nora Field and John Breslin died when they were caught up in an explosion at the headquarters of the Irish Guards in October, 1981.

That is a snippet of Mr.Kavanagh’s employment record.

Now for the personal (and everybody loves a love story ). He is married to Martina Anderson, Sinn Fein MEP (Member of European Parliament ) and a former IRA prisoner. Talk about a shared future, these two have a shared past.
Presently, Mr.Kavanagh is a Special Advisor to that man with the friendly handshake, Martin McGuinness.

It is clear why Mr.O’ Dowd thinks that Mr.Kavanagh is the right man to govern that prestigious school because, as a former combatant (terrorist ),he was involved in some IRA “spectaculars”, therefore he has the right pedigree. Far from being an insurmountable obstacle to future employment prospects, a career in terrorism  is positively advantageous when old comrades “call the shots” (excuse the pun ).

Since May, 2007, We have had some “former” terrorists in Government, on the Policing Board and now, in schools.This is the nauseating legacy of successive governments who were “soft” on terrorism.

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Evil Prevails When Christians Do Nothing!

Despite voicing our opposition to the obscene production at the Lyric theatre this Sunday evening (29th July), it is going ahead. Therefore with this post, we are issuing an appeal to our fellow Evangelical Christians, asking you to communicate your disgust with, and opposition to, this vile production, by contacting the theatre. If any of you respond to this call to action, we’d be most grateful.