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Limerick Garda show their true colours!

Yesterday, the location for the latest ubiquitous (iniquitous) “Gay” Pride parade was the city of Limerick in the Republic of Ireland.

There was no opposition to this public display of vulgarity and deviancy prompting the question, “where are the Christians?” (assuming some knew this parade was to take place.)

Too busy making daisy chains is the answer, while they watch their unconverted fellow man in their droves walk past them and fall over a cliff to their doom.

The Christians knew the danger these people were in but they were too busy making daisy chains to stop them (paraphrasing a portion of missionary Amy Carmichael’s Dream, see link below:)

The homosexuals themselves were surprised that there was no opposition to their parade, as one of their number expressed his thoughts thus, “I mean we put all this effort into being out and flamboyant. You’d imagine they could at least get into character and maybe wave a placard or something.” quote from Kieran Langers, PRO for Pride Festival.

This year, a Garda Siochana (Police) station in Limerick became the first in the Republic of Ireland to fly the rainbow flag in support of “Gay” Pride.

So, instead of upholding public morals, the Police are supporting the corrupters of public morals. Woe unto them!

The Police would be wise to ponder the following quotes from some Puritan writers (Christians from a bygone age):

“First we practice sin, then defend it, then boast of it.” Thomas Manton.

“Pollution is the forerunner of perdition.” John Trapp.

“Custom of sinning takes away the sense of it; the course of the world takes away the shame of it.” John Owen.

“Oh miserable man, what a deformed monster has sin made you! God made you “little lower than the angels”; sin has made you little better than the devils.” Joseph Alleine.

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Eamonn McCann – on the horns of a dilemma

Eamonn McCann (Trotskyist and atheist)) is a busy man these days. When he isn’t agitating for abortion on demand, or workers rights, or terrorist Hamas, he’s marching with the homosexuals on their “Gay” Pride parade.

Last Saturday in Londonderry, he was able to combine two of his favourite “causes” i.e his support for the homosexual lifestyle and his support for “the people of Palestine,” when he walked at the head of the Londonderry Pride parade holding a banner that declared support for both.
(see link below for photo)

Oh dear, does Eamonn not know that in recent years the Hamas Government declared that homosexuality was punishable by death, and, as recently as July 2011, a poll conducted by Greenberg Quinla Rosner Research found that 82% of Palestinians support making homosexuality illegal.

Can Mr.McCann plead ignorance concerning these facts?  If he cannot, then surely he is on the horns of a dilemma.

Speaking of Londonderry Pride, the media would have you believe that there was no opposition to that sodomite parade, because, as far as we can ascertain, they have, thus far, refused to acknowledge the Christian witness against sodomy that did indeed take place.

How do we know that such a witness was organised and supported by approximately 20 persons?

We were two of that number, and counted it a privilege to witness for Christ, and endure the wicked hostility of the proud sodomites and their supporters.

We are not of those who retreat before the enemy, we advance, and the captain of our host is Jesus and we follow Him.

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More grist for Kitty’s (Abortion on demand) mill

Kitty Holland is a pro-abortion journalist with the Dublin based Irish Times newspaper. She is the daughter of Eamonn McCann and the late Mary Holland.

Mary Holland was a journalist and an abortion rights campaigner.

Eamonn McCann is a Socialist rabble-rouser and, when he isn’t making mischief, he writes (rants) for the Belfast Telegraph and the Irish Times.

He is also an abortion rights agitator, so his daughter Kitty truly is a chip off the old block(s).

His current live-in girlfriend, Goretti Horgan, is, like her boyfriend, a Socialist and a fanatical abortion rights agitator.

Well they do say that birds of a feather flock together!

Methinks that Mr.McCann and his ladyfriends suffer from an allergy i.e they are allergic to marriage!

Let us return now to Kitty Holland.

She found fame (infamy) when she covered the story of Savita Halappanavar in 2012, a pregnant lady who died, possibly/probably because she was suffering from septicaemia.

However, the pro-abortion lobby, led by Kitty Holland and her ilk, exploited that tragic case by (mis)reporting it as the case of a young woman who died because she was denied an abortion.

Kitty Holland later backtracked on what she had previously and arrogantly asserted. Listen to her do just that at the following link,

Kitty hasn’t learned her lesson because she is back exploiting another case, another “cause celebre” for the bloodthirsty pro-abortion lobby.

This time, the young woman/girl/child (her age is unknown) a foreign national who cannot speak English, who alleges she was raped before arriving in the Irish Republic, apparently threatened/attempted suicide because she wanted an abortion and the authorities were too slow in granting her wishes.

Her baby was at 25 weeks gestation when the Irish medical authorities ended her pregnancy by delivering the tragic, unloved and unwanted baby by Caesarean Section, thereby sentencing him or her to a lifetime of suffering/disability. Shame on those doctors.

Kitty Holland and her fellow pro-aborts care little or nothing for this tiny baby, they are too busy using the young mother’s case to force abortion on demand on the Irish Republic, holding vigils and rallies.

At one such rally, one of the speakers shouted out these words, “We must storm the Dail (Irish Parliament building) we must do whatever is necessary.”

The spirit of the murderous French Revolution lives on in these sexual revolutionaries, they will stop at nothing.

In 2013, the muddled, backtracking journalist Kitty Holland, who will not wait for the facts of a story to emerge but will rather make mischief in the interim, received the award of “Journalist of the Year” from the National Newspapers of Ireland (NNI).

What does that say about them?!

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These people are certifiable!

The feminist agenda and the homosexual agenda are virtually identical.

A message on the Facebook page of the fanatical pro-abortion feminist group “Alliance for Choice” offers conclusive proof.

The message was posted by “PrideInChoice” on 2nd August this year and here it is, ad verbatim,

“Happy Pride everyone! We support everyone’s choice to access free, safe, legal and local abortions; women, girls, trans men and boys, non-binary individuals, bi, poly and pansexuals, as well as lesbians, asexuals and anyone else who can get pregnant but doesn’t want to be. Your body, your choice!”  (end of quote)

This is the future these sexual revolutionaries envision for all of us and they are advancing down the road that leads to destruction at an alarming rate.

We must resist this madness before it is too late!

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Obama’s “sweetest sound” versus the screams of its victims

The horrific murder of American journalist James Foley exposes yet again the murderous, barbaric heart of Islam.

The Muslim organisation responsible for the murder of Mr.Foley, Islamic State, are not “extremists” or “jihadists,” as Muslim apologists label them in an attempt to distract attention away from Islam, they are, in fact, obedient Muslims putting into practice the dictates of their religion, as it rails against the “infidels” and “those who make mischief in Muslim lands” and prescribes the punishments to be meted out to all such.

Don’t believe the nonsense parroted out by Cameron and Obama and their ilk when they say that the atrocities carried out by IS and Al Qaeda etc have nothing to do with Islam.

These dreadful acts have EVERYTHING to do with Islam.

When Lee Rigby was brutally murdered in London last year, David Cameron said that the murder had nothing to do with Islam!

The killers of Lee Rigby disagree with Mr.Cameron. One of them stated after the murder, “We are forced by the Koran…..” (from whence came their motivation.)

Our Government is exposing us all to terrible danger by refusing to tell the truth about Islam.

President Obama is no better at telling the truth about Islam.

Here are some of his mind-boggling quotes.

“The sweetest sound I know is the Muslim call to prayer”

“Islam has a proud tradition of tolerance”

“Islam is not part of the problem in combatting violent extremism – it is an important part of promoting peace”

Read more at,

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This was no teddy bear’s picnic David Ford

Northern Ireland’s Justice Minister, David Ford received an award from someone called Sean O’Neill for supporting Belfast’s annual homosexual parade last Saturday.

It rained on their parade (literally,) but that did nothing to dampen Mr.Ford’s enthusiasm for the proceedings and he looks positively delighted to be in receipt of a rainbow teddy bear (see photos at link below.)

Perhaps he broke forth into song as he paraded through the streets of Belfast singing “Me and my teddy bear.” That would certainly add an air of gravitas to the reputation of the Justice Minister, don’t you think, dear reader?

The event that David Ford foolishly endorsed and supported is nothing other than a public display of a deviant and dangerous practice and lifestyle and it was definitely no teddy bears picnic.

On the contrary, the wicked seized the city of Belfast on Saturday.

We recommend our readers google a book entitled, “When the wicked seize a city” which is a harrowing true life account of the persecution of a Christian Pastor and his family by homosexual tyrants in San Francisco.

They attempted to murder the Pastor and his family.

The same terrifying mindset that motivated the murderous homosexuals in San Francisco paraded through the streets of Belfast on Saturday, and, if you are not alarmed by that, dear reader, you should be!

To view these pictures, key into Google “Alliance Party Twitter” and scroll down the page.