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Announcing the end of our blog

We are closing our blog with immediate effect.

We will, from now on, watch with aching hearts God giving society over and giving it up to vile affections.

Society is doomed and divine judgement is sure.

We will no longer “cast our pearls before swine.”

We trust our labours in the Lord were not in vain.

We will now take our leave.


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Christopher’s chastisement – a tap on the wrist!

Further to my post on DUP MLA Christopher Stalford’s attendance at a GAA match on the Lord’s Day 24th June (when he accompanied DUP leader Arlene Foster), a Free Presbyterian Minister has finally mentioned his Sabbath-breaking sin.

It appears that Christopher Stalford is a Free Presbyterian and that denomination is well known for protesting against Sabbath desecration.

Rev Brian McClung had already written about this shameful episode on his blog The Sound of an Alarm (he entitled his post “Feeding the Crocodile and Offending God”) in which he criticised Arlene Foster (and rightly so) but failed to mention Christopher Stalford.

Mr McClung preached a sermon last evening in his own church entitled “The Consequences of Sabbath Desecration” and during the sermon he finally mentioned Christopher Stalford, in addition to Arlene Foster.

However it was the briefest of mentions and all he could say about Mr.Stalford’s transgression was,

“…..and Christopher Stalford who I’m told is an attender at Free Presbyterian church and he ought to know better.” (end of quote)

Is that it? No outrage? No condemnation? No demand for Church discipline Mr. McClung?

Listen to the sermon at link below and skip to 7 minutes 22 seconds to hear Mr. McClung’s softly-softly “rebuke” of Christopher Stalford’s Sabbath desecration.

Christopher Stalford also defended his leader Arlene Foster’s attendance at the hideous LGBT Pink News event at Stormont last Thursday.

Although not present himself, he claimed that Mrs Foster was showing “leaderly behaviour” by attending!  (Belfast Telegraph article 19th June 2018)

He desecrates the Sabbath and praises his leader for accepting an invitation to attend a celebration of sodomy and other forms of sexual deviancy.

It is time for him to be sternly disciplined by his church lest he defy God one time too many and that without remedy!