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The spectre of False Accusations – Is it possible that some accusers lie?!

One of our commenters has suggested we write about two recent cases in Northern Ireland (one has been concluded, the other is ongoing.) We will not ignore his suggestion.

We have heard about these cases as we live in NI and did not need our commenter to inform us about them. We are not ostriches, we do not bury our heads in the sand.
We do not know if Mr.David Tweed is innocent or guilty. We do know that a court has pronounced the verdict of “guilty” upon him. However, only Almighty God, and Mr.Tweed, and his accusers know the truth!  IF  he is guilty, then of course he must be imprisoned and the length of sentence should reflect the seriousness of the crimes.

However, IF he has been falsely accused of crimes he did not commit, then his accusers should be on trial AND they should lose their right to anonymity! If this is the case,we trust their consciences will trouble them to such a degree that they cannot live a normal life unless and until the truth is told.

We do know of cases of innocent men who have gone to prison because they were (falsely) accused of sexual offences by women. If a woman accuses a man of a sexual offence, in virtually every case, the woman is believed and sometimes an innocent man finds himself in a desperate situation. This is because Feminism portrays ALL men as potential abusers and rapists. One feminist has actually stated that it might be good for men to be falsely accused!
It has also been known for “Counsellers” to use the power of suggestion to cause women (and children) to believe they were abused as children! We have heard of the “false memories syndrome.”

In conclusion, we want to reiterate that we believe truly guilty men (and women) should be behind bars but we feel enormous sympathy for any individual presently languishing in prison because someone lied through their teeth.

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Pro-Abortion activist incites violence against pro-life politician!

A  pro-abortion rabble-rouser at last night’s rally for abortion outside the Irish Parliament carried a placard with these chilling words printed on it,

“Ronan Mullen, If  it’s OK for YOU to prevent women having reproductive rights,  it’s OK for THEM to prevent yours, right?”  (Emphasis in original placard.)  Below these words is a drawing of  an implement which could be used to remove a part of his anatomy!

Senator Mullen is an Independent in the Irish Parliament and is pro-life.

This threat of violence must be taken seriously because we believe that some of these activists could cross the line and move from the use of verbal violence  e.g threats of physical harm or even death threats, to actual physical violence.

To the Gardai  (Irish Police) we say, arrest the offender who carried the vile placard, ARREST HER/HIM!





Dublin Declaration on Maternal Health – Abortion is not medically necessary to save women’s lives

In September this year, an International Symposium on Maternal Health was held in Dublin. According to reports, approx. 150 medical professionals were in attendance. They issued a statement (now known as the Dublin Declaration on Maternal Health) which reads,

“As experienced practitioners and researchers in Obstetrics and Gynaecology, we affirm that direct abortion – the purposeful destruction of the unborn in the termination of pregnancy – is not medically necessary to save the life of a woman.

We uphold that there is a fundamental difference between abortion, and necessary medical treatments that are carried out to save the life of the mother, even if such treatments results in the loss of life of her unborn child.

We confirm that the prohibition of abortion does not affect, in any way, the availability of optimal care to a pregnant woman.” (statement ends.)

Tomorrow (Wednesday), the Dail ( Irish Parliament) will meet, to discuss and debate the report compiled by an “Expert” group on the issue of abortion in the Republic of Ireland. This group is chaired by Mr.Justice Sean Ryan and, according to a leaked “report of the report,”  they state that , “termination of pregnancy should be considered a medical treatment regardless of whether the risk to the woman arises on physical or mental health grounds.”

The contrast between this latter statement and the above Declaration is both startling and shocking!

The Irish Prime Minister (Taoiseach), Enda Kenny, has ruled out a free vote for his party Fine Gael TD’s (Members of Parliament,) so he is not allowing a conscience vote.
Praveen Halappanavar, husband of Savita Halappanavar,  is intensifying the pressure on the Irish government by threatening them with an appeal to the European Parliament if they don’t grant him a Public Inquiry, and giving them a deadline of this Thursday to capitulate to his demands.

Obviously three inquiries ( and there will be three when one includes a Coroner’s Inquest) are not enough for Mr.Halappanavar, who has become the “darling of the Left” and the pro-abortion rent-a-mob.

Incidentally, they will be protesting (again) at the Dail tomorrow (during the debate) and they view their jaunt with the excitement reserved for a day trip to the country, as they have suggested that activists bring camping chairs and flasks of tea/coffee and wrap up in warm clothing. This is an exciting time for these activists because their dream of abortion on demand is tantalisingly close. A dream for them and a nightmare for those of us who believe that life is precious, from conception to life’s end.

We fear that the Irish government will capitulate because of threats and intimidation, but we continue to hope that courage is not an elusive quality in Irish legislators.



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Update on Rimsha Masih – Acquitted! Local Iman framed her!

The young Christian girl with learning difficulties, Rimsha Masih (aged 14 or younger), has been cleared of the charge of blasphemy, in Pakistan. The High Court in Islamabad finally acquitted her because “nobody saw Rimsha Masih burn the pages of the Koran.”

The Iman of her local Mosque had placed burnt pages of the Koran in Rimsha’s bag to make her look guilty. His intention was to stir up hatred against Christians.

We are relieved that Rimsha has been acquitted and  we hope she will now have peace and safety and freedom from fear.

An Act of God! Strip club levelled to the ground in gas explosion

Yesterday (Friday, 23rd November), at 5.25pm, a strip club in Springfield, Massachusetts was levelled to the ground in a natural gas explosion. Eighteen people were injured, that is, 9 firefighters, 2 Police officers, 4 gas workers, a water-and-sewer worker and two other people. Here we see the goodness and severity of God, goodness in that no lives were lost, and severity, in that the building was obliterated.
For two years prior to this incident, a Pastor in Springfield has been leading his people in imprecatory prayers for their city and nation. These are prayers beseeching God to rise up against institutions and people who defy Him and His laws. However, such prayers also include requests for mercy for those involved in evildoing so they will not perish but will come to repentance.

The strip club was called “Scores Gentlemen’s Club.” Now there’s a misnomer if ever there was one!

Was the explosion a coincidence or an act of God in response to prevailing prayer? We believe it was clearly the latter.


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Letter in Irish Examiner about possible cause of Savita’s death

A letter from a doctor in County Cork, published on Tuesday,20th November,2012,  in the ” Irish Examiner ” newspaper, is recommended reading, and we encourage those who read our blog to search for it via google.

The letter is entitled, “Savita’s death may have been due to resistant bacteria strain ESBL E.Coli strain.”

With this man in charge, is investigation into Savita’s death a foregone conclusion?

Just who is leading the investigation into the death of Savita Halappanavar?

Sir Sabaratnam Arulkumaran is the man heading this medical “task force.” It is instructive (and disturbing,) to learn that he holds liberal views on abortion.

He has called for countries with restrictive abortion laws ” to look at the evidence available in favour of liberal abortion laws.” He made this comment in 2009.

He could always use England as an example of a “country with liberal abortion laws,” and some of the evidence available about the effect of liberal abortion laws on that country, such as teenagers who have repeat abortions (one teen girl has had EIGHT) and women who are so traumatised by abortion that they see no way out other than suicide (the sad case of Emma Beck who committed suicide after having an abortion.) She was carrying twins.

So, the doctor would suggest that Ireland ” look at the evidence available in favour of liberal abortion laws,” and so they should, because it is all HORRIBLE!