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Oliver Letwin apologises profusely – why?

Conservative MP Oliver Letwin has been vilified in the media this week because of remarks he and former MP Hartley Booth made in a memo written in November 1985 several months after the Broadwater Farm riots in London during which a black mob murdered PC Keith Blakelock.

The memo blamed the unrest on bad moral attitudes. It also stated that “the root of social malaise is not poor housing, or youth “alienation”, or the lack of a middle class. Lower-class, unemployed white people lived for years in appalling slums without a breakdown of public order on anything like the present scale.” (end of quote)

To which we (the Whites) say “Hear! Hear!  Messrs Letwin and Booth.”

It is regrettable that Mr. Letwin has apologised, because the truth needs no apology. He should have stood his ground and stood over his comments and let the Left wing rent-a-mob rant and rave and shriek “racist” ad nauseum.

Some of the Marxists who have been most vociferous in their condemnation of Mr. Letwin are,
Diane Abbott
Tom Watson
David Lammy
Trevor Phillips
Darcus Howe
Chuka Umunna

The last two mentioned, Darcus Howe and Chuka Umunna are determined to make trouble for Mr. Letwin.  Darcus Howe stated that the comments in the memo are “bordering on criminality,” and Chuka Umunna said that attitudes in the memo were “disgusting and appalling.”

In our opinion, it is mischief-makers like Howe and Umunna and their fellow Socialists that are disgusting and appalling, and, bordering on insanity!

We conclude this post with a memo to cheeky Chuka Umunna,

“The murder of PC Keith Blakelock at the hands of a frenzied black mob, who shrieked “kill the Bill, kill the pigs” is disgusting and appalling, and let us not forget the wicked words of the late Labour MP Bernie Grant who said that the youths in the Broadwater Farm estate felt that the police had received “a bloody good hiding.”

Now Chuka et al, let us hear you describe that mob and Bernie Grant as “disgusting and appalling.”

Is this what passes for Church discipline nowadays, Rev.Park?

In a recent post on our blog, we posed the question, “Why has Mervyn Storey not been disciplined?” following his defence of his Government department’s grant to a vile LGBT festival which included a blasphemous play about the Lord Jesus Christ.

Mr.Storey is a professing Christian and an elder in Hebron Free Presbyterian Church in Ballymoney, Northern Ireland and also a member of the Caleb Foundation, a supposedly effective evangelical Christian lobby group whose silence at present is deafening!

Far from being disciplined by his church and/or denomination, Mr.Storey can be seen in the photo below in the pulpit at a carol service, with his Minister Rev. David Park just visible in the background.

So he has got away with his dreadful compromise without so much as a slap on the wrist.

The Free Presbyterian church appear to be adopting the ostrich mentality hoping that in time, Mr.Storey’s serious transgression will be forgotten.

Mr.Storey has a brass neck and no shame. He should be consigned to the back seat until he repents.

He need have no fear of that because his Minister has clearly shown that he has no problem with Mr.Storey.

In fact, by allowing him to take part in that carol service, the Hebron Free Presbyterian church has signalled that it is “business as usual,” and that, in their eyes, Mr .Storey has done no wrong.

It is high time you “waked out of sleep,” Free Presbyterian Church.

Ewart and Christie attempt to discredit retired medic on air

Sarah Ewart and her mother Jane Christie were interviewed by Stephen Nolan on his radio show last Thursday (17th December.)

This woman and her mother, in cahoots with their comrades in Amnesty NI and others such as Fiona Bloomer of the Ulster University, are determined to make abortion legal in Northern Ireland in cases of foetal abnormality, and in pregnancies resulting from rape and incest.

When speaking of foetal abnormality, the pro-abortion lobby prefix the term with the word “fatal ” as in Fatal foetal abnormality. This has to be deliberate on their part as the word “fatal” has shock value as it conjures up thoughts of hopeless situations and death.

According to retired Obstetrician/Gynaecologist Professor Jim Dornan, the term Fatal Foetal Abnormality is not a medical term and the term that should be used is “foetal abnormality.”

The retired Professor has given the impression, at times, that he is “pro-choice” i.e pro-abortion in certain circumstances sadly, so it speaks volumes that he is now disagreeing with the pro-abortion lobby in their use of the inaccurate term “FFA.” We hope he will distance himself from them entirely.

During their interview on the Nolan show last Thursday, Mrs. Ewart and Mrs. Christie appeared to speak of Prof Dornan albeit without naming him.

In response to a question from Stephen Nolan about doctors and their diagnoses of abnormalities in pregnancy, the women said,

“If the politicians would start speaking to the ones that are working with it today on a daily basis instead of going to retired people……”

We have reason to believe that these women were referring to Professor Jim Dornan and, if so, he can expect to hear more of them seeking to discredit him because he went “off-script” and did not stick to the pro-abortion lobby mantra of “Fatal Foetal Abnormality.”

Mrs. Christie also made a veiled reference to a blogger and we have reason to believe that she was speaking of us and our blog. She stated that some blogger wrote that after the Judge ruled last week that NI’s abortion law was incompatible with human rights legislation, she had come out of the Court with a smirk on her face.

I did mention her in a post and she certainly did have a smirk on her face, as did her comrade Grainne Teggart of Amnesty NI.

If she was speaking of my post, I’m glad to know that our blog is unsettling and troubling the pro-abortion camp.

Here is a link to the Nolan radio show:

The likely but veiled mention of the retired medic begins at 4 mins 22 seconds.

The likely but veiled mention of our blog begins at 9:25 AM.

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Mennonite Pastor Ken Miller loses Appeal

Amish Mennonite Pastor Kenneth Miller lost his appeal last Wednesday against his 2012 conviction for helping a mother flee the USA with her young daughter to escape the clutches of a lesbian Janet Jenkins.

The child’s name is Isabella and her mother’s name is Lisa Miller (no relation to the Pastor.) She had been living in a lesbian relationship with Janet Jenkins but forsook homosexuality when she became a Christian. Her daughter was born via artificial insemination when she was living with Janet Jenkins.

The Court subsequently granted Janet Jenkins visitation rights. The child was traumatised by her visits to lesbian Jenkins.

We have several posts on our blog about Pastor Miller’s case. Please use our search engine to find them, if interested. The links below are also worth reading