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Resist this transgender madness before it is too late!

Please click on the above video to see the dangerous lunacy that is being unleashed in Massachusetts, USA.

One of the few voices of sanity who witnessed the sordid event and has made it possible for us to see it, is Brian Camenker of the pro-family organisation MassResistance.

Mr.Camenker asked the House Speaker Robert DeLeo, ( on a one-to-one basis,) why no one was considering the fact that the mental health profession officially considers transgender behaviour to be “gender identity disorder” ( in the DSM Manual 1V.)  Shouldn’t there be some discussion about that, he asked? Shouldn’t these people get medical help?

Mr. DeLeo just looked at Mr.Camenker and claimed he didn’t know anything about that. As Mr.Camenker began to explain, the House Speaker’s communications director stepped between them, told DeLeo that “this guy is Brian Camenker from MassResistance,” and pulled DeLeo away and out the door!

We appreciate this info from MassResistance (via e-mail.)

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South Africa – update on our efforts to highlight farm murders

We have spoken with a member of the British House of Lords about the situation in South Africa. He suggested that we could raise our concerns about the situation there in the form of a question which he could then ask in the House of Lords on our behalf. He gave no guarantees that our question would/could be asked, but we believe it is worth a try.

The mainstream media continue to ignore the violence in South Africa so we will do all we can to keep the spotlight on the near-genocide against whites in that country.

I lived in South Africa as a child with my family ( for approx a year and a half) in 1967/68 and I attended school there. We resided in Vereeniging. Our only brother was born in that land in 1968. He returned to the land of his birth (South Africa) in 1990 and tragically was killed in a car accident in 1991. He is buried in Northern Ireland.

Many articles and books have no doubt been written about the “evils” of apartheid, but has South Africa prospered under ANC rule?  Not at all, because murder and rape is endemic and whites are frequently the victims and this fact is frequently ignored by the media in the UK and elsewhere, because reporting such would seriously tarnish the carefully-groomed ANC image.

Could allegations be revenge for opposition to homosexual “marriage?”

The resignation of the RC Cardinal Keith O’ Brien is as curious as it is disturbing.

This senior Roman Catholic churchman was very outspoken in his opposition to “gay” marriage and just as outspoken in his support of real marriage i.e  the exclusive union of one man and one woman for life. The word “exclusive” means that” twos company, three’s a crowd”  i.e  adultery is forbidden (by God,) and “exclusive” in the sense that  certain people cannot marry (regardless of any law that says otherwise) and homosexuals cannot marry, neither can heterosexual siblings marry.

Keith O’ Brien’s accusers waited many years to come forward, and we have to wonder why!

It is interesting to note that the Cardinal has had a very public, high profile position in the last year or so as he has courageously opposed the homosexual assault on real marriage and, for his labours, he “won” Stonewall’s “Bigot of the Year” award in 2012. Stonewall are a radical, militant and very dangerous homosexual organisation.

We are not Roman Catholics, and, concerning the allegations made against Keith O’ Brien, only he and his accusers and Almighty God know the truth. However, he is innocent until proven guilty and we think it is sad and wrong to name him but not his accusers!

We also consider the possibility of  a conspiracy by malicious people to silence him and to punish him for opposing “gay” marriage.

We will not be led by the nose in this case (or any other,) by the liberal media who often act as judge and jury in cases, before the facts are known and it is not  unknown for some in the media to report as true that which is false.

We know of an individual who this night is behind bars and we are as sure as we can be that he is there because of false accusations, therefore, in the case of the Cardinal, we are those who “hold our peace.”

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A threatening comment that confirms just who is controlling Rochdale!

The following comment was received tonight. We think it is important for our readers to see the brief, but nevertheless threatening, comment, so here it is ad verbatim (and it refers to the post, “Who controls Rochdale.”)

“Your racist words will not be tolerated any more Mrs.White.”

The commenters name is Abdul.

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Pastor Ken Miller moved back to Vermont

Mennonite Pastor Kenneth Miller has been moved from a prison in New York back to Vermont, possibly because he needed to be in a jail that had daily transportation to the Courthouse, as he is due for sentencing on 4th March this year.

We appreciate receiving these updates on the Pastor’s situation from friends in the USA.

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“Rent-a-mob” loiter with intent in Sydney (the intent is, of course, to suppress the truth)

Here is another clip of “rent-a-mob,” this time in Sydney, Australia, as they await the arrival of politician Geert Wilders.

These anarchists continue to ” occupy” space and ” occupy” the police and it is high time that some of them were “occupying” a prison cell!

Click on the following link to see a short video

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Who controls Rochdale?

Last August (28th,) Rochdale Metropolitan Borough Council in Lancashire, England, granted planning permission to Shia Muslims, thereby enabling them to build an extension to their mosque.

We have spoken to an official at the Council (via telephone,) and ascertained that the vote was 7 to 2 in favour and that there were no objections from the local community. The mosque is in an industrial area.
We will provide a link to a clip of the Council meeting with this post, and, although it does not show the entire meeting, nevertheless, it is an eye-opener and, to us, it clearly shows that refusal of the application was highly unlikely. We noted that the Council committee includes Muslims and those members of the public in attendance appear to be almost entirely Muslim!

Two ladies, one a Planning officer obviously have concerns but those concerns are not allowed to get in the way of what appears to be a foregone conclusion.

So just who is running Rochdale? We would have thought that Muslims would have wanted to keep a low profile in light of the recent scandal of some Muslim men raping and sexually abusing young girls in that town (we are not accusing any at that mosque.)

In Rochdale, white girls as young as 13 were sexually assaulted by Muslim men, and, gangs of Muslim men have engaged in the same wickedness in Leicester and Oxford, where a trial of Muslim men is ongoing. So this is Multiculturalism?!!

The link to the clip is

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