We need a doctor like Paul Church in Northern Ireland (found “guilty” for telling truth about sodomy)

Instead most doctors in NI remain silent about the dangers of the homosexual lifestyle, and some actually promote it.

We have heard that there is a “gay” doctors association somewhere in NI.

Who is Dr. Paul Church?

He has been a Urologist for nearly 30 years. Earlier this year he was expelled from the medical staff at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston USA because he told the truth about the medical dangers of homosexual practice and he opposed his hospital’s aggressive promotion of the “gay” agenda.

Where are the doctors in Northern Ireland who will publicly warn about the dangers of sodomy?
Most doctors in NI (including the Christian doctors we know of) are silent and acquiescing in the face of a militant ,aggressive LGBT lobby.

We have already posted about brave Dr.Church and more info is found at the links below (including update on his case)



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