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Angela – still “angry” after all these years!

A mother is seeking permission to appeal to the UK  Supreme Court after a court decision by three Judges ruled that a “gay” couple can adopt her children. She appealed an earlier court decision which ruled that she was incapable of looking after her children due to alcoholism when she heard that they were to be adopted by homosexuals.

Now,this mother may be unfit to care for her children at present, but to give them to homosexuals is an outrage and definitely not in the best interests of the children. Here is a quote from the late psychologist, Dr. Dean Byrd,

“…research clearly demonstrated that lesbian mothers had a feminising effect on their sons and a masculinising effect on their daughters. Boys raised by lesbian mothers behaved in less traditionally masculine ways and girls, particularly adolescent and young girls raised by lesbian mothers appear to have been more sexually adventurous and less chaste.”

Camden Council in London is at the heart of this matter. They pointed out that if the court found in favour of the mother, the ruling could have wide-ranging legal ramifications affecting the authority of local councils to place children with homosexual and lesbian couples. Camden Council’s  Cabinet Member for Children, Angela ” Angry Brigade”  Mason, said,   ” the gay couple who have been approved to take over care from the mother went through a rigorous selection process and we are convinced they will provide a secure and loving home for the children.”

Angela Mason, OBE then “upgraded” to CBE (in 2007) is a lesbian in a civil partnership with a daughter conceived through artificial insemination.

She is currently the “Chair” (Chairwoman) of the Fawcett Society, a radical feminist organisation and is a former director of Stonewall. She was an early member of the Gay Liberation Front.

As if the above catalogue of horror is not enough, Miss/Mrs.Mason was also involved with the UK home-grown terrorist group, the Angry Brigade! She, along with seven others, the Stoke Newington 8, were charged with planting or sending bombs which aimed to kill or maim Government ministers, their families and Conservative Party officials. She was acquitted (along with three others) in December, 1972 following a long and controversial trial. Four others received prison sentences.

This is the woman who is now Camden’s Cabinet member for children!! A still-angry woman who is using her (several) positions of authority to further her amoral revolutionary agenda.  Oh who will protect the children from such?

Truly, the vilest people are exalted today (so saith the Scriptures) and the nations of the world continue their descent into the abyss.

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Abortion Clinics – In business with the approval of UK Pastors and churches?

The following article was written by Pastor Robert McCurry in the Wake-Up Herald and, with his permission, we reprint it in full here.


Pray for America? Why? How?

In addition to the proliferations of “Pray for America” signs across the landscape, there are now appeals for individual and corporate prayer rallies to pray for America prior to the November election citing 2 Chronicles 7 v. 14.

I have no desire or intention to minimise the need and importance of prayer. But the appeal to “Pray for America” is ambiguous. Why and how should we pray for America? What do we want God to do for America? Bless America? Save America? If so, it is important to first ask, why should God bless or save America?

Note: Prayer is not the only thing required in 2 Chronicles 7 v. 14  if  “the land is to be healed”. God also says, ” If my people…turn from their wicked ways.” It is also noteworthy that God never commands everyone to pray, but He does command everyone to repent – including His people.

We should pray. And we have this promise, “Behold the LORD’s hand is not shortened that it cannot save; neither his ear heavy that it cannot hear;” but He likewise warns, “Your iniquities have separated between you and your God, and your sins have hid his face from you, that he will not hear.” Isaiah ch.59 v. 1 & 2.

“If  I regard iniquity in my heart, the Lord will not hear me.” Psalm 66 v.18.

” He that turneth away his ear from hearing the law, even his prayer shall be abomination.” Proverbs ch.28 v.9.

Clearly sin must be dealt with before God will heal or bless or save America. But where do we start?  Surely abortion – the murder of sixty million+ babies since Jan 20th, 1973 – is the priority point of beginning. Their blood cries out from the ground; their marketed body parts cry out against us from the laboratories; their incinerated bodies mock us from the flames.


The sin of silence

silence    n.= refusal or failure to speak, communicate, etc.; Not voiced or expressed; unspoken; Refusal or failure to speak out; Silence gives consent; Saying nothing or not saying no to something means that you agree.

The moral meltdown that has overtaken America has been met with a deafening silence from the pulpits of America and the people-pleasing preachers who presume to stand in them.This desolation of decency could not have occurred if the pulpits of this land were once again aflame with righteousness. To use Alexis De Toqueville’s famous words, ” By our apathy, and by our acquiesence, and by our ignorance, the church of Jesus Christ has consigned itself to irrelevance and impotence in the ongoing strugle for the soul of America.”

Our political leaders deal with trivialities and superficial nonsense, practicing the feel-good politics of deliberate ambiguity,while the destruction of our families, the perversion of our most basic moral principles, and the murder of innocent unborn children goes on, and on and on.

In this great nation, where now for thirty-nine long years the innocent unborn have been slaughtered, we have grown accustomed to the killing and have gone on with our business, with our lives, and our ministries while the little ones have perished every day, 4,500 a day. This is what we have come to in America.The Supreme Court of our land sanctions the horror of partial birth abortion, this most barbaric and grotesque killing of a child in the midst of its birth and infanticide following its birth.

And yet even in the face of these abominations, the churches of America, are silent. Where is the cry of outrage!? Where is the indignation of the people of God? We too have known the evil from its start. Dumpsters full of ravaged infant bodies stand in mute testimony to our failure and to our guilt.
The Sin of Silence, adapted excerpts from a message delivered September 6, 2000, by Pastor Lawrence White.

“Christianity of old quenched the flames of oppression, lit the fires of freedom, and led two continents out of the darkness of paganism. Today’s Christianity is known for bingo games, softball leagues, and milquetoast preachers. Christianity of old toppled the Roman Empire. Today’s Christianity cannot even rid the nation of legal abortion.”
Chuck Baldwin   “Christians no different from the world.”


Americans are okay with the murders of 4,500+ children a day by legalised abortion so long as the walls are thick enough to muffle the screams and high enough to hide the carnage.

The wickedness of the sin of legalised abortion is a national plague, scourge, and abomination. The problem will not be solved until there is an acknowledgement, confession, and repentance of this vile, abhorrent, abominable sin.

Every US President that has supported legalised abortion; every state legislator and every congressman and senator that ever voted for legalised abortion; every state, federal, and Supreme Court judge that has ruled favourably for legalised abortion; every bureaucrat that has administered the legalised abortion program; every pastor that is passive and silent and fails to preach ” thus saith the Lord” regarding the sin of legalised abortion; every Christian that has been passive and silent and failed to be involved in saving children from legalised abortion; and every Christian that has paid for legalised abortion via taxes must repent.

Every abortion clinic and hospital that performs abortions can display a sign that says, ” In business with the approval of America’s pastors, churches and Christians.”

Prayer for America without repentance is meaningless.

End of Article.

PS     Pastors and Evangelical Christians in Northern Ireland, here is a question for you. How many babies have been aborted at Marie Stopes Belfast since it opened? Do you know and do you care or is  it “business as usual” in the Churches, and that usually means barbeques, running clubs and similar social activities?

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Casualties of the Taliban AND Feminism – Male and Female soldiers killed in Afghanistan!

A female soldier from Northern Ireland and a Royal Marine are the latest victims of the Taliban. The young woman was serving with 3 Medical Regiment. Whilst there is no denying their bravery and willingness to serve in such a dangerous war-zone, why oh why are women put in harms way by the PC  egalitarian Military command? This dear lady was on patrol with her Royal Marine colleague, when they were killed. It is terrible to hear of the deaths of male soldiers, but soldiering comes naturally to many men, but it is only because of Feminism that many women are in the Army and increasingly in the front line.

When women soldiers or women police officers are killed in the line of duty, we hear many men extolling their bravery (and such were brave), but we don’t hear them say that it is wrong for women to be put in harms way nor do these men have any shame or embarassment about living in a country that sends its women to war or to the front line in Policing while they stay home in comfort and safety. Has the male protective instinct for the female been virtually wiped out by Feminism?

Two recent pictures in newspapers/magazines provide shocking testimony to the price paid by women who believed feminist lies which encouraged them to consider soldiering in war-zones as a suitable career for woman and to downplay or ignore the differences in physical strength between men and women. One picture shows Pres.Barak Obama embracing a female veteran who is wearing two lower limb prosthesis. The other picture shows former Pres.George Bush Jnr., dancing with a female veteran wearing one lower limb prosthesis.The pictures are shocking and heartbreaking in equal measure.

We conclude with the thoughts of Lawrence Auster of “View from the Right,” after he saw the second of the two pictures described above,

“…a country, that, not as a matter of necessity, but as a matter of choice and discretion, puts women in combat or near-combat situations where what happened to this woman can happen and does happen, and, furthermore, congratulates itself for doing this, is a country that is so perverted and wicked that it has lost the right to exist. That we still exist is due to mercy or suffrance, not justice.”


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Gay adoption ruling will be challenged!

The Northern Ireland Assembly’s Health Minister, Edwin Poots, is to challenge Mr.Justice Treacy’s ruling that it is unlawful to discriminate against “gay” couples and unmarried heterosexual couples when deciding who can and who cannot adopt children.

The Judge from whom wrong judgment proceedeth (see Habakkuk ch.1 v.4)

Belfast High Court Justice Seamus Treacy handed victory to those living in sin i.e unmarried,cohabiting heterosexual couples AND homosexual couples,  in a judgment that rejected a 1987 Adoption law that prohibited both groups from adopting children. The Judge believes that both groups should be allowed to adopt children.

However, in his judgment, Mr.Justice Treacy has set himself against the Word of the Judge of all the earth, the Almighty God, who has clearly stated that homosexual practice is sinful AND that marriage is honourable in all and that the marriage bed ( and ONLY the marriage bed ) is undefiled, thereby ruling out forever the adoption of children by the above-mentioned groups of people unless and until they repent and forsake their sinful practices and lifestyle.

The judgment of Judge Treacy has of course, , been welcomed by homosexuals in civil partnerships and by men and women who live together and have a sexual relationship without a licence. Their lifestyles and sexual behaviour have been given a “JUDICIAL” stamp of approval. We will write a further post about this matter as it has alarming consequences for vulnerable children who are at the “mercy” of  many politically correct social workers who are more concerned about the “rights” of homosexuals and heterosexual “partners” than the rights and needs of children to be placed with married, faithful, trustworthy  married couples (one man with one woman.)

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Attorney General Larkin – upholds the unborn’s right to life whilst Dawn Purvis denies the unborn has that right!

John Larkin, the Attorney General of Northern Ireland has had a hostile reaction to his views on abortion from the pro-abortion lobby. In 2008, Mr.Larkin was part of a panel  discussing abortion, on Sunday Sequence on BBC Radio Ulster. Dawn Purvis was also on the panel and, surprise, surprise, she is now the Programme Director at that citadel of the sexual revolution, the Marie Stopes clinic.  She made a disgraceful comment on that show when she said that the unborn have no rights! She has not had a hostile reaction to her comment, in fact, it has been largely ignored!

However, the comments made by John Larkin on the same programme and before he became Attorney General, are now under media scrutiny. Why now?  It is because he, in his role as “Guardian of the Rule of Law,”  has expressed concern about the Marie Stopes clinic and has offered his services to the NI Assembly’s Justice Committee in the matter of regulating said clinic.

What did Mr.Larkin say on Sunday Sequence? Here are his words ad verbatim,

“If one is prepared to contemplate the destruction of a highly disabled, unborn child in the womb, one should also be prepared to contemplate, I think, putting a bullet in the back of the head of the child two days after it’s born.”

We wish to put on record our support for Mr.Larkin’s pro-life views. He is absolutely right. There is no difference in aborting a baby before birth and murdering it after birth.

Now, Dawn Purvis, answer the question Mr.Larkin asked you on that programme in 2008. We would like you to explain the difference between killing a living, breathing, moving little human being before birth and killing it after birth!

“Fun” at Mrs.White’s expense!

Recently, I discovered that some people were “discussing” comments I made during phone-in radio programmes on the BBC. Their comments about me are on an online BBC programme discussion thread. The theme of  one particular discussion thread was,  “Jobs Mrs.White would be good at!”

Here are some suggestions as to occupations they thought me eminently suitable to apply for, ( I have not corrected any mis-spellings.)

Wheel clamper

Jim Allister’s PA

Kamp Kommandant

A server in a Bangladesh McDonald’s

Souring cream

Chief lemon taster in a bitter lemonade factory

Oh dear,  I’m not popular!!

I share the above for two reasons,  1. Some of the suggestions are funny. 2. On a more serious note, the above shows that when Christians do speak out on moral and religious issues, they are “fair game” for criticism and hostility and  must be prepared to be pilloried and held up as a figure of fun!

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